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City Council Feb. 5, 2013 planning


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City Council Feb. 5, 2013 planning

  1. 1. City CouncilFebruary 5, 2013
  2. 2. Annexation• First Public Hearing and consideration of an Ordinance annexing certain properties situated immediately west/southwest of San Angelo and encompassing a vacant 8.995 acre tract extending northwest from Mills Pass Drive, and located east of the Community of Faith subdivision and southwest of the Sams Club Addition
  3. 3. Petition for Annexation
  4. 4. Chronology Action Date12/18/12 Presented petition to Council; was accepted unanimously01/08/13 First hearing for public comment01/22/13 Second hearing for public comment02/0513 Introduction of ordinance to annex02/19/13 Second reading of ordinance to annex
  5. 5. Analysis• Caution in annexation advised in Comprehensive Plan:• "Rapid land use expansion and recent annexations have affected the identity of the City and established a new development pattern that is fiscally unsustainable.“• Using the annexation tool too liberally creates pockets of land throughout the city that fall into disuse and lead to other issues
  6. 6. Plan’s Guidance for Annexation• the City should "annex areas before extensive development of home sites and business properties occurs, guiding any such development within a framework of municipal regulations on zoning, subdivision, signs, fire prevention and building construction.“• The area is vacant, and thus, no such development is in place;• However, it is the intent of the developer to create, upon annexation, an extension of the existing residential subdivision in this area – so it is realistic and expected.
  7. 7. Plan’s Guidance for Annexation• Subdivision Ordinance requires that development that seeks to utilize San Angelos water service petition for annexation before such service can be extended – that was the trigger for this annexation;• "recognize that determining best areas for annexation involves anticipating realistic potential for development around the urban fringe, annexing the most promising such areas...".
  8. 8. Plan’s Guidance for Annexation• This area is immediately adjacent to a residential subdivision, known as the Prestonwood Addition;• This addition was annexed to the city in 2008;• This addition contains both traditional single-family residences and zero lot line homes;
  9. 9. Plan’s Guidance for Annexation• A network of water and sewer mains, available for extension, are in existence nearby;• These were extended and tied into during the process of developing The Prestonwood subdivision;
  10. 10. Additional Information• As required, notifications sent to ISD, VFD, utility companies, and County – no responses;• Not required, but completed, notifications sent to PD, FD, Water, Parks, Development-related divisions – no responses;• Main effect of this annexation – maintenance & other services provided to the area;• No capital improvements deemed necessary at this time or in immediate future;