City Council August 21, 2012 Planning


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City Council August 21, 2012 Planning

  1. 1. City CouncilAugust 21, 2012
  2. 2. Amendment to Vision Map• Vision Plan Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan on the following property:• 6411 Knickerbocker Road, located at the southwest corner of Red Bluff Road and Knickerbocker Road, the former power station property. The area occupies approximately 200 acres out of the H.F. Gantz Survey 179, C. Damman Survey 180 AND C. A. Voigt Survey 181 in the southwest portion of San Angelo.
  3. 3. Intent and Background• Go from “Industrial” to “Transitional Area”• Background • Annexed in June of 2011 • Former Power Plant area • Currently zoned Ranch & Estate (R&E) • Predominantly vacant property in the area • Lake Nasworthy, residences, retail, and church nearby
  4. 4. Options• City Council May: • Approve this amendment to the Vision Plan; • Deny this amendment to the Vision Plan.
  5. 5. Recommendation• Planning Staff recommends Approving this Vision Plan Amendment• Planning Commission recommend Approving this request 6-0 on July 16, 2012
  6. 6. Rationale• Industrial development vs. Lake Nasworthy on a main gateway to the community;• 200 Acres of Commercial is not sustainable; • Already vacant commercial property all along Knickerbocker Road; • Land use in the area is predominantly residential, commercial is not a suitable buffer; • Traffic concerns.
  7. 7. Rationale• Too large for a Neighborhood Center; • Lack of a key intersection; • No future thoroughfares planned in the area; • Scale and intensity of 200 acre site is not what Neighborhood Centers are intended to provide.• Principles of Neighborhood Centers should still be incorporated into future design and development; • Synergy between properties and uses; • Reorganized and shared parking; • Pedestrian friendly.
  8. 8. Rationale• Transition Area: • Designed to be buffers; • Allow a multitude of zoning districts; • Both residential and commercial zones could work • Conversion of strip style development• Goal of Transition Area is to revitalize aged commercial corridors: • Knickerbocker has been a corridor to town for decades; • Infill projects for commercial and residential will fit into Transition Area category.
  9. 9. Rationale• Second goal of Transition Areas is to blend intensive commercial areas into neighborhoods; • Knickerbocker Road vs. residential development; • Mixed use development compliments existing and future development;• Designed for more intense uses than “Neighborhood” but less intense than “Neighborhood Center” and “Commercial”;
  10. 10. Rationale• Increases flexibility with changing market dynamics• Allows for more appropriate uses like offices, live/work and mixed use developments• Increases compatibility with the future Lake Nasworthy master plan