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City council january 7, 2014 sidewalk agreement


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City council january 7, 2014 sidewalk agreement

  1. 1. City Council January 7, 2014
  2. 2. Temporary Sidewalk Agreement • Garrick Engle: a request to allow for outside sidewalk café or lounge to include the dispensation, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages subject to City’s right of entry within the public right-of-way of the following property: • 217 South Chadbourne Street, located approximately 235 feet southwest of the intersection of South Chadbourne Street and West Twohig Avenue; more specifically occupying the San Angelo Addition, S20.6 of N40 of Lot 10, in central San Angelo. Notifications were not required for this request.
  3. 3. Overview map
  4. 4. Map
  5. 5. Aerial photo
  6. 6. Subject Property looking west from South Chadbourne Street
  7. 7. Subject property looking north
  8. 8. Subject property looking south
  9. 9. Recommendation • Planning staff recommends approving the proposed request.
  10. 10. Analysis – Basis for Recommendation • Many buildings in the CBD were built to the property line, which gives little to no room for outside seating arrangements. • 123 South Chadbourne Street was granted a similar resolution on December 6, 2011. • Sidewalk standards are at least 12’ wide per Sec. 4.803 of the Zoning Ordinance. Sidewalk in front of applicant’s business is approximately 15’9” wide. • Current sidewalk width provides a 4’ path for pedestrian passage, so ROW users not negatively impacted by request.
  11. 11. Analysis – Basis for Recommendation • Seating adds visual interest to the city streetscape and provides respite from the elements given the location of the existing awning.
  12. 12. Request for Right of Way Abandonments Ben Ficklin Road ROW, Partial Street Abandonment: Century Crest of San Angelo, JV • Requesting a partial street abandonment on the following property: • A variable width portion of the unimproved public right-of-way of Ben Ficklin Road, extending approximately 400 feet from the southeast corner of South Bryant Boulevard and South Jackson Street and immediately adjacent to the western border of the Century Park Addition, Tract 1, the northwestern 22 feet of Lot 14 and Lots 2 through 9, in south central San Angelo. • 4 (four) notifications sent out, 1 (one) returned in favor
  13. 13. Looking north up segment of Ben Photographsand South Bryant Blvd Fickin Road of Subject Property
  14. 14. North Photographs of Subject Property
  15. 15. South Photographs of Subject Property
  16. 16. Business looking west from Photographs ofabandonment proposed Subject Property
  17. 17. Business east of proposed Photographs of Subject Property abandonment
  18. 18. Staff Recommendation • Planning staff recommends approving the proposed street abandonments subject to conditions.
  19. 19. Options In considering this application, the Council may: • Approve the request as presented & forward it as such to City Council; • Modify the conditions recommended by staff believed to be more appropriate & forward it to City Council; or • Deny the request.
  20. 20. Analysis- Basis for Recommendation • Segment north abandoned in 1983. • Proposed segment not being used for traffic purposes. • South Bryant Boulevard exceeds the minimum width for an arterial, so segment of Ben Ficklin Road is not needed in the future.
  21. 21. Proposed Conditions • 1. Maintain a 20' electric easement and right-of-way for existing line. This easement area needs to be 20 feet in width, being 10 feet on each side of the centerline of the existing electric line. • 2. Replat Lots 9-2 and abandoned right-of-way into a logical configuration that falls in line with the development standards of the Subdivision Ordinance. • 3. Maintain a 20’ unobstructed utility easement running north and south as depicted on the plat recorded in 1983.