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City council nov. 19, 2013 san angelo public housing authority


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City council nov. 19, 2013 san angelo public housing authority

  2. 2. SAPHA PROGRAMS It is our privilege to serve the families of San Angelo, Tom Green County, and the surrounding counties. It is our mission to provide decent, safe, sanitary, yet affordable housing to income eligible families while offering opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence. Three Programs offered at SAPHA are: Public Housing Housing Choice Voucher Affordable Housing
  3. 3. PUBLIC HOUSING The Public Housing Program was created under the Housing Act of 1937. This Congressional Act authorized the establishment of State and local public housing authorities. These Housing authorities would own and manage single and multi-family housing units available to low-income families at a low cost.
  4. 4. PUBLIC HOUSING 174 housing units located in development sites and scattered throughout San Angelo. Sixty of these are located in two sites for people 62 years of age or older 24 of these are used in an incentive program (Acquisition Homes) is available to residents who have good rental history and want to move to units outside the development sites. This program gives families the opportunity to live in neighborhoods anywhere in San Angelo.  The remaining 84 of these are located in two family sites Federal subsidy, as well as, rent paid by residents, are used to maintain these units.
  5. 5. PUBLIC HOUSING FUNDING October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013 • Funding Levels for 2013 • Funded at 77% for the year due to sequestration • Funding Levels for 2014 will not be announced until January at best • Rental Revenues • $360,451 • HUD Funding for 2013 • $338,142
  6. 6. CAPITAL FUND PROGRAM (PH ONLY) The Capital Fund provides funds, annually, to Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) for the development, financing, and modernization of public housing developments and for management improvements. The CFP provided to the PHA is calculated by an established Capital Fund Formula.
  7. 7. PAST CFP PROJECTS • 2009 CFP Project • 3220 Oxford, 2739 Rice and 2613 Yale • Contract $217,859 • 2010 CFP Project • 3801Robin Hood and 3937 High Meadow • Contract $155,266 • 2011 CFP Project • 228 Twin Oaks and 3665 Old Post • Contract $137,055
  8. 8. 228 TWIN OAKS
  9. 9. 3665 OLD POST
  10. 10. FUTURE CFP PLANS • 2012 Grant • Grant total $194,862 • Planned Expenditures • Less extensive Rehab of one Acquisition • Replace windows in the El President Development (30 Units) • Site Improvements at Family Site • Covered Tables • Address retaining wall and Erosion problems • 2013 Grant • Grant Total $187,229 • Planned Expenditures • Less extensive Rehab of one Acquisition • Replace doors and hardware at Alta Loma and Rio Vista (60 Units) • Energy Audit • PNA/REAC Inspection
  11. 11. PHAS-PUBLIC HOUSING ASSESSMENT SYSTEM PHA : TX470 Fiscal Year End: 09/30 /12 PHAS Score: 85 PHAS Indicator SAPHA Score Maximum Score Physical 30 40 Financial 25 25 Management Operation 20 25 Capital Fund 10 10 PHAS Total Score 85 100 The change in CFP usage is to increase the scoring in the Physical assessment
  12. 12. HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER (SECTION 8) The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), also known as Section 8, is a tenant based program providing assistance for income eligible families in the private rental market. The families’ portion of rent is 30%-40% of their adjusted income. The remaining rent is paid with the housing assistance payment subsidy. SAPHA has 808 HCV Vouchers available.
  13. 13. HCV PROGRAMS • 808 Vouchers • • • • 30 Family Unification Vouchers 20 Non Elderly Disabled Vouchers 25 Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing 27 Family Self Sufficiency Vouchers • From 10/1/12-9/30/13 SAPHA has expended $3,387,909 in Housing Assistance Payments to Land lords. • On average we assist 733 families monthly and the average monthly HAP expense is $282,326. Average assistance per family is $384.95
  14. 14. FAMILY SELF SUFFICIENCY Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) is a HUD program that encourages communities to develop local strategies to help voucher families obtain employment that will lead to economic independence and selfsufficiency. The coordinator for the program works with welfare agencies, schools, businesses, and other local partners to develop a comprehensive program that gives participating FSS family member the skill and experience to enable them to obtain employment that pays a living wage. FSS is a voluntary program for family’s seeking economic security without welfare assistance.
  15. 15. SAPHA’S FAMILY SELF SUFFICIENCY • 2013 FSS Program ended with 93% utilization • Of the 25 families, 13 of these are earning escrow for a total of $20,841 • SAPHA raises and awards $1,000.00 in scholarship money to FSS participants annually • This year SAPHA staff have also added • Clothing Closet • Computer Lab • Partnership with HHSC for one stop shop for benefits underway
  16. 16. VASH • In 2008 The nation’s largest supported permanent housing initiative began combining: • HUD Housing Choice Vouchers • VA case management services that promote and maintain recovery and housing stability SAPHA has been awarded 25 VASH vouchers, we also partner with Abilene HA to utilize their vouchers to assist with 100% utilization of vouchers for both Housing Authorities.
  17. 17. SEMAP 9/30/2012 Percent Reported Reporting Rate Late Reexamination Percent Late Reexamination Tenant Rent Discrepancies Percent of Family Rent Discrepancy HQS - Newly Leased Units(% of Units) Passed Inspection Before Contract Effective Late HQS Inspections Percent Late HQS Inspections Family Self-Sufficiency Number of Families Enrolled Percent With Escrow Balance Family Self-Sufficiency (FO Input) Number of Mandatory FSS Slots Lease-up (FO Input) Percent Leased Overall Rating: Standard Performer 100 0 0 100 0 14 77 29 87
  18. 18. AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAM • The San Angelo Housing Authority is also the owner of the Desert Shadows apartments. Desert Shadows has 224 units and administers an affordable housing program for income eligible families. A contracted monitoring firm by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs monitors the program. This property relies solely on rental income to maintain the property.
  19. 19. RENOVATIONS AT DESERT SHADOWS • Since 2011 12 buildings have undergone modernization • A contract has been signed to begin work on the last 6 buildings and the main office Phase I Phase II (2/28/12) (10/29/12) Phase III (current) Rehab of 6 buildings Rehab of 6 buildings Rehab of 6 buildings $403,426 $323,718 $338,000
  20. 20. CONTACT INFORMATION 420 E. 28th Street (325) 481-2500 Now accepting applications online!