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Agenda Packet Part III

  1. 1. Proposal for Executive Search ServicesCity ManagerCity of San Angelo, TexasFebruary 2012 Strategic Government Resources Ron Holifield, Principal PO Box 1642 Keller, Texas 76244 214-676-1691
  2. 2. February 15, 2012Lisa MarleyDirector of Human ResourcesCity of San Angelo106 S. Chadbourne StreetSan Angelo, Texas 76902Dear Ms. Marley:Thank you for the opportunity to submit this proposal to assist the City of San Angelo in yoursearch for a new City Manager.This proposal provides a comprehensive overview of the approach we would take in yoursearch, including our qualifications, scope of work, references, and the standard work plan wewould follow in conducting your search for a new City Manager as well as complete details onprofessional fees and expenses.I founded SGR in 1999 and am the sole owner. SGR’s corporate headquarters is in Keller,Texas, and we also have satellite offices in Austin-Texas, Bloomington Springs‐Tennessee, andFort Rucker‐Alabama. SGR is widely recognized as one of the leading local governmentexecutive search firms, and many of our clients have used our services for multiple keypositions, reflecting the quality of our work and the long‐term nature of our relationships.While we have a broad array of search experience, our specialty is conducting executivesearches for high quality of life cities in Texas and Oklahoma similar to San Angelo.SGR has the unique ability to provide a personalized and comprehensive search service tomeet your needs. The not-to-exceed price in this proposal includes: as many briefings withcity council as needed, recorded online interviews with semifinalist candidates to save youmoney before you fly in candidates for in-person interviews, in-depth media reports on eachfinalist candidate, psychometric assessment reports on each finalist candidate, and abackground investigation report on your top candidate. No other firm can offer such acomprehensive list of services at a cost-effective price.P O Box 1642 Keller, Texas 76244 817-337-8581
  3. 3. I would like to draw your attention to a few key items that distinguish SGR from othersearch firms:  SGR’s website, where this position would be posted, received over 15,000 local government officials visiting it last month, with over 250,000 page hits – more than any other local government search firm website in the nation.  SGR’s job board (separate website), where this job will also be posted, is the largest local government job board in the nation, with an additional 8,000 local government job seekers visiting it each month – more than any other municipal job board.  My “10 in 10 Leadership and Innovation Update” reaches 7,000 of the most innovative and leading edge thinkers in local government in the nation each week. This position would also be posted in that newsletter and no other search firm has anything similar to reach the real opinion leaders in all 50 states.  I speak at an average of one state or national conference per month providing higher visibility and a stronger network among leading financial and municipal officials than any other firm comes close to.  SGR trains over 1,000 city employees each month in live training classes.  We have online training clients in 11 states.  SGR has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, American Express Open Forum, Texas Event Planning, and the Ladders among others due to our reputation for dramatic customer service, and our innovative business strategies that are changing the way local government recruits, selects, and develops their executives.Of course with all of that... only one thing matters... results! We are so confident of ourability to deliver exceptional results that SGR offers the strongest guarantee in the searchindustry. If a candidate selected in our process leaves in less than two years, for anyreason whatsoever, we will conduct the search again for no additional professional fee, noquestions asked.SGR is the only search firm that can lay claim to having had only one department headplacement not work out in almost 15 years of conducting searches. This proposal lists all ofour clients, and we welcome you to call any of them blind. The simple fact is that no otherfirm can touch our reputation for being trusted by both clients and candidates, and forsuccessful long term placements.Alan Taylor and I will personally serve as the co-managers for your search and will handleall aspects of it related to candidate and client interaction. This includes all onsiteinterviews with key city staff, ongoing status reports to the City, direct recruitmentactivities, responses to prospect inquiries, initial triage evaluation of resumes, preliminary
  4. 4. interviews with candidates, facilitation of meetings to select Semifinalists and again toselect Finalists, and assistance in employment negotiations with the candidate.The Amarillo newspaper editorialized that our search process “approached perfection”and praised the City for the outstanding way the search process was conducted and how itbuilt confidence in the community about the ultimate selection. A simple Google searchwill reveal that we are the only major search firm that has never had a single article wherea city official was critical of SGR. By contrast, our two largest competitors have had electedofficials reach such levels of frustration that they have been willing to criticize the firm andtheir processes in the newspaper in the middle of a search!We are truly excited about the prospect of doing this search for the City of San Angelo. Ilook forward to discussing in more detail how we can help you select an exceptional CityManager and am available to visit in person with you at your convenience. The City of SanAngelo is a high quality of life community, and is deserving of a search firm who will becommitted to a home run City Manager selection. I hope you will give us the opportunityto visit with you in person about the possibilities.Respectfully submitted,Ron HolifieldCEOSGR Executive SearchRon@GovernmentResource.com214-676-1691
  5. 5. NoticeThis proposal has been prepared for the exclusive use of the City of San Angelo,Texas.All of the contents herein are proprietary and confidential information ownedby SGR Executive Search.Other than as required by law, no information contained herein may bereleased or revealed in any way without the approval of SGR Executive Search.
  7. 7. Company ProfileBackgroundStrategic Government Resources (SGR) was founded in 1999 and is fully owned byformer City Manager Ron Holifield.Ron spent two high profile decades in city management, which included service as CityManager in several Texas cities. He left city management in 1996 and purchasedGovernment Relations Specialists, a small company that specialized in representingcompanies that do business with government at all levels. In a little over three years, hedoubled the size of the company, growing it into one of the 50 largest lobby firms inTexas. However, Ron missed the sense of making a difference that city managementhad provided. In response, he sold that company in 1999 and founded SGR for theexpress purpose of helping to transform local government through employeerecruitment, selection, assessment, training, development, coaching, and career pathplanning.SGR is organized into three primary business lines, Executive Recruitment, EmployeeDevelopment, and Consulting and is recognized as one of the leading local governmentexecutive search firms in Texas. Many of our clients have used our services for multiplekey positions, reflecting the high quality of our work and the long-term nature of ourrelationships.SGR Core TeamSGR’s core team includes:  Ron Holifield, Chief Executive Officer  Cynthia Leach, Chief Operating Officer  Greg Anderson, President, Online Learning  Alan Taylor, Senior Vice President, Executive Search  Bill Peterson, Senior Vice President, Executive Search  Chester Nolen, Senior Vice President, Executive Search  Howard Giles, Senior Vice President, Executive Search  Krisa Delacruz, Director of Member Services  Hope Ekwue, Director of Communications  Laurie Groover, Finance Manager  Melissa Valentine, Administrative Assistant  Lauren Holifield, Lean Processes Coordinator  Mike Gibson, Director of Curriculum  Cindy Hanna, Director of Operations 1
  8. 8. Office LocationsSGR’s corporate headquarters is in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area in Keller, Texas.SGR also has satellite offices in Austin-Texas, Bloomington Springs-Tennessee and FortRucker-Alabama. 2
  9. 9. QualificationsThe SGR AdvantageSGR’s executive recruiting services are unequaled. SGR provides a high degree of personalattention to each executive search that we conduct, and our role is to find the person who isthe very best possible match for you. SGR devotes a tremendous amount of energy tounderstanding your organization’s unique culture, environment, and local issues to ensure agreat “fit” from values, philosophy, and management style perspectives.Finding “qualified” candidates is not very difficult…the hard part is finding qualified candidateswho are the right “fit” for your organization. A “leading edge” candidate and a “safe harbor”candidate often look the same on paper but will have profoundly different impacts on yourorganization. SGR brings practical experience from years of city management and from almosttwo decades of successful recruitment.The NetworkSGR maintains one of the most extensive private networks of local government professionals inthe nation. In addition to providing employee recruitment and development services to almost200 cities, counties and utility districts in four states, SGR previously managed memberrelations for over 250 government agencies in 23 states for the Innovation Groups (IG).Ron Holifield, Alan Taylor, Bill Peterson, Chester Nolen, Ron Robinson, and Howard Giles eachhave a national network of relationships developed through years of public service. While yourproject will be managed by Alan Taylor, Senior Vice President (resume attached), with thedirect involvement of CEO Ron Holifield, the entire group works as a team to leverage each oftheir personal national networks to assist with each search. This team brings over 150 years ofpublic service experience in Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico and Ohio. In addition,SGR staff members are active on a national basis, in both local government organizations andprofessional associations. Many SGR staff members frequently speak and write on issues ofinterest to local government executives.Only SGR can work all of the relevant networks as a peer and insider, resulting in betterrecruitment, better investigation, better intelligence, better information, and better finaldecisions.AccessibilityYour search will be handled directly by Ron Holifield, CEO, and Alan Taylor, Senior VicePresident. Ron and Alan are accessible at all times throughout the search process and can bereached by candidates or clients, even at night and on weekends, on cell phone, home phone,or via email. 3
  10. 10. Trust of CandidatesSGR has a track record of remarkable confidentiality and providing wise counsel to candidatesand next generation leaders; we have earned their trust. As a result, SGR is typically able to getexceptional prospects to become candidates, even if they have declined to become involved inother search processes, merely because candidates trust SGR to assess the situation well, tocommunicate honestly and bluntly, and to maintain their confidentiality.Comprehensive Needs AssessmentSGR invests an extraordinary amount of effort into understanding the organizational andcommunity culture, environment, and local issues that shape what you are looking for in anexecutive leader, how SGR can most effectively look for the right match for you, and how SGRcan most effectively assist prospective candidates in understanding your unique needs andcircumstances.Responsive to YouWhen a problem arises or you have questions, you can count on SGR staff to be available, to beprepared, and to respond promptly.Listening to Your Unique NeedsSGR is more interested in listening than in talking. Some firms depend on their tried and truestable of reliable candidates. These firms do not really need to listen to the client because thesearch will result in the same list of finalists, no matter what type of information they receivefrom the client. SGR devotes tremendous energy to actively listening to you and helping youdefine and articulate your needs. SGR does not just go through the motions and then provideyou with a list of qualified names from a stable of regulars. SGR works hard to conduct acomprehensive search that is unique to you. SGR’s efforts will be driven by your needs, not bywhat is convenient for us.No SurprisesOne of the worst things that can happen for you is to get surprised with undisclosedinformation about a finalist, especially if the surprise comes in the form of a newspaper articlethat you find out about from your critics. A Google search of the firms you are considering willreveal the ones who have a track record of sloppy work that results in embarrassing surprisesfor their clients. SGR does thorough background work on candidates to minimize the chancefor surprises and has never had one single client embarrassed by surprises about one of ourcandidates. Additionally, SGR places very high value on continuous and effectivecommunication with our clients.High Quality Briefing Books and Other DocumentsSGR is committed to producing professional documents that are easy for the client to read andinterpret. SGR will produce professional and thorough briefing books for each of the meetingswith the Search Committee. In addition, SGR will produce a high quality electronic (pdf)position profile brochure for distribution to prospective candidates. A sample brochure isincluded behind TAB-8 in the Appendices section of this document. 4
  11. 11. Comprehensive Background Investigation ReportsSGR provides the most comprehensive background investigations in the industry, and we arethe only search firm to use a licensed private investigation firm for these services. We havepartnered with First Check, a licensed private investigations company, to perform ouremployment screening. A sample Background Screening Report is included behind TAB-10 inthe Appendices section of this document.Recorded Online Interviews with CandidatesSGR offers the option of recording short videos of candidates answering three to five questions.These videos are then mailed to the search committee on a flash drive to review prior to thenext briefing. This allows the search committee to see candidates in an interview situationprior to the finalist stage of the search process and without having to pay for travel expenses.Comprehensive Media ReportsAt the client’s request, SGR will produce a comprehensive Media Report on one or morecandidates. Each Media Report is compiled from information gathered using our proprietaryonline search process. This process is far superior to the one dimensional efforts of ourcompetitors who rely on automated media checks necessary for them to maintain their massproduction searches. The report length may be as long as 350 pages per candidate and mayinclude news articles, links to video interviews, blog posts by residents, etc. No other firmprovides as comprehensive of media reports as SGR.Psychometric AssessmentsSGR uses state-of-the-art psychometric assessments of candidates to ensure a detailedunderstanding of how candidates will lead and manage an organization. The psychometricanalyses also provide valuable information regarding candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.Equal Opportunity CommitmentSGR strongly believes in equal opportunity. SGR does not discriminate and is careful to followboth the letter and the spirit of laws regarding equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination. More importantly, however, SGR believes that equal opportunity is an ethicalissue. SGR quite simply will not enter into an engagement with an entity or organization thatdirects, or expects, that bias should, or will be, demonstrated on any basis other than thosefactors that have a bearing on the ability of the candidate to do the job.You can anticipate that SGR will make a serious and sincere effort to include qualified womenand minority candidates in the finalist pool. Although SGR obviously cannot, and would not,guarantee the makeup of the finalist group, SGR does have relationships and contactsnationwide to encourage the meaningful participation of women and minority candidates. SGRhas a strong history and track record of bringing outstanding female and minority candidatesinto client search processes. 5
  12. 12. Superior Experience and Track RecordSGR has an unblemished reputation for excellence among both candidates and clients. Many ofour clients have used our services for multiple key positions, reflecting the high quality of ourwork and the long-term nature of our relationships. For example, when we conducted theAmarillo City Manager search, the local newspaper editorialized that our search process had“approached perfection” and praised the elected officials for conducting such a rigorousprocess. In well over a decade of conducting executive searches, we have only one single citymanager placement who did not work out. In addition, most of our placements are still in thesame position many years later due to the extensive work we do ensuring that the placement isan excellent match from the outset. Our client list can be found behind TAB-5 in theAppendices section of this document.Practicing the Golden RuleAs a result of our years of experience in local government, SGR understands what you areexperiencing, how as executive search consultants we can make your life easier, and what willfrustrate you. In short, SGR believes in the Golden Rule as a matter of philosophy, but SGR isable to practice the Golden Rule as a matter of experience.CostFor a variety of reasons that are detailed in this proposal, SGR will provide the most cost-effective executive search for your city. Some firms low ball their price, and make up for it byreducing the amount of time they commit, or charging extra for additional time required. SGRgive you a fixed price and then is with you until the end regardless of how many hours arerequired.Five Way GuaranteeSGR provides the strongest guarantee in the industry. 1) Our price is our price. You will neverbe charged an additional professional fee because we need to come to another meeting orspend extra time. 2) You always have 24/7 cell and home contact access to both the recruiterand the company CEO. 3) If you do not find the right candidate, we will start the process overfrom scratch at no additional cost to you. 4) If we place a candidate who stays less than twoyears, we will conduct the search again at no cost. And 5) if we place a candidate with you, wewill not solicit them for another job for at least five years.Three Dimensions of Executive Recruitment ExperienceThe great misunderstanding about executive recruitment is that it is about finding a pool ofqualified candidates. As a result, search firms brag about the large number of qualifiedcandidates they find. The truth is that finding qualified candidates is not very difficult, andquite honestly, should not occupy the bulk of a recruiter’s time.The real work of executive recruitment should be in determining which individuals out of alarge pool of easily-identified, qualified candidates are actually an excellent match for theculture, philosophy, leadership environment, challenges, and opportunities that are unique to 6
  13. 13. your city. Even within the same organization, leadership needs differ depending upon thecommunity life cycle stage.There are three dimensions of the executive recruitment experience that will determinewhether you get “adequate” or “exceptional” results.Understanding Roles and ResponsibilitiesThe first dimension of experience ensures an understanding of the specific roles andresponsibilities of the position that is being filled. There are both formal and informalstructures within every organization, and all too often strong candidates fail as new leadersbecause, “It wasn’t what I expected.” SGR addresses this dimension of experience in two ways.First, SGR places heavy emphasis upon knowing and understanding the organization better thanthey know themselves. Our searches are front-loaded to ensure we devote adequate time toan intimate understanding of both the formal and informal structures and expectations of theposition to ensure we find the right “fit.”Second, SGR is the only major search firm with such depth of experience in actually managingorganizations of comparable complexity and size. As a result, we are uniquely capable andprepared to ask the right questions to develop an intimate understanding of the formal andinformal roles and responsibilities of this position.Understanding Organizational Culture and EnvironmentThe second dimension of experience ensures an understanding of organizational culture andenvironment. SGR devotes tremendous energy to understanding your unique culture andenvironment and goals to ensure a great “fit” from values, philosophy, and management styleperspectives. The recruiter must invest the time and energy on the front end to intimatelyunderstand the environment, culture, challenges, and opportunities of the organization. Weensure we have that understanding before we ever place ads or identify candidates.Successful Candidate RecruitmentThe first two dimensions of experience are inwardly focused on the organization and form thefoundation for a successful executive search. This third dimension is focused outside of theorganization and is equally important, but tends to be the only one of the three dimensions ofexperience most search firms address. This explains why so many searches yield an initial list ofimpressive candidates but struggle to come to an enthusiastic conclusion.SGR takes pride in not being a mass production search firm like our competitors. By conductingfewer executive searches each year, SGR can deliver a very high quality “match” when aselection is made. SGR does not believe our role is to simply provide the client with a largenumber of qualified candidates…you can do that on your own. SGR’s role is to find the personwho is the very best possible match for you. This can only be accomplished with SGR’s highdegree of personal attention, which is not possible in a high volume, mass productionenvironment. 7
  14. 14. Key Personnel for this ProjectRon Holifield, CEORon Holifield spent 17 high profile years in city management before entering the private sector.He served as Assistant City Manager in Plano, Texas, City Manager in Garland, Texas, and CityManager in three other mid-size and smaller cities. Ron is a frequent speaker at citymanagement conferences nationwide. In addition, he has written numerous articles and was aperiodic contributor to Texas City Manager Magazine on Innovations That Make a Difference.Ron has served on numerous state and national committees and is an active member of theInternational City/County Management Association (ICMA), the Texas City ManagementAssociation (TCMA), Urban Management Assistants of North Texas (UMANT), and several otherregional organizations. He holds a BA from Abilene Christian University, and an MPA fromTexas Tech.Ron brings strength to the executive recruitment profession with his extensive experience as acity manager. Numerous professionals around the nation have worked with Ron over his longcareer, giving SGR a network among municipal management professionals that is unequaled.Ron also brings a unique ability to evaluate candidates from the perspective of a city managerand assist city officials in effectively understanding not just qualifications, but issues ofmanagement style, reputation, and philosophical compatibility. Ron’s complete resume isincluded behind TAB-4 in the Appendices section of this document.Alan Taylor, Senior Vice PresidentAlan Taylor retired as City Manager in Amarillo, Texas and joined SGR in the summer of 2011 asSenior Vice President. He rose through the ranks to become City Manager in Amarillo, withparticular expertise in the fields of Planning, Code Compliance and Building Inspections. Alan isan ICMA Credentialed Manager, holds a Graduate Certificate from the Public ExecutiveInstitute, and is the recipient of a Gold Addy Award for Communications Excellence from theAmerican Advertising Federation. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the TexasCity Management Association and as an International Committee Member for the InternationalCity Management Association. He holds a BA in Environmental Design and a Master of UrbanPlanning Degree, both from Texas A&M University. 8
  15. 15. Project Methodology and Work PlanOur clients come to SGR for the personalized touch and outstanding results that theycannot get from the typical mass production search firms. This proposal outlines ourmethodology and key components of the work plan for recruiting this position for you.OverviewSGR provides a comprehensive scope of executive search services, and each executivesearch service contract is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. However, a fullservice executive search typically entails the following: Step One: Organizational Inquiry and Analysis Outline Project Plan and Timeline Individual Interviews with Search Committee and Key Personnel Development of Position Profile and Production of High Quality Brochure Search Committee Briefing One Step Two: Advertising and Recruitment Ad Placement Email Distribution of Position Profile Phone Contacts Ongoing Communication with Prospective Candidates Step Three: Initial Screening and Review Management of Resumes Technical Scoring of Resumes Search Committee Briefing Two / Selection of Quarterfinalist Candidates Step Four: Evaluation of Quarterfinalist Candidates Personal Interaction with Quarterfinalist Candidates Quarterfinalist Narrative Questionnaires Search Committee Briefing Three / Selection of Semifinalist Candidates Step Five: Evaluation of Semifinalist Candidates Personal Interaction with Semifinalist Candidates Recorded Online Interviews Search Committee Briefing Four / Selection of Finalist Candidates Step Six: Evaluation of Finalist Candidates and Interviews Comprehensive Media Reports Psychometric Assessments Assessment Center Process Conduct Interviews Deliberations Reference Checks 9
  16. 16. Comprehensive Background Screening Report Step Seven: Closing the Deal Determine the Terms of an Offer Negotiate Terms and Conditions of Employment Announcement/Press Release Transition StrategyStep 1: Organizational Inquiry and AnalysisIn the Organizational Inquiry and Analysis Stage, SGR devotes tremendous energy tounderstanding your unique culture, environment, and goals to ensure you get the rightmatch for your particular needs.Outline Project Plan and TimelineSGR will meet with the client at the outset of the project to finalize the search plans andtimeline. At this time, SGR will also request that the client provide additionalinformation about the organization and the position. Information requested will includegeneral information or available resources about the community, school district,economic vitality, political leadership, organization, strategic plan, governing body goalsand objectives, budget information, major projects, job description, salary range,benefits package, etc.Individual Interviews with Search Committee and Key PersonnelFully understanding your needs is the most critical part of conducting a successfulexecutive search. SGR conducts individual interviews with the Search Committee, keystaff, and/or direct reports to find out more about the position, special considerations,and the political environment. These interviews last approximately one hour each andidentify individual issues that may affect the dynamics of the search, as well as developa composite understanding of the client’s preferences. This process helps withorganizational buy-in and will assist us in developing the profile as we look for anysignificant staff issues or major disconnects that may not otherwise be apparent.Development of Position Profile and Professional Production of High Quality BrochureFollowing the individual interviews and internal analysis, SGR will develop a draftposition profile that is reviewed and revised in partnership with you until everyoneagrees it accurately reflects the sought-after leadership and managementcharacteristics. SGR will create a marketing piece for the position in the form of a highquality electronic (pdf) brochure. A sample brochure is located behind TAB-8 in theAppendices section of this document.Search Committee Briefing OneThe first briefing with the Search Committee is designed to report on themes or trendsidentified in the individual staff interviews and in particular to determine if there areany disconnects in perceptions or expectations regarding the roles and responsibilities 10
  17. 17. of the position. This meeting includes utilization of two different proprietaryinstruments designed to assist the Search Committee in defining and articulating thedesired attributes of the successful candidate.SGR’s goal is to zero in on the specific attributes you want and need, both tangible andintangible. SGR will evaluate the responsibilities, organizational and cultural demands,technical background, personality, and potential required. SGR will also develop a clearunderstanding of salary range, benefits, and other relevant employment expectations.Of particular importance is to identify any “litmus tests” that are absolute prerequisitesto you before starting the recruitment.Step 2: Advertising and RecruitmentThe Advertising and Recruitment stage includes distribution of the position profile,advertising the position, contacting prospective candidates, responding to inquiriesabout the position, and communicating with prospective candidates.Ad PlacementThe Project Manager and the client work together to determine the best way toadvertise and recruit for the position. Ads are typically placed in various state andnational publications, targeting the most effective venues for reaching qualifiedcandidates for that particular position.Email Distribution of Position ProfileSGR’s preferred strategy is to rely on electronic distribution of the position profilebrochure. SGR will typically send 300-500 one-at-a-time personal emails to key opinionleaders and potential prospects across the country. By utilizing an email distributionstrategy, these brochures tend to “get legs” of their own, reaching 4-5 times the numberpersonally sent out and resulting in a very high penetration rate at minimal cost.Phone ContactsSGR may have the largest private database of local government officials in the nation,with several thousand contacts on file. Ron Holifield and Alan Taylor will personally“work the phones” with approximately 100 key opinion leaders in the local governmentprofession from around the nation. Some of these calls are for the purpose of solicitinghigh potential candidates, while other calls are to encourage key opinion leaders whoknow their states/regions to share information on high potential prospects in theirprofessional circles.Ongoing Communication with Prospective CandidatesSGR communicates with all prospective candidates on a frequent and ongoing basis toensure they stay enthusiastic about the opportunity. Outstanding prospects often willnot submit a resume until they have done considerable homework on the availableposition. A significant number of inquiries will be made, and it is essential that theexecutive search firm be prepared to answer those questions with fast, accurate, and 11
  18. 18. complete information, and in a warm and personal manner. This is one of the firstplaces a prospective candidate will develop an impression about organization, and it isan area in which SGR excels. These interactions will encompass email, phone, and face-to-face correspondence.Ongoing communication with candidates typically consists of up to three personalphone calls per candidate, 4-6 email exchanges, a weekly distribution of relevant newsarticles, and 4-6 formal updates on the process by the time the conclusion is reached.The content of these communications is often responding to routine questions from thecandidates or asking the candidates questions about items that may show up in themedia about them or issues we pick up in the grapevine about them. In addition, SGRsubscribes to clipping services and provides regular news updates to all candidates oncurrent issues related to your community so that the candidates are developing adeeper understanding of your circumstances and needs even as they go through therecruitment phase. One of the reasons SGR consistently delivers a far superiorcandidate pool than any of our competitors for similar positions is the extensivecommunication we provide to our candidates during a search process.Step 3: Initial Screening and ReviewThis stage of the executive search involves managing the flow of resumes, screening andevaluating resumes, and ongoing personal interaction with prospective candidates.Once the bulk of resumes have been received, SGR will meet with the client to present acomprehensive progress report.Management of ResumesHandling the flow of resumes is an ongoing and significant process. On the front end, itinvolves tracking resumes and promptly acknowledging their receipt. It also involvestimely and personal responses to any questions or inquiries.SGR uses a triage process to identify high probability, medium probability, and lowprobability candidates. At this stage in the search, the triage process is focused onqualifications and known issues with individual candidates. This sifting process assesseshow well candidates’ applications fulfill the recruitment criteria outlined in the positionprofile.Technical Scoring of ResumesIn contrast with the initial triage process described above, which focuses on subjectiveassessment of the resumes and how the candidates present themselves, this stepinvolves very detailed analysis and scoring of the resumes of the high and mediumprobability candidates in comparison to the recruitment criteria outlined in the positionprofile. 12
  19. 19. Search Committee Briefing Two / Selection of Quarterfinalist CandidatesAt this briefing, SGR will provide a comprehensive progress report and will facilitate theselection of about 20 quarterfinalists. The presentation will include summaryinformation on the process so far, the candidate pool overall, and any trends or issuesthat have arisen, as well as a briefing on each candidate and their credentials. No otherfirm offers this level of reporting detail and transparency.Step 4: Evaluation of Quarterfinalist CandidatesReviewing resumes is an important and valuable step in the executive search process.However, the simple fact is that resumes can be misleading. They tell you nothing aboutthe individual’s personal qualities or his/her ability to get along with other people.Resumes can also exaggerate or inflate accomplishments or experience. SGR’sresponsibility is to go deeper than the resume to ensure that those candidates whocontinue in the process are truly outstanding.Personal Interaction with Quarterfinalist CandidatesSGR’s goal is to have a clear understanding of the person behind the resume and whatmakes him/her an outstanding success for you. The evaluation of quarterfinalistcandidates includes follow-up by phone when appropriate to ask any questions aboutunderlying issues, as well as preliminary background checks as needed. Based upon thenumber of candidates still in contention at this stage, phone interviews, and potentiallyeven personal interviews, may be conducted by SGR.Quarterfinalist Narrative QuestionnairesSGR will ask quarterfinalist candidates to complete a comprehensive written exercisedesigned to provide greater insight into candidate thought processes andcommunication styles. SGR’s written instrument is custom-designed around thepriorities identified by the Search Committee and usually includes about 20 questionsfocusing on 5-6 key areas of particular interest to the client. This written instrument willbe included with resumes in the briefing books prepared for each member of the SearchCommittee.Search Committee Briefing Three / Selection of Semifinalist CandidatesAt this briefing, SGR will provide a comprehensive progress report and will facilitate theselection of about 12 semifinalists.Step 5: Evaluation of Semifinalist CandidatesPersonal Interaction with Semifinalist CandidatesSGR will continue personal interaction with each of the semifinalist candidates, goingdeeper on particular issues that have been identified which warrant greater insight andunderstanding. 13
  20. 20. Recorded Online InterviewsSGR offers the option of recording short online videos of candidates answering three tofive questions. We then save the interviews to flash drives, one flash drive for eachsearch committee member. This provides a very insightful, efficient and cost effectiveway to gain additional insights to utilize in selecting finalists you want to come in for liveinterviews.Search Committee Briefing Four / Selection of Finalist CandidatesAt this briefing, SGR will provide each member of the Search Committee with a briefingbook, copies of the online interviews, present a progress report on the semifinalistcandidates, and facilitate narrowing the list to 4-6 finalists who will be invited to come infor a live interview.Step 6: Evaluation of Finalist CandidatesOnce the finalists have been selected, SGR will coordinate with you to scheduleinterviews.Comprehensive Media ReportsThe Media Reports are compiled by utilizing our proprietary media search processincluding variations of the candidates’ names and states/cities in which they have livedor worked, including searches of local papers where the candidates have lived orworked.The Media Reports can range from 20-300 pages per candidate and may include newsarticles, links to video interviews, blog posts by residents, etc. The Media Reports forthe candidates are put into an easy-to-read format and recorded onto disc’s for theSearch Committee. The candidate’s name is highlighted each time it appears.These media reports have proven helpful to Search Committees by uncovering issuesthat were not previously disclosed by prospective candidates and that would not havebeen discovered through a quick Internet search. The Media Reports also give theSearch Committee an overview of the type and extent of press coverage that acandidate has experienced over the course of his/her career.Psychometric AssessmentsIt is critical for you to know as much as you can about your new executive before hiringhim/her. Historically, employers have depended upon resumes, references, andinterviews as sources of information for making hiring decisions. In practice, thesesources have proved inadequate for consistently selecting successful employees. Theuse of assessments has become essential for employers who want to place the rightpeople in the right positions. SGR uses DiSC profile assessment tools, which are amongthe most validated and reliable personal assessment tools available. 14
  21. 21. SGR will ask semifinalists to complete two DiSC profile assessments. The DiSCDimensions of Behavior explore behavioral issues across four primary dimensions:Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This allows deeperunderstanding about individual behavioral characteristics than is possible in a traditionalinterview.The DiSC Behavioral Profile, combined with the DiSC Management Profile, provides ameaningful psychometric analysis of the semifinalists. The personal behavioral profileexamines basic personality attributes using the DiSC typology. The feedback covers abroad range of behavioral characteristics, including behavioral strengths andweaknesses, motivating and de-motivating factors, and management and selling styles.The DiSC Management Profile analyzes and reports comprehensively on the candidate’spreferences in five vital areas: management style, directing and delegating, motivation,development of others, and working with his/her own manager.The psychometric assessment tools provide additional information about candidates toassist in determining which qualified candidate is the best match for your organization.Samples of the two assessment reports are included in the Appendices section of thisdocument behind TAB-9.Assessment Center ProcessSGR provides an assessment center process, a two week time period during whichcandidates may visit the city and talk to key employees and/or council members in orderto develop a first year plan. The finalist candidates present their first year plans to thesearch committee during the onsite interview. This process provides a more in-depthanalysis of the way the finalist candidates approach problem solving and will allow thesearch committee to have a sense of what you can expect of the candidate duringhis/her first year on the job.Conduct InterviewsSGR will schedule interviews at a date/time convenient to the client. This process canbe as simple, or as complex, as the client desires. SGR will help you determine thespecifics you need. SGR will prepare sample questions for each candidate and willparticipate throughout the process to make it smooth and efficient.DeliberationsAt this meeting, SGR will facilitate a discussion about the finalist interviews and assistthe Search Committee in making a decision on whether to bring back one or morecandidates for a second interview.Reference ChecksOur reference checks are the most comprehensive in the industry. We place very littleconfidence on the references provided by the candidates since those can be expected tobe biased. Instead, we will typically talk to as many as 20 professional contacts for agiven candidate including elected officials, direct supervisors, direct reports, internal 15
  22. 22. organizational peers, professional peers in other organizations, civic leaders, and mediarepresentatives. We always seek out the candidate’s greatest critics and greatest fansto ensure a complete, yet balanced, perspective and overview of each candidate.Comprehensive Background Investigation ReportThrough SGR’s partnership with First Check, a licensed private investigations company,we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive background screening reportsthat include detailed information such as:  Social Security number trace  Address history  Driving history/motor vehicle records  Credit report  Federal criminal search  National criminal search  Nationwide wants and warrants  Global homeland security search  Sex offender registry search  State criminal search (for current and previous states of residence)  County criminal search (for every county in which candidate has lived or worked)  County civil search (for every county in which the candidate has lived or worked)A sample Background Screening Report is available behind TAB-10 in the Appendicessection of this document.Step 7: Closing the DealOnce the final candidate has been selected, SGR can provide additional assistance to theclient in the following areas.Determine the Terms of an OfferUpon request, SGR will provide comparative data for selected organizations,appropriate employment agreement language, and other similar information to assistyou in determining an appropriate offer to extend to your candidate of choice.Negotiate Terms and Conditions of EmploymentSGR will assist to whatever degree you deem appropriate in conducting negotiationswith the chosen candidate. SGR determine and define any special needs or concerns ofthe chosen candidate, including anything that could be a complicating factor. SGR isexperienced and prepared to help craft win-win-solutions to negotiation “log-jams.” 16
  23. 23. Announcement/Press ReleaseUntil you have “sealed the deal,” you need to be cautious in order to avoid theembarrassment of a premature announcement that does not work out. You also wantto try and notify all senior staff and unsuccessful candidates before they read about it inthe newspaper. SGR will assist with this coordination and with drafting anyannouncements or press releases.Transition StrategyThere are a variety of transition issues when hiring a new executive. SGR will brief theclient on transition issues that need to be addressed and will provide a recommendationon what actions to take. Together, we will create a transition strategy that builds thefoundation for a successful long-term relationship. 17
  24. 24. Approximate 16 Week TimelineTask WeeksContract Executed / Outline Project Plan and Timeline Week 1Individual Interviews with Key Players Week 1Develop Position Profile Brochure & Search Committee Briefing 1 Weeks 2-4Ad Placements / Accept Applications Weeks 4-9Search Committee Briefing 2: Select Quarterfinalist Candidates Week 9Deliverable 1: Quarterfinalist Briefing Books with Completed Pre- Week 10Interview QuestionnairesSearch Committee Briefing 3: Select Semifinalist Candidates Week 11Deliverable 2: Semifinalist Briefing Books with Recorded Online Week 12Interviews on Flash DrivesSearch Committee Briefing 4: Select Finalist Candidates Week 13Deliverable 3: Finalist Briefing Books with Media Reports and Week 14Psychometric Assessment ReportsConduct Interviews Week 15Deliberations Week 15Briefing on Comprehensive Background Screening Report and Week 16Reference Checks for Top CandidateNegotiate Terms and Conditions of Employment Week 16Announcement/Press Release and Transition Strategy Week 16 Total Duration of Search: 16 Weeks* Each search timeline is different based on the particular needs of each organization. SGR hascompleted searches in as little as 45 days, although this is not the recommended approach. 18
  25. 25. Project CostAll-Inclusive Maximum PriceProfessional Services Fee $ 17,500Expenses Not-to-Exceed: $ 4,500All-Inclusive, Not-to-Exceed Maximum Price: $ 22,000 *Expense Items (Included in Not-to-Exceed Price Above)SGR considers incidentals to be covered by the professional services fee, and we do notbill the client for any expenses except for those explicitly detailed herein.Expense items include:  Professional production of a high quality brochure. This brochure (typically four pages) is produced by SGR’s graphic designer for a flat fee of $300 per page.  Ad placement in appropriate professional publications, including trade journals and websites, and related advertising to announce the position. This is billed at actual cost, with no markup for overhead.  Printing of documents and materials. Reproduction costs for reports and briefing books presented to the client at 21 cents per page per copy, plus the cost of binders/binding. Electronic discs are billed at $5 each. Flash drives are billed at $10 each.  Online interviews. There is an additional cost of $100 for each recorded online interview. SGR recommends conducting online interviews at the semifinalist stage.  Psychometric Assessments. There is an additional cost of $150 per candidate for each of the psychometric analysis instruments. SGR recommends utilizing the DiSC PPSS Profile and the DiSC Management Profiles at the finalist stage.  Comprehensive Media Reports. There is an additional cost of $350 per candidate for whom a report is prepared. SGR recommends conducting comprehensive media searches on the finalist candidates.  Comprehensive Background Investigation Report. There is a cost of $300 per candidate for comprehensive background screening reports prepared by our licensed private investigations provider. SGR recommends conducting a comprehensive investigation on the top candidate.  Travel and related costs for the Project Manager incurred for the benefit of the client. Meals are billed back at $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $20 for dinner. Hotels are billed at a $150 per night per diem. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current IRS rate. All other travel-related expenses are billed back at actual cost, with no markup for overhead. 19
  26. 26. * Optional ServicesThe optional services listed below are not included in the maximum price above. Theseinclude:  Candidate Travel. Candidates are typically reimbursed directly by the client for travel expenses. If the client prefers a different arrangement for candidate travel, SGR will be glad to accommodate the client’s wishes.  Site Visits to Communities of Finalist Candidates. If desired, the Project Manager will travel to the communities of the finalist candidates to conduct onsite visits. Site visits will be charged at a day rate of $1,000 per day, plus travel expenses.  In the unexpected event the client shall request that unusual out of pocket expenses be incurred, said expenses will be reimbursed at the actual cost with no mark up for overhead.  If the client desires any supplemental services not mentioned in this section, an estimate of the cost and hours to be committed will be provided at that time, and no work shall be done without approval. Supplemental services will be billed out at $250 per hour.BillingProfessional fees for the search are billed in three equal installments during the courseof the search. The initial installment is billed after the Organizational Inquiry andAnalysis is completed and the position profile has been created. The second installmentis billed when semifinalists are selected. The final installment is billed at the conclusionof the search. Expense (reimbursable) items and supplemental services will be billedwith each of the three installments, as appropriate. 20
  27. 27. Provision of Service GuaranteeSGR guarantees that you will be satisfied with the results of the search process, or wewill repeat the entire process at no additional cost until you find a candidate that youdesire. Additionally, if you select a candidate who resigns or is released within 24months of their hire date, SGR will repeat the process at no cost to the client. We alsoguarantee that we will not solicit a candidate we bring to you for another job for at leastfive years. 21
  28. 28. Ronald Mack Holifield Resume – January 2012 Strategic Government Resources, P.O. Box 1642, Keller, Texas 76248 Cell: 214-676-1691, Ron@GovernmentResource.comPROFESSIONAL HISTORYStrategic Government Resources – Owner & CEOJanuary 1999 to Present  Owner and CEO of this strategic management firm, specializing in helping local governments recruit, select and develop exceptional executives and governing body members, as well as developing various innovative public-private partnerships.  Clients have included over 200 local governments, as well as NASA, TXU, Oncor Utility Solutions, Accountability International, ViON, Storage Tek, SportsCenter, Energy Technology Group, Options Real Estate, BSW Chambers of Commerce, HVJ Engineers, Pro Players Foundation, Springbrook Software and others.  SGR is now the largest in the nation with almost 200 member cities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Virginia. SGR currently trains over 1,000 local government employees each month and also provides online training in 11 states.  Interviewed and/or quoted by various news publications and media outlets on issues related to local government including: National Public Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine, American Express Small Business, Texas City Manager Magazine, Texas Town and City, Government Technology Magazine, GovWire Online Magazine, Federal Computer Week Magazine, CIO Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Business Journal, Plano Star Courier, DFW Tech Biz, Today Newspapers, Focus on the News, D Magazine, International Association of Chiefs of Police Journal, WOAI TV and KRLD and KTET Radio, as well as local news stations in numerous markets.Government Relations Specialists – Owner & CEOAugust 1996 to September 2001  Owner and CEO of this 20 year old governmental consulting firm, specializing in representing businesses doing business with government and in legislative advocacy efforts.  Doubled in size, becoming the 49th largest lobby firm in Texas, after which it was sold to an employee to allow the launch of Strategic Government Resources.  Major clients included American Express, Aramark, Automated Licensing Systems, Childrens Comprehensive Services, Executone, IBM, Quorum Health Group, Library Systems and Services, PeopleSoft, SCT, Space Imaging, TXI, Verizon, Waste Management of North America, and Xerox.
  29. 29. Ronald Mack Holifield Page 2 of 8City of DeSoto, Texas – City ManagerOctober 1994 to August 1996  City Manager of this highly diverse suburban community, located 20 minutes south of downtown Dallas.  Hired to lead a rapid cultural change at City Hall, with a specific challenge to transform the organization from one known for being highly bureaucratic, stagnant, and ineffective in economic development, into one known for being aggressively customer service driven, highly successful in the economic development arena, and operating in a very cost effective manner.  Significant accomplishments in Economic Development: - Named by Texas Business Magazine as one of the top 20 Texas cities to relocate a business. Evaluations were based upon pro-business environment, cost of doing business, infrastructure and city services, crime, and quality of life. - Named by Texas Business Magazine as one of the “Best Run Cities in Texas.” Evaluations were based upon the strength of upper management, fiscal responsibility, staff diversity, vision, and quality of services delivered. - Later, Texas Outlook Magazine named DeSoto as one of the top 25 Texas cities for economic development.  Other significant achievements: - Dramatic improvements in all financial operating systems. - Complete overhaul of the city’s personnel systems. - Implementation of the city’s first comprehensive long range capital improvements program. - Substantial increases in the city’s fund balances. - Increase in commercial building permits in excess of 1,000% over the previous year. - Attainment of the lowest crime rate of any major city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.City of Garland, Texas – City ManagerNovember 1991 to June 1994  City Manager of this rapidly growing city, which owns and operates an electric production and distribution system, a regional wastewater treatment system, a regional landfill, and a heliport, and offers a variety of social services and strong cultural arts. The ninth largest city in Texas, Garland’s population was in excess of 220,000 with over 2,300 employees, and an annual operating and capital budget in excess of $350 million.  Hired in 1991 to take this very traditional manufacturing-based community and rapidly position it as a statewide leader, transforming its one-dimensional image and reputation as a blue-collar suburb into that of a leading first tier city.
  30. 30. Ronald Mack Holifield Page 3 of 8  Specific City Council goals established and achieved during my tenure include: - Financial Management – Strengthen the financial position of the City, and overhaul the City’s financial and budgetary systems to make them more accountable and understandable; make Garland’s cost of services more competitive with area cities; minimize dependence on debt; and, operate City utilities as if they were private enterprises. - Economic Development – Reinvigorate the City’s economic development program, positioning Garland as the statewide leader in demonstrating that strong environmental policies and strong economic growth efforts are compatible; and enhance citywide housing and neighborhood standards. - Quality of Life – Provide Garland with a national profile in the Arts; dramatically improve Garland’s commitment to basic infrastructure repair and replacement; make Garland the safest city in the Metroplex; and, revitalize downtown. - Organizational Excellence – Establish an organization whose diversity reflects the community; establish routine evaluation of privatization alternatives; introduce benchmarking as the basis for effective performance measurement; dramatically improve citizen communication and trust in the integrity of local government; create an innovation-minded organization, known for a results-orientation, and capable of overcoming traditional bureaucratic mind-sets and obstacles.City of Plano, Texas – Assistant City Manager, Assistant to the City ManagerNovember 1986 to November 1991  Served in a variety of capacities in this rapidly growing, premier city, including: Assistant City Manager of Community Services, Assistant City Manager of Administration, Acting Assistant City Manager for Development, and Assistant to the City Manager.  Significant accomplishments while with Plano include: - Designed an Affirmative Action Program that doubled mid- and upper-level management representation in four years while maintaining a “best-qualified” standard. - Designed a Disadvantaged Business Purchasing Program that dramatically increased minority business contracts without quotas. - Served as Project Manager for a $19.5 million Civic Center Project, bringing it in $2 million under budget. - Assisted in negotiating details of the JC Penney headquarters relocation from New York City to Plano. - Created Plano’s first Convention/Visitor’s Bureau, becoming a highly effective city department that exceeded year six sales and bookings projections in the first year. - Initiated Plano’s first Neighborhood Integrity Program, protecting neighborhood stability. - Achieved a $750,000 sales tax windfall for the city by creatively designing construction contracts for two large economic development projects (EDS and JC Penney).
  31. 31. Ronald Mack Holifield Page 4 of 8 - Designed an Employee Wellness Program which resulted in participant health care costs equaling only one-third those of non-participants.City of Farmersville, Texas – City ManagerMay 1984 to November 1986  First City Manager of this full service city, which operates an electric distribution system and two city lakes.  Major achievements were in the areas of growth management, infrastructure improvements and municipal finance.City of Sundown, Texas – City ManagerMay 1982 to May 1984  City Manager of this full service city, which operates a natural gas distribution system and a municipal golf course.  Major achievements were in the areas of economic development, public/private partnerships, infrastructure improvements, and municipal finance.City of Lubbock, Texas – City Administrative Intern to the City ManagerJanuary 1981 to May 1982  Administrative Intern to the City Manager of this major city, which operates a municipally owned electric utility.  Primary accomplishments were in the area of performance measurement.EDUCATION  Texas Tech University – Masters of Public Administration  Abilene Christian University – Bachelor of Arts, Government Major / Student Association PresidentMAJOR MUNICIPAL MANAGEMENT AWARDS for Organizations Managed  Named “One of the Ten Best Managed Cities In Texas” by Texas Business Magazine, 1995  Named “One of the Top 20 Cities to Relocate Your Business to” by Texas Business Magazine, 1995  Named “One of the Top 25 Cities for Economic Development” by Texas Outlook Magazine, 1996
  32. 32. Ronald Mack Holifield Page 5 of 8  3CMA Economic Development Marketing Campaign Savvy Award Certificate of Excellence for International Development and Local Realtor Ads, 1994  International Association of Chiefs of Police, Excellence in Policing Award for Neighborhood Service Team, 1994  Finalist, Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award, 1994  Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission Award for Excellence, 1993  American Society of Landscape Architects, Texas Chapter, Environmental Stewardship Award for Garland’s Spring Creek Forest Preserve, 1993  Dallas Business Journal, “Metroplex Real Estate Deal of the Year (Existing Building),”1992  GFOA Award for Distinguished Budget Presentation, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996  GFOA Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996PROFESSIONAL PARTICIPATION  Author, “Fourth Dimension Leadership”, 2010  Author of a Monthly Column in Texas City Manager Magazine on “Innovations that Make a Difference”, 1999-2003  Member, International City/County Management Association (ICMA), 1982-present  Member, Texas City Management Association (TCMA), 1982-present  ICMA Task Force on Employment Agreements, 2001-2003  ICMA Management Innovations Panel, 1999-2000  ICMA Conference Evaluation Committee, 1999  ICMA/Innovation Groups National Management Practices Panel, 1995-1996  Author, “The Public Executive’s Complete Guide to Employment Agreements”, book published by ICMA and the Innovation Groups, 1996  Texas Innovation Groups Executive Committee, 1992-1996  Author, “Crossing Department Lines – Garland’s Neighborhood Service Team”, article published in the International Association of Chiefs of Police National Journal, 1994  Author, “Redefining Thinking, Structures and the Rules of the Game in Government”, article published in Texas Town and City Magazine, 1993  Contributor, State Comptroller Bob Bullock’s handbook for municipalities: “Standard Financial Management System for Texas Cities”,  Texas Municipal League Advisory Committee on Legislative Affairs – Personnel Issues,  TCMA Ethics and Professional Standards Committee,  TCMA Annual Conference Committee,
  33. 33. Ronald Mack Holifield Page 6 of 8SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS  National Parks and Recreation Association Annual Conference, 4th Dimension Leadership, 2011  Texas Municipal Human Resources Association Annual Nuts and Bolts Conference – Effective Hiring Practices, 2011  WMI Annual Employee Conference – Thriving in the New Normal, 2011  Northwest States City Management Association Annual Conference – The Changing World of Ethics, 2011  Ohio City Manager’s Association, Annual Conference – 4th Dimension Leadership, 2011  Oklahoma City Manager’s Association Annual Conference – The Changing World of Ethics, 2011  Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas – Strategic Budgeting, 2011  Law Enforcement Command College – Strategic Budgeting, 2011  Texas City Management Association Annual Conference – Creating an Effective Employee Development Program, 2010  Public Risk Management Association Annual Conference – Employee Health Clinics, 2010  Texas Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference – 4th Dimension Leadership, 2010  North Texas Purchasing Association Annual Conference – Effective Collaboration, 2010  Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas – Strategic Budgeting, 2010  Law Enforcement Command College – Strategic Budgeting, 2010  West Texas City Management Association Annual Training Conference – Effective Collaboration Across Organizational Lines, 2009  Texas Municipal League Regional Meeting – Keys to Successful Collaboration, 2009  Texas Municipal Human Resources Association Annual Nuts and Bolts Conference – Effective Hiring Practices, 2009  Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas – Strategic Budgeting, 2009  Law Enforcement Command College – Strategic Budgeting, 2009  East Texas City Management Association Annual Training Conference – Effective Collaboration Across Organizational Lines, 2008  East Texas City Management Association Annual Training Conference – Understanding and Managing Generational Differences, 2007  International City/County Management Association Annual Conference – The Role of Faith Based Organizations in Disaster Planning, 2006  Certified Public Manager Program – Achieving Exceptional Customer Service, 1995-2005  North Texas Municipal Association Management Institute – Tools for Effective Leadership, 2006  City of Carrollton, Texas, Leadership Academy – Principles of Public Service, 2006  City of Arlington, Texas, Leadership Academy – Developing Your People, 2005  Keynote Speaker, Urban Management Assistants of North Texas Annual One Day Conference – Innovative Revenue Sources for Cities, 2005
  34. 34. Ronald Mack Holifield Page 7 of 8  Leadership Southwest - How to Successfully Run for Office, 2004, 2006, 2008  International City/County Management Association Annual Conference – Contract Negotiations, 2003  Keynote Speaker (along with the Deputy Secretary of Defense), Government Electronics and Information Technology Association Information Technology and Defense Electronics Forecast Annual Conference – Homeland Security at the State and Local Level, 2002  Transforming Local Government Conference – Doing Business with Local Government, 2001  National Association of Counties Annual Conference – Doing Business with County Government, 1999  World Services Congress – Building Public Private Partnerships, 1999  Central Texas City Management Association – Contract Negotiations, 1999  Carolinas-Virginia Hospital Trustee/Physician Conference – Effective Government Relations, 1999  Quorum Ohio CEO Conference – Effective Government Relations, 1999  Chairman of the Board In-Service Training, Quorum – Effective Government Relations, 1999  Quorum Foundations for the Future – Effective Grass Roots Advocacy, 1999  Quorum Chairman of the Board Training – Advocacy Leadership, 1998  Iowa Municipal Management Institute – Entrepreneurial Government, 1997  Quorum Foundations for the Future – Effective Legislative Advocacy, 1997  Quorum Board of Trustees Training – Legislative Leadership, 1997  Urban Management Assistants of North Texas, Conference of Minority Public Administrators, and National Forum for Black Public Administrators Joint Workshop – Organizational Transformation, 1996  Innovation Groups Regional Conference – Contract Negotiations, 1996  Texas City Management Association Annual Conference – Employment Agreements, 1996  Florida City/County Management Association Annual Conference – Employment Agreements, 1996  North Carolina City/County Management Association Annual Conference – Employment Agreements, 1996  Quorum Foundations for the Future – Effective Grass Roots Lobbying, 1996  International City/County Management Association Conference – Employment Agreements, 1996  Texas City Management Association Conference – Serving Changing Councils, 1995  Kansas Innovation Groups Regional Workshop – Beyond Community Policing, City- County Communications & Marketing Association National Conference – Marketing Your City, 1995  National League of Cities Innovations in Government National Conference – Cluster Management and Neighborhood Service Team Concepts, 1994  Innovation Groups Regional Workshop – Making Your City More Productive, 1993
  35. 35. Ronald Mack Holifield Page 8 of 8  Texas Foundation for the Improvement of Local Government Institute – Entrepreneurial Government, 1993  Session Facilitator, ICMA Annual Conference, on "Evaluating the Performance of the City Manager", 1998OTHER HONORS AND ACTIVITIES  American MENSA member  Distinguished Alumni, Abilene Christian University, 1999  Abilene Christian University Public Administration Visiting Committee, 1992-1998  Texas Tech University, Center for Public Service, Alumni of the Year
  36. 36. ALAN M. TAYLOR 216 Apache Mountain Lane Georgetown, Texas 78633 512-943-9607 (home) (806) 678-3758 (cell) BACKGROUND INFORMATIONI am a recently retired City Manager / Professional Public Executive with approximately 34 yearsof proven and highly responsible Texas local government and municipal operations experience.With my extensive local government service experience and associated education andprofessional training, I specialize in executive and staff recruitment services, administrativeleadership mentoring and problem solving, employee training, organizational planning anddevelopment and other direct professional consulting services for Texas municipal and otherlocal government organizations.PROFESSIONAL HISTORYJuly 2010 – PresentSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, EXECUTIVE SEARCH SPECIALIZING IN CITY MANAGEMENTSGR conducts more Texas city manager searches than any other firm, and is the largest localgovernment training firm in the nation, training over 1,000 city employees per month forapproximately 200 local government clients. SGR Online Learning has municipal clients in 11states. I am the Senior Vice President who specializes in conducting city manager executivesearches for SGR.June 2004 to June 2010CITY MANAGER - City of Amarillo, Texas (Population of 194,000 people and having a 102.39square mile corporate area located in Potter and Randall Counties)I had the privilege to serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) responsible for theadministration and daily operation of the City of Amarillo, a home rule municipality operatedunder the Council / Manager form of government. As City Manager, I administered annualorganizational budgets of up to $ 336 million dollars, through eight operating Divisions andforty-seven Departments having a total workforce of approximately 2200 employees.My past duties as City Manager may be summarized by the following primary areas of municipaladministration:Administrative Management – Directed the daily administration and management of theAmarillo municipal organization under the policy direction of the Amarillo City Commission. Fullresponsibility for administrative oversight of all operations, services and programs of the Citythrough the administration and enforcement of City Ordinances, Resolutions, codes, policies andprocedures; Directed organizational short and long range policy formulation, financial andcapital improvement planning, implementation and project management; purchasing andprocurement of equipment, goods and services; Human Resources operations and staff Alan M. Taylor--Resume
  37. 37. development and retention; Ensured the continual provision of effective, courteous and pro-active customer service assistance and public complaint resolution; Acted as the primary liaisonbetween the City Commission and all City Boards and Commissions; and guided the dailypersonnel leadership and associated supervision of Division Directors, Department Heads andCity employees;Financial Administration – Directed the preparation, review and oversight of short term, annualand long range budgets, capital improvements, investments, pension activities and otherfinancial operational needs through coordination and oversight of Divisions and Departments;Provided and ensured the daily interactive management and oversight of all financial,accounting, purchasing, human resources and management information systems service andprogram functions of the City;Public / Intergovernmental Relations - Ensured the general public, business community andother governmental entities were properly and effectively informed of matters related to theaffairs, operations, services and programs of the City; Directed and maintained helpful, openand prompt communications with the public and the local news media thereby enhancingeffective public relations and a positive, customer service oriented image of municipalgovernment; Served as the primary City liaison to other governmental entities; andEconomic Development / Tourism – Served as Co-Director of a City and Amarillo EconomicDevelopment Corporation ( AEDC ) team which promoted the development, expansion andretention of local business and industry. This role included an active involvement in thesolicitation, recruitment and deal negotiation for all Amarillo economic development prospectsand projects. Also was responsible for the administrative oversight of the operations andactivities of the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council (CVC), which was operated underannual contract funding from the City.October 1987 to June 2004ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER – City of Amarillo, TexasI served as the sole Assistant City Manager for the City of Amarillo municipal organization. Inthis position, I was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the City under the direction of the CityManager and the Amarillo City Commission. During my long tenure in this position, I wasauthorized by the City Commission with complete and absolute authority to execute all legal,contractual, financial and other requirements associated with the ongoing operations of theCity. I automatically assumed the full responsibilities of the City Manager during all absencesfrom work and the community by the incumbent.November 1983 to September 1987ADMINISTRATOR / BUILDING OFFICIAL, Code Enforcement Department, City of Amarillo,Texas;I was the Manager of a line operations Department with average annual operating budget ofover $ 2.5 million dollars. The Department was separated into two operating divisions: BuildingServices and Neighborhood Services.The Building Services Division consisted of code review and analysis, licensing, permitting and Alan M. Taylor--Resume
  38. 38. field inspection of all building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical and all other constructionand public works related activities within the City. During my administrative tenure, over $ 520million dollars in construction activity was regulated, including the issuance of 38,000 permitsand the performance of approximately 165,000 field inspections.The Neighborhood Services Division consisted of offense, nuisance, zoning, housing, sign andalcoholic beverage enforcement and associated licensing and permitting. The division alsoperformed substandard structure abatement, weed control, junk and debris removal and junkedvehicle abatement programs. During my administrative tenure, this division processed 20,200occupational licenses and permits and performed over 68,300 field inspections.I was responsible for all Department activities through a staff of 28 full-time employees and 15private contractors associated with weed control, junk and debris removal and junked vehicleprograms. I also served as an Ex-Officio member and Administrator of the Amarillo ZoningBoard of Adjustment, Building Board of Appeals, Fire Code Board of Appeals, Board of ElectricalExaminers, Plumbing Advisory and Appeals Board, Heating and Air Conditioning Advisory andAppeals Board and the Mayors Advisory Commission for the Disabled.December 1977 to October 1983CITY PLANNER II, Planning Department, City of Amarillo, Texas;I was the Deputy Department Head and daily operations administrator of the PlanningDepartment, which was responsible for all zoning; subdivision development review and platting;annexations; urban planning and design; land and specialized neighborhood planning; propertydedications and vacations; City property sales and purchases; License and Hold HarmlessAgreements; Federal Flood Hazard Regulation; Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Regulation; andComprehensive Planning for the Amarillo corporate and M.S.A. area.The Department also functioned as the primary research and analysis staff for the AmarilloMayor and City Commission, City Manager and other City Departments. Research and analysiswhich I directed and also performed included capital improvements programming; departmentaloperations analysis; statistical research analysis; and miscellaneous projects including campusplanning for local college and schools; fire station and library location studies; economic andindustrial development forecasting; enterprise fund rate studies; Federal Revenue Sharing andBlock Grant fund budgeting and programming and municipal computer systems and services.In this position, I was responsible for all daily operations for this Department having 12 full-time employees. I also served as an Ex-Officio member and the Administrator of the AmarilloPlanning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Appraisal Review.January 1977 to November 1977ADMINISTRATIVE INTERN, Fayette County (LaGrange) Texas, Pilot County Administration,Planning and Resource ProgramGraduate School Internship in which I served as the Director of a pilot program sponsored andfunded by the Texas Department of Community Affairs, the Capital Area Planning Council ofGovernments (CAPCOG) and Texas A & M University to determine and evaluate effective futurepolicies and procedures for the possible creation of administrative management, planning and Alan M. Taylor--Resume
  39. 39. resource development programs for Texas counties. This specialized program effort wasdirectly commissioned by the Texas Legislature related to its consideration and evaluation oflegislative bills then filed for the adoption and enactment of county ordinance-making powers.The administration of this program required the development of extensive inter-governmentalcooperation and strong working relationships with State officers and local officials in eachFayette county municipality, including the creation of an active citizen participation program toadvise the Fayette County Judge and Commissioners Court.September 1976 to December 1976PROJECT DIRECTOR, Capital Area Planning Council of Governments (CAPCO), Austin, Texas,North Sector StudyProject Director / Manager of a 5-member Texas A & M University graduate student consultantteam on the CAPCO Phase II, III and IV North Sector Study, which was a comprehensiveplanning and future economic development and management plan for Northern Travis andSouthern Williamson Counties, Texas. The Cities of Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, CedarPark, Leander and Liberty Hill did adopt this plan study in 1977 and the associated urbanplanning and economic development goals and growth policy directives. This project requiredextensive interaction with each of the City Councils and Planning and Zoning Commissions inthe two county study areas.June 1976 to September 1976PROJECT DIRECTOR, City of College Station, Texas Comprehensive Plan UpdateProject Director / Manager of a 10-member Texas A & M University graduate student consultantteam commissioned to perform an update of the then existing College Station ComprehensivePlan. This Comprehensive Plan Update was subsequently adopted by the College StationPlanning and Zoning Commission and City Council and implemented for its future Citydevelopment policies and procedures.EDUCATION, CERTIFICATIONS AND HONORSMaster of Urban Planning Degree, Texas A & M University, 1977Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree, Texas A & M University, 1976Tau Sigma Delta, National Honor Society Inductee, Texas A & M University, 1975Graduate, Conroe High School, Conroe, Texas, 1972All-State, All-Region Honors Awards Recipient, Conroe High School, Conroe, Texas, 1971, 1972ICMA Credentialed Manager, International City-County Management Association, 2003 through2010 Alan M. Taylor--Resume
  40. 40. Graduate Certificate, Public Executive Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Lyndon B.Johnson School of Public Affairs, 1991Recipient of 2010 Gold ADDY Award for Public Communications Excellence, from the AmericanAdvertising Federation, Amarillo, Texas ChapterPROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIESTexas City Management Association, Life MemberBoard of Directors, Texas City Management Association 1991-1993Budget Committee Member, Texas City Management Association 1992-1993Annual Conference Committee, Vice Chairman, Texas City Management Association 1992-1993Ethics Committee Member, Texas City Management Association 1988-1990, 1994-1997Public Policy Committee Member, Texas City Management Association 1990-1991Membership/Public Relations Committee Member, Texas City Management Association 1999-2000Mentoring and In-Transition Committee Member, Texas City Management Association 2003-2006Texas Panhandle City Managers Association, Life MemberPresident, Texas Panhandle City Managers Association 1990-1991Vice President, Texas Panhandle City Managers Association 1989-1990International City / County Management Association, Full Retired MemberInternational Committee Member, International City / County Management Association 1992-1993United Way of Amarillo, Former Four (4) Term Member of the Board of DirectorsAmarillo Intergovernmental Relations and Legislative Committee, Former MemberAmarillo Downtown Development Committee, Former MemberAmarillo Population Technical Committee, Former Chairman and MemberAmarillo Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Former Chairman and MemberAmarillo Area Joint Terrorism Response Group, Former Chairman Alan M. Taylor--Resume
  41. 41. Client List (includes full and component based search assistance)  Amarillo, TX City Manager Assistant City Manager* Aviation Director* Building Official* City Attorney* City Engineer* Civic Center Manager* Clinic Administrator* Community Services Director* Emergency Communications Center Director* Emergency Management Director* Facilities Manager* Finance Director* Fire Chief* Golf Professional* Human Resources Director* Information Technology Director* Library Director* Medical Doctor* Municipal Court Judge* Planning Director* Parks and Recreation Director Police Chief* Public Works Director* Public Health Director* Purchasing Director* Risk Manager* Transit Manager* Utilities Director* Utilities Assistant Director*  Austin, TX Public Works Director*  Argyle, TX City Manager  Arlington, TX Public Works Assistant Director Water Assistant Director*
  42. 42. SGR Client List, Page 2 of 6 Atlanta, TX City Manager Breckenridge, TX City Manager Burkburnett, TX City Manager Cedar Hill, TX New Urbanist Cedar Park, TX Assistant City Manager Emergency Medical Coordinator Cleveland, TX City Manager College Station, TX City Manager Colleyville, TX City Manager Police Chief Colo. River Muni Water Dist Assistant General Manager Director of Planning and Engineering Commerce, TX City Manager Copper Canyon, TX City Manager Corpus Christi, TX Director of Finance Denison, TX City Manager Police Chief Director of Finance Denton, TX City Manager Information Services Director* DeSoto, TX City Manager * Assistant City Manager * Economic Development Council CEO * Director of Finance * Director of Administrative Services * Fire Chief * Duncanville, TX City Manager Elk City, OK City Manager
  43. 43. SGR Client List, Page 3 of 6 El Paso, TX Deputy City Manager for Mobility Services* Planning and Economic Development Director* Farmersville, TX City Manager Police Chief* Forney, TX Assistant City Manager Development Services Director Director of Community Development Freeport, TX Fire Chief Police Chief Gainesville, TX City Manager Garland, TX Deputy City Manager * Assistant City Manager * Budget Director* City Secretary* Code Enforcement Director* Finance Director* Fire Chief * Human Resources Director* Operations Analysis Manager* Police Chief * Special Events Director * Gonzales, TX City Manager Grand Prairie, TX Chief of Police Grapevine, TX Director of Finance Greenville, TX City Manager Fire Chief Police Chief Hewitt, TX City Manager HJV Associates Business Developer Hot Springs, AR City Manager
  44. 44. SGR Client List, Page 4 of 6 Hudson Oaks, TX City Administrator Keller, TX City Manager Kilgore, TX City Manager Kyle, TX City Manager Chief of Police Lancaster, TX City Manager Acting City Manager Assistant City Manager Building Official Economic Development Director Finance Director Recreation Superintendent League City, TX Fire Chief Longview, TX City Engineer Fire Chief Lorena, TX City Manager Lufkin, TX CVB Executive Director Fire Chief Library Director Memphis, TN Economic Development Director* Midland, TX Assistant City Manager Fire Chief Midlothian, TX Economic Development Executive Director Mustang, OK City Manager North Port, FL Economic Development Manager* N. Texas Tollway Authority Executive Director* Palestine, TX Fire Chief Interim Finance Director Paris, TX City Manager
  45. 45. SGR Client List, Page 5 of 6 Pflugerville, TX Economic Development Director Pearland, TX Fire Chief EMS Director Plano, TX CVB Director* Economic Development Director* Facilities Manager* Finance Director* Fleet Equipment Services Manager Human Resources Director * Purchasing Director * Personnel Manager * Prosper, TX City Manager Acting City Manager Red Oak, TX Economic Development Director Police Chief Richland, WA Police Chief Richland Hills, TX Fire Chief Richardson, TX Assistant City Manager* Rowlett, TX City Manager Public Works Director Economic Development Director Royse City, TX City Manager Sachse, TX City Manager Seabrook, TX Community Development Director Seagoville, TX City Secretary Human Resources Director Police Chief Southlake, TX Police Chief Sundown, TX City Manager *