Exchange summer 2012 reading spreads flat


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Exchange summer 2012 reading spreads flat

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Bob decision to Hou R- how to bala ding plan GOOD MORN s, , 1. three item leave that Kleckley i- state spen starts July to use r vetoes Chuck Pres that ä Governo another. 4A Speaker rles, and Senate ego. cal year e was whether LOUISIANA ns- See Page 2 HOLLON veto Cha R-W estw At issu to pay expe r ELLE MILL urged to Lake Alario, e to dollars afte AN BLUM BY JORD Washington bure Mar y au BY MICH au dent John those that cam that one-time t be met year short e mus . news bure Republicans plugging “I respect ne, even thos es that revenue keep Advocate TON – Sen othe r Capitol Louisian a House ioned them recent who fash ks during the they away. selves as We g to keep of new, state Rep disagree opho those We’re goin have a lot . John the micr d with us, even the year amount need ent level, . With state rently from ” of the at their curr blood,” vington, said on that voted diffe have wanted, ed to erty WAS HING D-L a., and u, Lan drie ts who pushed Democra more easily kplace for leg- litigate A Satellite Campus of fiscal haw Tuesday that their fresh services ted to sell prop funds Tulane University School of Medicine would . to said ged by Schroder , R-Co way we wan Jindal er dollars from islation l pay in the wor Sen- session mon- session the governor said ides over rn- by discoura gath state gove for equa ated Tuesday PEOPLE are not purge one-time Tuesday. Legislative , who presh the bulk and tered across . e defe failure to budget. ub- The 2012 day night. Kleckley in whic , re- scat gaps wer ublicans . check the state ing ber fill in the ate Rep ected, the Pay seek- ey from three dozen Rep d Mon ute is rais h the cham ance occurred go- ment to 4A de- ende budget disp clas defi not KS, page As exp slation Roughly up the budget ired The ther the rnor of the speculate. “I’m at this äSee HAW Act legi Labor s on whe gove d to that Fairness nd the Fair 8 fell licans held days and insp k question Republican gutting fuse comment on two Haw ame ing to ds Act of 193 ort- bate for titled “Fiscal with the political to n ing said. ed 60 supp . waning will result in a vice chairme Stan dar ets a poem , in the time,” he of the need y-line vote ever lost mittee short Ride.” How session, they 52-47 part R-La., like hospital gist of com sed him. the et. ers in a er, days of le over the budg here. who oppo Sen. David Vitt ublicans, vot- their batt not going anyw te Rep . “We’re other Sena the measure ed agai nst ued the can s arg sary Rep ubli was unneces ons 1 BR ion ecti legislat ropriate prot the since app place and s on are in already ed extra burden onal l bill add es. arding business is about rew g law- A on nati “This bill for filinLeader yers trial law te Minority said. y, suits,” Senaonnell, R-K ner, lem. BR desig case Mitch McC a jobless prob . We “We have debt problem got ow others sh s in BR ea . We We hav problem deficit s. Not enough have a collection problem .” a lot of is not one of them d laws uits concerne 1D if he was with ä PAGE Asked nating women ell onn about alie uster, McC ed the filib a GOP measure open SPORTS uits agai nst grades said the la more laws LSU’s No rlins; Hospital door to rs. loye ed in favo r goes to Ma fted emp ts argu s for A Democra more remedie in a GE AREA Medical Center ting of crea ce discriminat ion Goody dras BATON ROUge General Bat on Rou Center— B workpla where women receive ar com - by Yankee r Medical C nation doll ts on the for the same Ochsne 77 cen Baton Rouge ical Center C pared with men Long Med u Center Landrie Earl K. ional Medical ional work. 1C ä PAGE in the day, floo r to Earlier Lane Reg o the Lake Reg C the Sen ate legisla- Our Lady f C took to favor of the pay in- NATION Center speak in le also noting rnor Medical th Hospital C Wis. gove all tion, whiin Louisiana. “eco- St. ElizabeHospital equities ed the bill an e. rec survives Woman’s She call lopment issu based nomic deve rimination prob- challenge Second Quarter, 2012 AREA tem disc “Wage is particularly LAFAYETTE l Health Sys A er rding iona on gend my state, acco Com- The Reg a ional lematic in nomic . ä PAGE 2A of Acadian f Lourdes Reg B Joint Eco drieu said yo to the Lan Our Lad Center ter C graphic report,” isia na don ’t Advocate mittee ical Cen C in Lou earn 69 BUSINES S Medical General Med “Wo men cents. They mestic paid to gets B yette Center C earn 77 every dollar Gross do in La. Lafa Medical ntly less chsner cents for h is significa University Hospital ” average. sla- safety; O , whic up product ve men national Dauteri than the u said the legi al tops in rican care, he Landrie t helping Ame re to get p frog Grou uge Gener 6B The Leap ng whe tion is abou ä PAGE Source: r cidi now at Baton Rouge General and General Health System Employee Newsletter the othe whose . families are women . Group, orate sses said Leapfrog Baton Ro . “But then various “There ranks of corp “The ton said nt that encompa hos- The includes public . w star com- est pone in the bership and the high ,” Landrieu said l hospitals g the com look at Reality sho charges of care the hos- mem corporations Some loca receivin majority e health ben- America is, when you ately, es the is what systems e sure larg cies that buy ying g of not grad loyer-bu problem e gap, unfortun faces dru plained knowing how t they pital to mak and agen women GS or in place e uses empthe health in- the wag ts. And, with being BY TED GRIG ess writer Medi- report ed and wha pital has safe plac done efits, d Press “Bil- e calculat ital is a is power to push big leaps in it still exis y instance rs in s Associate Advocate busin eral the hosp that no harm e By The — William ge Gen area wer some- re being in dustry to mak th-care safety, man now in or bre adw inne is a BOSS IER CITY star of the Baton Rouwas the lone pi- mean. ng that hor- to ensu virtue of you not sayi a C is a heal e, ly therton, ly ter Hos “We’re to you by improvi ng custome r valu the maj ilies, this real ly” Bre ity TV show “Bil cal Cen to get an A in pfrog got a B or ” said ital.” ent goes quality and site. their fam e. A&E real ,” was ar- hospital e, a Lea hos- body who ital. We’re not, t and the hosp ple, a pati re- rding to its web le to issu e families rminator on ty Scor ing of rible hosp wlton, presiden the For exam ital for a hip get peop said. family ing som d on the Exte drug possessi tal Safe reated rank of a hosp does acco idea is to wlton “It’s paythan others base an rested onin Bossier City . Group-c onwide. David Kno e officer l- into surgeon The tions, Kno on pre- chief executiv lthcare Qua nt, the and the op- ask quesers may com pletely much less e is a wom charges an Mar k pitals nati es are based placeme job wlton that ther r instead of spokesm day that a itions, New Jersey Hea chairman of a wonderful but still the fact The grad cond ess, Kno ital, Consum r doctors, n dwinne City said Tues rant was e hospital medication ity Institute and up’s Patient eration is a succin the hosp t thei r physicia g as the brea said. Natale ventabl s, Gro e c- trus tell thei ,” she war infection injuries such The Leapfrog ee. “We’re say- said. But whil s up an infe t- be able to omfortable bein the man L PAY, page 4A issued last such as pick acquired other sources Safety Committ ybody to get the patient ds months figh they’re unc äSee EQUA week for errors, ever hospital. ton ores, and g falls, that ing we want and spen dies from sent to a C Brether as beds includin rding tion worse, TY, page 5A wife, , of harm n be fatal, acco two ele- it off or, s. äSee SAFE and his A’s.” there are The first ing complication consider the k hotel r “Really care. Mary, afte v- can ofte rt. sician the should in de- ter-Ba- to your Patients ent of care items reco to the repo Medical Cen while ments is finding a phyto pro- Landmar t leveled g nd elem ered froml Ochsner received a B, rea element ’s goin wl- seco ge team that …,” Kno their hote d ton Rou r Baton Rouge-a rd- and a mal care acco vide opti Bretherton room teste i- the othe received C’s, Bellemon hetic mar hospitals report. for synt ing to the positive juana. to endered They surrFriday, posted es e tt Rd. authoriti each and wer Presco Na- $6,000 bond that day, DESCANT Air later BY SKIP business writer released chande- lin . ws Advocate tinkling black- eH tale said ity show follo A massive s above the wy The real a pest-control a, hang lobby . lier still ble-tiled Great . ton, rne Ave d. Brether t in north Louisian ite, mar and-wh emont Hotel’s Winbou ialis calls to sR spec onds to ous of the Bellleast, for now . ng as he resptrap or kill vari ige t pri , Hall — at rest of this vest y Bellemon ll S wrangle s, among - Like the hway’s glor Hotel we and pest cock ine Hig en critters , snakes and will be bees from Airl chandelier Gre N them days, the n. a re- ctaw Dr. roaches. not reply to dow coming are pounding through Cho Advocate map A&E did t. alon g commen Crews vering bricks the , the quest for walls, reco ng and After that sed per wiri ding k crews. hou with cop age able buil have and wor site that once rooms, l salv othe r ls that vandals they 18-acre 250 hote spac- materia carted off, as . more thanpools, parking oot INDEX 8B not already hotel complex in swimmin 50,000-square-f er g 6B Opin le ion the done and the convention cent 1D demolish should be ick es Hall Business 1E Peop 4D The job weeks, said Patr ne, Great page 5A Classified 5D Puzzles 1C RD about five ou Cor EMONT, LES BREA of Bay äSee BELL Comics ts 7A Spor ision 3D ided by CHAR g Jean sonne, ing the job with Deaths 3D Telev her 10B Photo prov d, is bein complet Hayden Movies ngs Roa on center, who’s her Charlie 7E Weat ell Spri his brot Notices r Greenw conventi l City Press way nea foot Great Hall ne High ©2012 Capita 6 at Airli g 50,000-square- 87th year, No. 342 t in 194 Hotel, buil accompanyin t in 1984. emont The . It was buil The Bell ed for salvage. same fate demolish t, faces the righ bottom Employees Getting Fit See BRGFit! One Vision Cancer Awareness 2 6 Page 4 In the Spotlight 8 Nurse Excellence Awards 9 Tulane Graduates 9 Summer Safety 14 Exchange, Second Quarter 2012 • ##