Holocaust Discovered


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Holocaust Discovered

  1. 1. HolocaustDiscovered
  2. 2. Holocaust Discovered• As the Allies advanced on Germany, the full scope of Nazi atrocities became known• Millions of people had been murdered, and the liberating Allied armies found piles of corpses and thousands of staving survivors across Europe
  3. 3. • The anti-Semitic and racist views of Hitler and the Nazi government were well known in the 1930s• Once Hitler assumed dictatorial powers he began to implement his racist policies, with a focus on Jews
  4. 4. Nazi Anti-Jewish Policies• Removal of civil and human rights (beginning 1933)• Organized mob violence (Kristallnacht)• Ghettoization (beginning 1940)• Einsatzgruppen killing squads (established June 1941)
  5. 5. • As many as two million Jews were killed in their own towns and villages• Some were confined in ghettoes where death by slow starvation was a deliberate Nazi policy• Others were taken and shot at mass-murder sites near where they lived
  6. 6. • By 1941, the “Final Solution” became official Nazi policy — the systematic plan to exterminate all people considered undesirable• Four million Jews, and hundreds of thousands of non-Jews, were forcibly sent to concentration camps, where they were murdered by being worked to death, starved, beaten, shot, or gassed
  7. 7. • In concentration camps, prisoners were worked to death as slaves in German wartime industries• Death camps were built with the sole purpose of killing as many people as possible• Camps were built across the Reich, including Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald in Germany and Auschwitz and Treblinka in Poland