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Intro to UCSF Profiles for RadOnc


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Intro to UCSF Profiles for RadOnc

  1. 1. Clinical and Translational Science Institute / CTSI at the University of California, San Francisco UCSF Profiles Overview Presented to Radiation Oncology Brian Turner, Senior Product Manager July 24, 2013
  2. 2. What is UCSF Profiles? • UCSF Profiles is a research networking tool that reveals expertise and connections between investigators. • People use it to find experts, collaborators, mentors and peers at UCSF based on their expertise • UCSF Profiles contains almost 6200 profiles – Faculty, fellows, and postdocs by title codes – Research academics and staff who opt in
  3. 3. Who uses UCSF Profiles? • UCSF Profiles gets over 60,000 visits/month – Academic and industry researchers, the public, students, new faculty, etc. • Publications, photos, narratives are shared with departments on request • University Relations and other news sources link news stories to profiles
  4. 4. How does UCSF Profiles work? • Populated automatically with HR data, publications and NIH grants – Information is publicly available from Campus Locator System, Pubmed and NIH Reporter • Customizable and extendable by profile owner or her/his proxy – Photo, narrative, awards, presentations – Add-ins for Faculty Mentoring, Websites, News, etc.
  5. 5. • The system was primarily developed by Harvard Catalyst as open source software. – No charge for the code/license • UCSF is a development partner – Extended product into a platform – Focusing on sharing data with department websites and Advance to relieve administrative burden of updating publications. A little more background
  6. 6. Update/verify information on your UCSF Profile Learn more at , on About and Help tabs Questions? Contact CTSI at What’s Next?