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Transform Your Destiny with Brett Moran


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Transform Your Destiny one day work shop with Brett Moran..

Solve the BIGGEST mystery to your life purpose and eliminate your fears - grow in confidence and stretch your self to become limitless!

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Transform Your Destiny with Brett Moran

  1. 1. Transform  Your  Destiny  
  2. 2. Why  Live  Your  Purpose    Awareness    The  4  Keys  To  Connection    The  Power  Of  Vision    
  3. 3. HOW  to  connect  to  YOUR  purpose  in  life,  and   how  to  ignite  your  passion  the  easy  way,  for   YOU  to  live  your  life  in  an  extremely  deep  and   MEANINGFUL  way!     The  confidence  to  believe  in  yourself  and  take   leaps  of  ACTION  plus  GIGANTIC  STRIDES   forward  in  your  life!    Also  POWERFUL  principles  and  simple  concepts   that  instantly  EMPOWER  you  to  create   change  in  your  life!          
  4. 4. “Tap  into  your  EXTRODINARY     potential  and  learn   how  BEST  to  use  YOUR   mind,  plus  what  to  do  with  it   if  it  wonders..  Be  prepared   to  be  blown  away”  ..   “Ensures  you  have  direction,   clarity  and  of  course  the   SELF  BELEIF  to  shoot  for   the  stars,  shift  your  life  into   one  EPIC  adventure  or   simply  smile  each  day”  
  5. 5.   Name?    Why  you  came  today?      What  would  you  LOVE  to  learn?    What  you  want  from  life?      How  are  you  going  to  get  it?    A  funny  story  to  share?    
  6. 6.   Purpose  –  defining  who  you  are  and  what  you   were  born  to  do  will  boost  your  HAPPINESS!    Awareness  Awareness  AWARENSS!        Connection  –  looking  within  and  truly   connecting  to  your  INNER  UNIVERRSE!      Vision  –  dreaming  BIGGER  &  BOLDER  then  ever   before!    
  7. 7.   Has  taught  me  your  happiness  is  already   inside  you    The  outside  world  is  not  designed  to  help  you   succeed    The  systems  and  our  society  will  only  drag  us   further  down  if  we  let  it    CONNECTION  IS  KEY!    
  8. 8.   Un-­‐condition  your  mind  -­‐  unravel  the  programs  and   the  old  patterns  that  steal  your  happiness    Open  your  heart  –  to  everyone  and  everything,  and   use  the  power  of  LOVE  to  set  yourself  free    Work  hard  and  stretch  yourself  –  whatever  you  seek   it’s  a  journey,  your  happiness  is  the  only  destination            Immerse  yourself  in  life  -­‐  never  give  up  even  if  shit  hits   the  fan  because  you  will  reap  the  rewards!    
  9. 9.   Determination  –  never  ever  give  in  no  matter   what  others  say  think  or  do,  even  your  own   judgmental  and  crazy  thoughts!     Control  &  Focus  –  you  steer  and  direct  your   ship,  think  about  it,  how  did  you  end  up  hear?      Imagination  –  why  can  we  see  into  the   future?  
  10. 10. “One  decision  that  change  my  life  forever”  
  11. 11.   Who  do  you  want  to  become?  –  there  is  nothing   wrong  with  who  you  are,  but  this  is  why  we  all   have  imagination,  to  grow,  to  expand,  to  evolve!      Your  mind  creates  your  reality,  this  is  nothing   new  right?    -­‐  so  where  are  you  going?      Your  vision  plus  your  dreams  create  your   authentic  success,  your  true  purpose  and  re-­‐ builds  the  incredible  and  powerful  connection  to   the  deep  and  inner  happiness  will  all  search  for      
  12. 12. Lets  Take  A  Break  
  13. 13. Purpose  “Whats  Yours?”    
  14. 14.   Life  Purpose  ,  what  does  it  mean?    Are  you  moving  towards  something   or  away  from  something?        What  are  the  motivating  factors   that  currently    drive  your  life?      What  are  you  going?    
  15. 15. Focus     Clarity     Happiness     Egoless     Connection   Direction       Fun     Excitement   Adventure       Strong  Knowing    Deep  Connection     Opportunitys   Safety     Security  Incredible  Energy      
  16. 16. “If  the  ladder  is  not  leaning  against  the  right   wall,  every  step  we  take  just  gets  us  to  the   wrong  place  faster”  
  17. 17. 1.  Feeling  lost  –  do  your  have  this  lack  or  emptiness  -­‐  things  just     don’t  feel  right?  –  are  you  frustrated  and  bored  of  the  same  old   patterns?  2.  Uncertain  –  not  clear  about  your  decisions  or  the  choices  in   front  of  you  so  you  worry  and  think  you  will  get  it  wrong?  3.  No  Direction  –  do  you  feel  like  you  wonder,  going  from  one   event  to  the  next  but  never  really  getting  anyway?  -­‐  in  fact  it   makes  things  worse  and  you  lose  your  focus  4.  Disconnection  –  your  crazy  mind  controls  your  life,  it  wonders   and  you  constantly  judge  yourself  critically  too!  Plus  your   emotions  are  all  over  the  place,  you  find  yourself  reacting  and   feeling  exhausted      
  18. 18. • Life  Lacks  Meaning  • Disconnection      • Feeling  Frustrated    • Thinking  Negatively    • Controlled  By  Ego  • Stuck  In  Old  Patterns    • Unwanted  Habits  • Negative    Behaviors    
  19. 19. “Finding  your  life  purpose  means  doing   something  you  truly  love”  “Its  an  area  that  just  seems  natural  to  you  and   things  just  seem  to  flow  and  fall  into  place”  “Your  ultimate  purpose  in  life  is  to  fall  in  LOVE   with  life  itself”    
  20. 20.   What  are  you  here  to  do?    What  do  you  plan  to  do?    How  do  you  choose  to  be?    How  can  you  create  it?    What’s  the  first  step?    
  21. 21.   Write  down  your  passions    10  things  you  love  and  are  passionate  about    10  things  you  would  love  to  bring  into  your   life  and  the  world?    What  Is  Your  Mission  Statement?    
  22. 22. 1.  Awareness  -­‐  is  the  first  step  to  the  resolution  of  any  problem  or  creating  success    2.  Abundance  -­‐  we  live  in  a  world  of  abundance.  There  are  unlimited  wealth  and   unlimited  opportunities  for  everyone.  So  don’t  worry  about  whether  you  can   succeed  in  something,  focus  on  how  to  succeed!    3.  Beliefs  -­‐  Your  beliefs  affect  your  life  more  than  you  think  they  do.  If  you  want  to  have   the  best  life  experience  you  can  ever  have,  eliminate  your  disempowering  beliefs   with  empowering  ones  4.  Action  -­‐  is  a  necessary  part  for  any  success!  5.  Ability  -­‐  is  more  of  a  function  of  the  time  you  spend  honing  your  craft,  rather   than  a  result  of  what  you  were  born  with  6.  Connection  –  your  connection  to  self,  spirit,  nature  and  other  people  is  crucial!  7.  Being  yourself  –  it’s  better  to  be  a  first  rate  version  of  yourself  than  a  second   rate  version  of  someone  else  
  23. 23. 1.  In  order  to  connect  with  your  life  purpose  it  is  so   important  that  you  follow  your  heart  and  your   passion  in  life!    2.  By  getting  crystal  clear  and  taking  action  with  your   first  steps  you  eliminate  the  fears  and  the  process  of   transformation  and  your  purpose  erupts!    3.  Creating  authentic  goals  that  you  value  and  living  by   your  moral  code  will  empower  you  to  make  the  right   choices  and  live  the  life  you  envision!      
  24. 24. “How  we  ought  to  live”  
  25. 25.   A  moral  code  is  a  set  of  standards,  laws,  or  rules  that  we  hold  ourselves  to    By  holding  yourself  accountable  and  living  by  your  personal  code  you   empower  yourself  to  take  action  and  make  better  choices  in  life        Condition  your  inner  code  and  your  behaviors  will  become  an  automatic   response!      The  best  moral  codes  are  constantly  being  re-­‐evaluated  and  evolving,   just  as  the  best  people  are  constantly  growing   10  values  you  choose  to  live  by  (moral  code)  
  26. 26. Lets  Take  A  Break  
  27. 27. Awareness  “Thoughts  &  Emotions”      
  28. 28.   Self  Awareness  is  having  a  clear  perception  of  your  personality    Recognising  your  strengths,  weaknesses,  thoughts,  beliefs,   behaviors,  motivation,  and  emotions    Self  Awareness  allows  you  to  understand  yourself  a  whole  lot   better  and  other  people,  plus  how  they  perceive  you  and  how   you  perceive  yourself      It  helps  you  understand  your  attitude  and  your  responses  to   triggers,  why  you  act  in  certain  ways    But  more  importantly  self  awareness  will  set  you  free  from  the   unwanted  patterns  you  maybe    trapped  in!      
  29. 29.   Having  self  awareness  allows  you  to  see  where  your  thoughts  and   your  emotions  are  taking  you    It  also  allows  you  to  see  the  controls  of  your  emotions,  behavior,   and  personality  so  you  can  then  make  changes  where  you  want,  if   its  not  working  for  you  take  control  and  shift  through  it!        Until  you  are  aware  of  your  thoughts,  emotions  and  behaviors,   they  simply  control  you,  plus  you  will  have  difficulty  making   changes  in  the  direction  of  your  life  you  choose  to  go!     “Awareness  in  itself  is  healing”  
  30. 30.   As  you  develop  self  awareness  you  are  able  to  make  changes  in  the   thoughts  and  interpretations  you  make  in  your  mind    Changing  the  interpretations  in  your  mind  allows  you  to  change  your   emotions    Self  awareness  is  one  of  the  attributes  of  Emotional  Intelligence  and  an   important  factor  in  achieving  success    Self  awareness  is  the  first  step  in  creating  success  and  what  you  want,   more  importantly  mastering  your  life    Always  always  remember  -­‐  where  you  focus  your  attention  and  the   emotions  you  encounter  and  the  reactions  that  are  triggerd,  create  your   habits  and  behaviors,  thus  creating  your  personality,  which  ultimately   determines  where  you  are  destined  to  end  up  in  life!  
  31. 31.   Your  life  is  currently  pre  destined  by  the  script   you  have  in  your  head!      Where  are  your  thoughts,  behaviors,  emotions,   habits  and  reactions  taking  you?        What  you  thought  10  years  ago  got  you  to  where   you  are  now,  how  is  it  working  for  you?      What  you  think  now  creates  the  rest  of  your  life!    So,  what  story  will  you  choose  to  play  out?    
  32. 32.   What  train  of  thoughts  are  you  consistently     trapped  in?    What  do  you  worry  about,  think  about,   over  and  over  again?      Your  patterns  of  thought  create  your   struggles  or  success,  what  are  you  creating   in  your  life  right  NOW  and  how  are  they   effecting  your  emotions  and  behaviors?    Think  about  it  and  please  write  down  the   nonsense  that  goes  on  within  your  head!      
  33. 33.  “The  story  your  ego  creates  designs  your   identity,  you  play  out  that  story  until  you   redesign  the  paradigm”      
  34. 34.   If  your  feelings  control  your  actions,  or  reactions,   then  it  is  because  you  have  empowered  them  to   do  s0  (consciously  or  subconsciously)      Think  about  someone  who  last  triggered  the  hell   out  of  you  or  an  event  that  makes  you  feel   uncomfortable        Now  think  about  how  YOU  react  to  them,  and   the  story  in  YOU  play  in  your  head    
  35. 35.   Relationships  are  easy  until  there  is  emotional  turmoil    This  is  the  same  at  work  or  in  your  personal  life    When  you  can  change  the  interpretation  in  your  mind  of  what  you   think,  or  change  the  story,  you  can  change  your  reactions  and   control  your  emotions    When  you  can  change  the  emotions  in  your  relationships  you  open   up  entirely  new  possibilities  in  your  life    Having  a  clear  understanding  of  your  thoughts,  behaviors  and   patterns  helps  you  to  understand  other  people.  This  ability  to   empathize  facilitates  better  personal  and  professional   relationships  
  36. 36.   Self  awareness  is  developed  through  practices  in  focusing   your  attention  on  the  details  of  your  personality  and   behavior    It  isn’t  learned  from  reading  a  book.  When  you  read  a  book   you  are  focusing  your  attention  on  the  conceptual  ideas  in   the  book     With  your  attention  in  a  book  you  are  practicing  not   paying  attention  to  your  own  behavior,  emotions  and   personality    Think  of  learning  to  be  mindful  and  self  aware  as  learning   to  dance.  When  learning  to  dance  we  have  to  pay   attention  to  how  and  where  our  feet  move,  our  hands  and   body  motion,  what  our  partner  is  doing,  music,  beat,  floor   -­‐  space,  and  other  dancers    Self  awareness  isn’t  learned  from  books  and  the  Tango   isn’t  either  
  37. 37. Lets  Take  A  Break  
  38. 38. Connection  “The  4  Keys  To  Connection”    
  39. 39. 1.  Connection  To  Self  –  discover  who  you  truly  are  go   beyond  the  mind  and  connect  to  the  freedom  we  all   desire      2.  Connection  To  Spirit  –  the  stuff  that  keeps  every  cell   together,  that  makes  you  feel  alive  in  moments  of  beauty  3.  Connection  To  Others  –  we  all  want,  need  and  crave  this   connection,  the  more  you  give  the  more  you  feel  4.  Connection  Nature  –  the  more  you  see  the  beauty  in   nature  the  more  you  see  and  feel  the  beauty  in  yourself  
  40. 40.   How  often  do  you  listen  to  your  own   language?    Your  inner  language  is  a  very  clear  indicator   of  the  degree  to  which  you  struggle  or   succeed  in  life    Your  emotions  and  feelings  are  trying  to   guide  you  into  the  place  of  new  beginnings!      
  41. 41. “Close  your  eyes  and  lets   feel  the  life  force  flow   through  you”  
  42. 42.   In  order  to  truly  connect  to  others  ………..   and………….  makes  that  connection  far   deeper  and  …………  shifts  between  to  souls!    Like  a  community  of  cells  inside  your  inner   universe,  we  are  all  connected  on  the  outer   world    Find  a  stranger,  who  is  a  friend  you  havent   met  yet,  and  connect!    
  43. 43. “Nature  has  a  deep  message  to  share  with  us   you.  If  you  listen  closely  it  will  guide  you  through  your  connection  to  it  and  the  moments  of  beauty  that  blow  your  breath  away  will  take   on  further  on  your  journey”      
  44. 44. Lets  Take  A  Break  
  45. 45. Vision  “Quantum  Leaping”    
  46. 46.   Begin  with  the  end  in  mind!  –  based  on  the   principle  that  all  things  are  created  twice    There’s  your  mental  creation,  then  you  must   design  the  physical  creation    Imagine  how  a  new  house  is  built,  plans,   blueprints,  then  bricks!      You  already  started  with  your  mission  statement  
  47. 47.   Gives  your  life  direction  and  meaning.  It  gives   you  something  to  get  out  of  bed  for  and   guides  you  along  the  way    Helps  you  focus  on  the  things  that  are   important  in  your  life  and  allows  the  negative   stuff  to  disperse    Shows  you  the  signs  along  the  way!        
  48. 48.   It’s  a  cliché  but  if  we  stop  and  think  about  it  for  a  second,   it’s  really  true    If  you  want  to  become  a  millionaire  and  you’re  starting  at   £0,  you  don’t  expect  to  reach  that  goal  overnight     You  understand  that  it  will  take  time.  Each  and  every  day,   you  must  do  small  things  that,  over  time,  will  move  you   closer  to  that  goal    The  same  is  true  for  all  areas  of  your  life.  In  order  for  you   to  make  decisions  about  things  such  as  which  job  to  take,   who  to  marry,  and  where  to  live,  you  must  first  understand   where  we  are  trying  to  end  up  
  49. 49. 1.  Personal  Development    2.  Wife,  Husband  or    Lover  3.  Parent    4.  Fun  &  Passion    5.  Work  6.  Purpose       At  least  some  of  these  goals  should  reflect   what  you  have  learnt  today,  plus  what  you   desire  in  your  authentic  future  
  50. 50.   Sadly,  only  8%  of  the  world’s  population  have   goals    Even  more  tragic  is  that  only  3%  of  the  world’s   population  have  written  goals    It’s  been  repeatedly  studied  and  proven  that   people  who  write  down  their  goals  are  far  more   likely  to  achieve  them    We  know  this  and,  yet,  we  find  goal-­‐setting   immensely  difficult.  Why?  
  51. 51.   Most  people  struggle  with  creating  goals   because  they  don’t  have  a  vision  or  a  mission  for   their  lives    They  may  have  general  and  vague  ideas  of   where  they’d  like  to  “end  up”  such  as:     I’d  like  to  have  a  family     I’d  like  to  retire  at  55     I’d  like  to  own  my  own  business  one  day     I’d  like  to  be  healthier  
  52. 52.   The  problem  with  these  is  that  they’re  really  nothing   more  than  wishes    They  aren’t  objectives  and  they  aren’t  missions  or   visions  or  goals    Most  people  then  proceed  to  live  their  lives  not  doing   much  to  actually  see  them  through,  hence  the   struggle  or  boredom  can  sink  in    Instead,  we  need  to  create  a  vision  for  our  lives  and   then  work  backwards  into  what  we  need  to  do  each   day  to  move  ourselves  toward  that  vision.  
  53. 53.   You  may  be  tempted  to  dream  small    Don’t.  Most  people  are  tempted  to  set  the  bar   way  too  low  out  of  fear    Also,  be  on  guard  against  the  temptation  to  kill   your  dreams  before  you  even  begin  to  act  on   them    Ignore  that  voice  in  your  head  that  tells  you   you’re  being  ridiculous  and  that  you’ll  never   accomplish  it.  Don’t  let  it  win!    
  54. 54.   Pick  a  time  frame!    Depending  on  where  you  are  in  your  life,  first  pick  a   time  frame  of  5,  10,  or  20  years    It  must  be  at  least  5  years  out  and  you  can  go  out   further  than  20  years  if  you’d  really  like  to    In  case  you’re  wondering,  I  use  10  years  as  the  starting   point  for  myself,  but  don’t  feel  like  you  need  to  start   there    Try  5  years  if  this  seems  overwhelming.  
  55. 55.   Answer  the  question,  “Where  do  I  want  my  life  to  be  in  insert  time   frame  years?     What  do  I  want  to  be  doing  for  a  career?     Do  I  want  kids?       Do  I  want  to  be  married?     Do  I  want  to  have  start  a  business?     Do  I  want  to  be  50  pounds  lighter?     Do  I  want  to  be  more  involved  in  the  community?     Do  I  want  deeper  relationships?     How  much  money  would  I  like  to  be  making?    Just  write  it  all  down.  Don’t  edit  yourself.  Write  it  in  list  form  or  in   paragraph/story  form  –  whatever  works  for  you!  
  56. 56.   Write  your  gratitudes  for  receiving  your  goals      Thanks  the  universe  for  providing  your   dreams    Close  your  and  feel  the  LOVE  &  Gratitude    
  57. 57.   Key  1  –  listen  to  and  observe  yourself,  even  your   struggles  and  fears  are  there  to  guide  you!      Key  2  –  feel  your  spirit,  move  towards  your   purpose!      Key  3  –  everyone  is  an  opportunity  guiding  you  if   you  pay  attention  and  connection    Key  4  –  balance,  feel  your  way  through  nature!    
  58. 58.   Having  the  confidence  to  go  for  it  –  LOVING  every  moment  of  what  you   do,    eliminating  the    struggles  form  your  life  and  discovering  who  you   were  truly  born  to  be!  –  This  program  will  teach  you  how  to  do  it!      Having  crystal  clear  direction  in  your  life  –  heading  straight  towards   your  goals,  living  with  immense  passion,  purpose  ad  pride,  what  would   that  do  for  your  life?    Being  in  control  of  your  emotions  –  snapping    yourself  out  of  your  low   moods  and  directing  your  thoughts  so  your  mind  becomes  so  clear,   focused  and  free  from  all  the  worry  and  stress!  –  This  program  will  fix  it!        Creating  a  deeper  knowing  and  connection  -­‐  so  it  leads  you  to  making  a   MASSIVE  difference  in  your  life  an  the  life  of  others!  Your  membership  we   re  wire  you  for  authentic  and  inner  success!    
  59. 59. Climbing  the  mountain    Facing  some  challenges    Visiting  the  school    
  60. 60. “Thanks  For  Connecting”