Twin Buttes Public Meeting 12-1-11 Presentation


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  • 17 Western United States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Shotgun shells everywhere, lots of litter, cans, bottles, firework debris
  • Illegal dumping
  • People being able to drive everywhere allows them to bring in large amounts of personal property that you wouldn’t normally be able to bring in if you couldn’t haul it. These people brought their own arm chairs from home to their favorite fishing spot.
  • Vehicular Management – off roading everywhere – too many roads/trails – you can get lost out there – conducive to illegal dumping – detrimental to natural and cultural resources
  • Public safety issues: illegal activity, fire and other hazards, hunting/firearms mixing with other recreationists
  • Chasing the water!
  • It’s a challenge to manage all of the different user groups on one piece of land but it is also a positive to have so many groups care about the land and want to see it open for public enjoyment.
  • There are good user groups out there participating in legal recreational activities. These groups should be supported and their uses facilitated.
  • Bowhunting and shotgun only
  • Twin Buttes Public Meeting 12-1-11 Presentation

    1. 1. Twin Buttes Recreation Use Plan Public Meeting 12/1/11
    2. 2. IntroductionCarl White, Director of Parks &Recreation, City of San AngeloLauren Shrum, PlanConsultant, Texas OutdoorsConsulting
    3. 3. Meeting AgendaGround RulesOverview of Twin ButtesPlan PurposeComment Period
    4. 4. Ground RulesAt the comment period each person will be able tospeak for 3 minutes eachTimer will run and you will hear this sound at the endIf you run out of time and would like to speak morewe will have time at the end for an additional round ifnecessaryWe will also have public comment sheets at the backif you’d like to write down your comments
    5. 5. History of Twin ButtesTwin Buttes Reservoirs and the land that surrounds itare federal property owned by the federalgovernmentProject was built by the Federal Bureau ofReclamation in 1963Bureau of Reclamation manages water in the westCity of San Angelo established as the operatingpartner to manage recreation opportunities
    6. 6. Twin Buttes Project PrioritiesWater storage and supply, irrigation, flood controlProtection of natural and cultural resourcesPublic use and recreation
    7. 7. Federal Regulations43 CFR Part 423: Public Conduct on Bureau ofReclamation Facilities, Lands, and Waterbodies43 CFR Part 429: Use of Bureau of Reclamation Land,Facilities, and Waterbodies
    8. 8. Challenges at Twin ButtesLitterIllegal DumpingIllegal ActivityVehicular ManagementPublic SafetyMultiple User Groups
    9. 9. Multiple User GroupsHuntersFishermenOHV usersKayakersWindsurfersMountain bikersBird watchersRunners
    10. 10. What this Plan has to DoPlans all future activity in accordance with federalregulationsProvides recreational use zones for different usergroups to coexistProvides solutions to challenges of litter, vehicularmanagement and public safetyFacilitates public input into future development andactivities at Twin Buttes
    11. 11. PossibilitiesRecreation Use ZonesAccess PermitsFuture DevelopmentFunding PossibilitiesPartnerships with user groups
    12. 12. Public InputLet’s hear your ideas!