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Connecting Medical Specialist With IFAs


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Connecting Medical Specialist With IFAs

  1. 1. IntroductionIn all fields of endeavour these days, not least the Medical Professions, itis becoming more and more necessary to plan for financial security in thefuture, both personally and for the practice..Despite reform of the NHS pension scheme in 2008 which made the scheme sustainable for thefuture, the government has begun to implement further major changes, including increasedcontributions, a rise in the normal pension age and an end to the final salary scheme.There are many areas that a Regulated Financial Adviser is able to bring experience, knowledgeand expertise, to the benefit of Medical Professionals, such as Consultants, General Practitioners,Dentists, both in the NHS and private practice.Connections For You works with Independent Financial Advisers who can help medical professionalslike GPs, Consultants, and Dentists with all areas of financial planning for their personal situationsand for their practices from Pension Planning, Income Protection, Practice Finance and Investmentplanning & management.Working with IFAs throughout the United Kingdom Connections For You can arrange for a noobligation meeting with one of our financial advisers who is local to you and will be able to assist andadvise you in areas that as a medical professional you may not have had checked for some time.Services IFAs can provide:- • Income Protection • Critical illness protection • Life assurance • Pension planning • Investment planning • Practice finance • Locum or practice expenses insurance Connections For You | 29 Commercial Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5NS | Tel: 01793 433 330 | Email: P2
  2. 2. The Financial Services Industry is changing rapidly and it is very important for Connections For You’sIFAs, that they can work with professional groups. Connections For You believes that the regulatedenvironment is now so tricky and so full of complexities and potential complications for professionalsof all types that the need for IFAs to work alongside them is pronounced.Can you ask yourself when the last time you checked your income protection plan and do you knowif it is still relevant for you now? Have your circumstances changed since you took out any type ofinsurance for your practice?This is where Connections For You can assist you in meeting with an Independent Financial Adviserthat can best meet your requirements and help advise you. We will personally arrange your meetingwith the IFA and take the time to find what you need from an IFA who is local to you and a time thatis convenient to you.Connections For You is able to provide a free no obligation meeting with anIndependent Financial Adviser in your area. If you feel it would be of benefit toyourself and your practice let Connections For You, connect you to the advice yourequire.
  3. 3. Get in touchContact Details: TEL: 01793 433 330 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 29 Commercial Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5NS Connections For You | 29 Commercial Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5NS | Tel: 01793 433 330 | Email: P4