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Web Page Design Choices


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You don't have to be a design expert to recognize good and bad design.

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Web Page Design Choices

  1. 1. Design Choices Persisting till you really nail the design is worth it. And it’s surprising that designers often can’t seem to nail it, yet anyone with half an eye would be able to pick out the best one, or point out elements that don’t quite work. Follow along with the design process for our website.
  2. 2. Home page.
  3. 3. Really, don’t want to see the same picture and header on every page!
  4. 4. I didn’t even notice the change in writing since the overall image looked the same.
  5. 5. It has a new header concept, but somehow I don’t really like the appearance.
  6. 6. It won’t take me long to hate this picture if I have to look at in on every exercise page!!
  7. 7. Tried something else, but didn’t like the looks of that, and don’t want the slogan in my face on every page either. Just want something attractive and inobtrusive.
  8. 8. Eventually got the idea for simple a red line. ….looks okay but perhaps too thick.
  9. 9. That’s better… just right I think, and Iwan agreed.
  10. 10. Hmmmm… looks good there also. Nice and clean, unobtrusive, focus goes to the content. The more we looked at it, the more we liked it.
  11. 11. Looks okay with the home page, but isn’t quite right…. need the line.
  12. 12. I think that’ll work, but needs to be less white separating them.
  13. 13. Better, but needs less white, and red line needs to be thinner.
  14. 14. Perfect!! I think we nailed it on the second try. Iwan and I both think so at least.
  15. 15. Looks good I think. A nice flow from one page to the other.
  16. 16. And to another…. Now a good designer really shouldn’t have made the original suggestions. This is much better, isn’t it? And the little details of line width and such really make a difference.
  17. 17. The original home page doesn’t ‘match’ does it.
  18. 18. Much nicer, wouldn’t you agree? Sure makes me feel better when we manage to make a concrete step forward, and makes me feel good also that I was able to come up with the solution and others didn’t.
  19. 19. Yup, got a winner I think.
  20. 20. Not a bad way to end the year…. on an up note.