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Cascades Slides


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Slides used during my Social Media and Church workshop at the November 2012, meeting of Cascades Presbytery, Portland.

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Cascades Slides

  1. 1. Making ConnectionsSocial Media and Your Ministry Cascades Presbytery | November, 2012 Bruce Reyes-Chow | @breyeschow
  2. 2. Symbol of Unknown Origin #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  3. 3. Why Bother? Genesis 17-18 - Will a son be born to a man 100 years old and a woman the age of 90? Abraham gave the best of what he had . . . Sarah laughed . . . God is NOT done with us and is continually asking us to birth new, irrational and unexpected things. What are we being asked to birth, Gladys Burrill, 92 to give and to know?2011 Honolulu Marathon Photo: AP #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  4. 4. Road Map of the DayIntrosCulture ShiftsAssumptionsDangersPossibilitiesSmarty Pants TermsPlatformsUsageQuestions Photo by allisonhare #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  5. 5. Social Media Revolution SMR ON YOUTUBE #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  6. 6. Who are you?morning people or night owlsages: under 90, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20best decade: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’schildhood faith tradition: presbyterian, methodist, baptist,COGIC, catholic, non-denominational, none, other . . .main role: teaching elder, ruling elder, deacon, youth worker,choir, mission, administration, education, worship, buildingdistance to church/ministry: 10 min, 30 min, hour, 2+ hourschurch/ministry longevity?: till the end, >10 years, >5 yearstechnology: email, texting, facebook, twitter, blogging, googledocs, skype, dropbox, pinterest, instagram, spotify,foursquare, doodle, yelp #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  7. 7. about.bruce 69X:85y urban:sf techie:sm creative:bobo pastor:planter blog:consult #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  8. 8. 21C Culture ShiftsAuthority and “t”ruth: from a single source of authority to an open source of discernment. eg . . . how we explore and discern Scripture, politics, culture, worship, decision making, etc. changes. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social media opens up decision making and equalizes authority Photo by carbonnyc #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  9. 9. 21C Culture ShiftsMobility and Commitment from a life-long commitment to “place” to an expectation of transience and change. eg . . . we change how we perceive a person’s commitment in terms of longevity. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media systematizes the speed and rhythms of life Photo by carbonnyc #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  10. 10. 21C Culture ShiftsSpirituality and Public Engagement from a silent understanding of separating church and state to an increased move to a public expression of faith and politics. eg . . . we acknowledge political realities while encouraging personal discernment. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media allows for deeper and wider interaction in the world Photo by wy_jackrabbit #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  11. 11. 21C Culture ShiftsStructure and Adaptability: from a mindset of methodology and “steps” to a of spirit of approach and adaptability. eg . . . Changes how we structure our communal lives: congregation and councils. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media supports and encourages structural flexibility Photo by 31878512@N06 #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  12. 12. 21C Culture ShiftsInfluence and Social Capital: from a monolithic presence and mindset to a niche reality and opportunity for growth. eg . . . denominational evangelism strategies will change. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media creates broad niche spaces of community. Photo by glamhag #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  13. 13. 21C Culture ShiftsTechnology and Community: from geographic clustering and isolation to broad global community. eg . . . our understanding and experience of community, privacy and social interaction is broadened. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media crosses geographic and communal boundaries. Photo by splityarn #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  14. 14. SM AssumptionsSocial Media is only another medium ofcommunication and expression;Social Media is generational air andgives insight into a particular worldview;Social Media is highly contextually andit will be embraced at various degrees;Social Media demands a high sense ofself-worth as it has a flattening effect oncommunity and the role of leadership;!!Social Media will not save the church!! #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  15. 15. SM DangersSM as idol, savior or quick fixSM as distractionSM as careless expressionSM as overestimated ROISM as over-and-above F2FSM as an entry to bullyingand unwanted contact Photo by amagill #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  16. 16. Social Media Community SM can build up and strengthen the Body of Christ SM allows the church to model a different way of living SM compels the church to see the world beyond it’s bubble SM liberates faithful expression of creativity and creation SM provides communal accountability Photo by Kalexanderson #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  17. 17. Smarty Pants Termssmart phones, tablets and androidsTraditional Media v. Social MediaWeb 1.0 v. Web 2.0Social NetworkingOpen Source SoftwareCloud TechnologyweB+logs = Blogs, vLogsfeeds, aggregators and readerstagging and #hashtagsChecking InQRCode #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  18. 18. Effective SM Usage be you: appropriate, honest, consistent just as you would IRL; be interactive: engage, comment, respond, inquire, link and like; be mindful: Most people lurk and observe without every interacting. be humble: don’t overestimate your influence and avoid delusions of grandeur. be bold: don’t underestimate your influence to begin and sustain PHOTO BY JACKHEART meaningful movements. #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  19. 19. Facebook in Real Life HTTP://YOUTU.BE/MRSRLZIYH20 #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  20. 20. SM PlatformsGoogle: +, huddle, hangout, drive, voice, mail, docs, calendarsBlogging: typepad, wordpress, blogger, tumblr, posterousNetworks: twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, nextdoorMedia:, goodreads, pandora, spotify, iheartradioPhoto: instagram, flickr, smugmug, picasaVideo: vimeo, youtube, huddleConvos: skype, hangout,, oovoo, gotomeetingProductivity: dropbox, slideshare, doodle, wufooReviews: yelp, amazon, miso, getglue,eNewsletters: madmimi, mailchimp, constant contactLocation: foursquare, yelp, places, banjo #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  21. 21. Church Use Examples Pastoral Care/Facebook: Use lists to keep up with the daily lives of members. Evangelism/Yelp: Be where people find for other important living resources. Worship/Pinterest: Collect ideas for worship, chancel arts and other ideas. Admin/Doodle: Group choices that are clear, trackable and communal. Communication/ Group texting and conference calling. Community/Nextdoor: Connecting your neighborhood. #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  22. 22. Questions . . . Personal privacy . . . Pastoral identity . . . Pastoral transitions . . . Technology and worship . . . Time management . . . Generational use . . . Presbyterian Church (USA) . . . Other . . . Photo by milos milosevic #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  23. 23. From the stacks Photo by philgyfordHow to find Presbyterians on TwitterLetter to Pastors about the Dangers of Using Social MediaThree Reasons You Should Try InstagramReview of Social Media Site nextdoor.comThe Courage to Blog About Personal Struggles #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW
  24. 24. Questions and Comments Questions, Comments, Reflections Connect with Bruce THE DEFINITIVE-ISH GUIDE FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE CHURCH Shook Foil Books, 2012 THANKS FOR COMING! #PCUSA | @BREYESCHOW