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City council january 8, 2013 civic events bandits agreement


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City council january 8, 2013 civic events bandits agreement

  1. 1. City CouncilJanuary 8, 2013
  2. 2. Lease Agreement Terms• Effective date of March 1, 2013• 3 year lease covering 2013, 2014, & 2015 seasons• Option for 2 successive one year extensions
  3. 3. Rent and other associated fees• Base rent of $1,750 per game• Rent of $50 per practice session• Utility charge of $50/hr for AC/heating systems• Facility use fee of $0.75 per ticket sold • $0.50 is retained by the City • $0.25 is retained by the actual seller of the ticket• Ticketing system fee of 2% of gross football ticket sales made through the City’s ticketing system• Credit card fee of 3% of gross credit card ticket sales
  4. 4. Base Rent Includes:• Use of the building to include common areas as well as dressing rooms• Furnish normal water requirements necessary for use• Non-exclusive use of the parking lot• One manager on duty on game day• 2 restroom attendants to provide janitorial services• Ensure the facility is clean on game days• Storage space for the railings, dasher boards and turf year round• Set up and tear down of turf (when needed)
  5. 5. Bandits Responsibilities• Provide a final approved schedule of dates for all football games during the regular season• All “home games” must be played in the Coliseum• Pay base rent and fees no later than 7 days after game day.• Provide a minimum of 2 Texas-certified peace officers for a minimum of 4 hours each (more if deemed necessary by Civic Events manager)• Provide sufficient qualified personnel to maintain order for the persons and property on the premise• Must maintain minimum insurance requirements
  6. 6. Concessions• Bandits will have a separate agreement with the City’s contracted concessionaire, San Angelo Host• In the event that ticket sales exceed 2,000, the City will credit the Bandits as follows: • 5% of the sum of food and non-alcoholic beverages • 7.5% of the sum of alcoholic beverages • Credit goes against the base rent
  7. 7. Programs & Novelties• Bandits will be allowed exclusive rights to sell programs and program advertisements at games and retain all proceeds• Bandits will be allowed to retain all proceeds from soft good sales.• Bandits shall pay novelty proceeds to the City as follows: • 10% of the gross proceeds from the sale of CD’s & DVD’s
  8. 8. Questions?