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Unit 2 sayings grammar practice


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Unit 2 sayings grammar practice

  1. 1. Unit 2Sayings, Grammar, Practice
  2. 2. Sayings
  3. 3. SayingsHomo sapiens
  4. 4. SayingsRational man
  5. 5. SayingsO tempora, O mores
  6. 6. SayingsO the times, O the customs
  7. 7. Sayingsalter ego
  8. 8. Sayingsanother self
  9. 9. SayingsAmor vincit omnia
  10. 10. SayingsLove conquers all things
  11. 11. Grammar Fourth Declension (neuter)Singular Pluralcornu cornuacornus cornuumcornu cornibuscornu cornuacornu cornibus
  12. 12. Grammar Adjective of one termination: M/F NSingular Plural Singular Pluralpotens potentes potens potentiapotentis potentium potentis potentiumpotenti potentibus potenti potentibuspotentem potentes potens potentiapotenti potentibus potenti potentibus
  13. 13. Grammar: Adjective of three terminations: SIngular PluralM F N M /F Nacer acris acre acres acria acris acris acrium acrium acri acri acribus acribus arem acre ares acria acri acri acribus acribus
  14. 14. Grammar Cardinal NumbersRoman Numeral Cardinal XI undecim eleven XII duodecim twelve XIII tredecim thirteen XIV quattuordecim fourteen XV quindecim fifteen XVI sedecim sixteen XVII septendecim seventeen XVIII duodeviginti eighteen XIX undeviginti nineteen XX viginti twenty
  15. 15. Grammar Ordinal Numbers Cardinal Ordinalunus –a –um one primus –a –um firstduo –ae –o two secundus –a –um second tres tria three tertius –a –um third quattuor four quartus –a –um fourth quinque five quintus –a –um fifth sex six sextus –a –um sixth septem seven septimus –a –um seventh octo eight octavus –a –um eighth novem nine nonus –a –um ninth decem ten decimus –a –um tenth
  16. 16. Grammar:Declining Duo (plural only)M /N Fduo duaeduorum duarumduobus duabusduo/duos duasduobus duabus
  17. 17. Active Voice, Present System Presentmitto mittimusmittis mittitismittit mittunt Imperfectmittebam mittebamusmittebas mittebatismittebat mittebant Futuremittam mittemusmittes mittetismittet mittent
  18. 18. Active Voice, Perfect System Perfectmisi misimusmisisti misistismisit miserunt Pluperfectmiseram miseramusmiseras miseratismiserat miserant Future Perfectmisero miserimusmiseris miseritismiserit miserint
  19. 19. Passive Voice, Present System Presentmittor mittimurmitteris mittiminimittitur mittuntur Imperfectmittebar mittebamurmittebaris mittebaminimittebatur mittebantur Futuremittar mittemurmitteris mitteminimittetur mittentur
  20. 20. Passive Voice, Perfect System Perfectmissus –a –um sum missi –ae –a, sumuses estisest sunt Pluperfectmissus –a –um, eram missi –ae –a, eramuseras eratiserat erant Future Perfectmissus –a –um, ero missi –ae –a, erimuseris eritiserit erunt