Authors - Beverly Cleary


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Authors - Beverly Cleary

  1. 1. PRESENTS:
  2. 2. • Beverly Cleary (born Beverly Atlee Bunn; April 12, 1916) is an American writer of more than 30 books for young adults and children. • As one of America's most successful living authors, she has sold 91 million copies of her books worldwide. • Some of her best-known characters are Henry Huggins, Ribsy, Beatrice ("Beezus") Quimby, her sister Ramona, and Ralph S. Mouse. • She has won many literary awards, including the 1984 Newbery Medal for Dear Mr. Henshaw and the 1981 National Book Award for Ramona and Her Mother.
  3. 3. • Cleary was born in McMinnville, Oregon. She is an only child. • Until she was old enough to attend school, Cleary lived on a farm in Yamhill, a town so small it had no library. Still, Beverly learned to love books, due largely to her mother's arrangement with the Oregon State Library to have books sent to their home. • When Cleary was six years old, her family left the farm and moved to Portland, Oregon, where she attended elementary and high school. • The grammar school librarian was largely responsible for developing her love of reading. She encouraged Cleary to check out books about subjects to which she could relate. The librarian not only encouraged her to read but also to write her own books, and instilled in her the belief that she, too, could write for children some day.
  4. 4. • In 1934, age 18, Cleary moved to Ontario, California, to attend Chaffey College, from which she earned an Associate of Arts degree. After graduating in 1938 from the University of California at Berkeley, she studied at the School of Librarianship at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she earned a degree in library science in 1939. • One afternoon, during a break from her chores at work, she found herself having a sandwich with a young gentleman named Clarence Cleary, her future husband. • In 1940 she married Clarence, and they moved to Oakland, California. The Clearys had two children, Marrienne Elizabeth and Malcolm James, twins, born in 1955.
  5. 5. • The library science degree allowed her to work with young children and develop relationships with them. Her first full-time job as a librarian was in Yakima, Washington, where she met many children who were searching for the same books that she had always hoped to find as a child herself. • Cleary sympathized with children who felt that there were no books written about children like themselves. Their pleas convinced her to help provide children with stories to which they could relate. • In response to this experience, she later wrote her first book, Henry Huggins, which was published in 1950. It was about a boy, his dog and their friends, all of whom lived on Klickitat Street in Portland (a street only a few blocks from where Cleary grew up as a child). • According to Cleary, Henry Huggins and his friends represented all the children she grew up with, and the ones who sat in front of her during library story hours.
  6. 6. • As she crafted her first book, she recalled advice from her mother and incorporated her beliefs that the best writing was simple and filled with humor. She also remembered advice from a college professor who emphasized writing about universal human experience. • Beezus and Ramona, Cleary's first book to center a story around the Quimby sisters, was published in 1955, although Beezus and Ramona made frequent appearances in the Henry Huggins series as supporting characters. • She learned to add a little wit and charm to her writing for children, with the hope that it would spark an interest in reading among her students and encourage them to read more books like it.
  7. 7. • In writing about normal, everyday boys & girls, brothers and sisters, pets and parents, Beverly Cleary tapped into a universal theme: family. • And by using gentle humor, she revealed her own philosophy of life – that we can smile and laugh at everyday things. • She has written two autobiographies about her own life: A Girl From Yamhill and My Own Two Feet. • Her final book for children was Ramona’s World (2009)