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Leadership and Marketing Slides by Brett Moran

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Thursdays event!

  1. 1. Build  A  Tribe     Make  A  Massive  Difference   Leave  Your  Legacy!    
  2. 2. 1.  6  Pillars  Of  Leadership  –  the  highly  effective  habits   of  true  leadership  and  why  these  are  important  for   your  business,  success  and  overall  happiness?         2.  Marketing  101  -­‐    how  to  use  FB  &  YT  to  market   authentically  and  profit  from  your  passion  (without   it  costing  you  a  small  fortune)  Plus  designing  a  fresh   website  that  boosts  your  business!   3.  Networking    -­‐  why  connection  is  the  KEY  to  your   success  and  how  to  make  every  engagement  and   interaction  count!    
  3. 3.   Inspired  others  through  emotion  -­‐  taught  millions  of   people  worldwide  how  to  live!     Supported  his  family  –  and  helped  them  understand   the  bigger  picture,  helped  them  to  find  the  true   meaning  of  his  life  and  theirs       Took  action    -­‐  set  a  clear  vision,  created  a  mission   statement  for  his  last  months,  truly  lived  his  quest,   lead  us  to  look  within     Shifted  paradigms  –  not  just  an  attitude  change,  but  a   complete  shift!  (Stephen  Covey)      
  4. 4.   Fears  –  you  stop  dead  in  your  tracks,  fear  of  failure/success  bocks  you,   you  feel  you’re  not  good  enough,  no  way  to  make  it  happen,  mindset   trips  you  up     Procrastination  –  waste  time  on  meaningless  tasks,    worry  and  stuck  in   negative  patterns,  get  distracted  by  shinning  objects,  new  ideas!       Old  Story  -­‐  holds  you  back,  BORING  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz     Belief  -­‐    “who  am  I  teach  others”  “All  the  technology  is  to  overwhelming”     “I'll  never  make  a  difference”  “Its  too  hard!”       Confused  -­‐    never  truly  satisfied,  know  you  can  do  more  but  frustrated   with  yourself,  deep  yearning  to  be  free,  to  find  your  purpose  make  a   difference  and  go  for  it,  but  something  blocks  you!        
  5. 5. 1.  Vision  with  Purpose  –  what  is  your  life's  works?  what  are  you  here  to  do  and   what  will  you  leave  behind?-­‐    leaders  see  it,  they  feel  it,  then  become  it   2.  Awareness  –  they  know  they  have  limiting  beliefs,  they  investigate  and  focus,   (fight  procrastination,  fear  and  failure)     3.  Action  –  they  are  determined,  they  create  strong  will  power  and  new  beliefs,   they  never  give  up  and    always  move  forward  (even  when  there  moving  back)     4.  Connection  –  they  make  it  count  and  plant  seeds  along  the  way,  no  body  likes   to  be  told  to  change  s0  they  inspire  with  enthusiasm  and  then  lead  the  way!     5.  Shift  Paradigms  –  help  others  see  the  bigger  picture  and  shift  their  own   paradigms  (Stephen  Covey)         6.  Transformation  –  a  GREAT  leader  is  always  looking  within,  evaluating,   questioning  and  analyzing  him/her  self  to  see  if  they  are  matching  up  to  their   vision  and  their  purpose  in  life  or  living  form  their  ego,  fears  and  the  illusion!      
  6. 6.   Excited  me     Empowered  me     Inspired  me       Valued  me    reminded  me       Fun  to  be  around     Helped  me  understand  bigger  picture       Helped  me  align  with  my  purpose       Trusted  me       Engaged  with  me     Encouraged  me  to  take  risks  –  they  took  risks  too     Helped  me  believe       Made  me  feel  part  of  something       Cared  for  my  authentic  success     Challenged  me  to  go  for  it         Very  competent  in  what  they  were  saying  and  doing       They  did  with  me  or  before  me     Had  the  same  impact  on  others  that    they  were  are  around     Lit  me  up  and  charged  me  so  I  was  raring  to  go  
  7. 7.   Leaders  ask  questions,  inspire  and  then  teach       Leadership  is  a  relationship       It  is  a  resonate  relationship  (emotions  evoke   change  deep  change)       Leaders  are  in  tune  with  others  and  are  on   the  same  wave  length  (this  is  how  you  build  a   tribe  of  transformational  agents)      
  8. 8.   (PSI)  Positive  Social  Impact       They  aid  and  support  others  in  accomplishing  a   common  task     They  organize  groups  of  people  to  achieve  a   common  goal,  one  that  leads  them  to   happiness  and  success         Create  and  empower  more  leaders,  to  take   responsibility,  take  action  and  make  change!    
  9. 9.   I  figured  out  a  long  time  ago  that  the  normal  path  to   living  (society)  is  not  geared  up  to  make  us  happy     It  regenerates  and  conditions  a  society  of  zombies,   imposes  limited  beliefs,  people  are  lost  and  lose   meaning  of  this  magnificent  gift  (always  remember   you  are  here  to  create  expand  and  experience)       The  old  way  of  living,  drink,  drugs  and  my   conditioning  only  brought  me  more  of  the  same   negative  results  which  I  didn’t  want  (cause  &  effect)         So  I  looked  within  and  then  followed  my  passion!  
  10. 10.   Started  out  in  a  drug  and  alcohol  drop  in  center  volunteering  (no   cash,  at  college,  working  in  a  factory  till  4am)     Won  a  princes  trust  award  and  other  grants,    volunteered  in  a   youth  centers,  went  to  a  hospice  to  understand  the  meaning  of  life       Set  up  groups,  gave  talks  in  prison,  and  followed  my  passion  plus   my  purpose       Featured  in  the  film  Choice  Point  with  Richard  Branson,  Jack     Canfield,  Desmond  Tutu  and  many  more     Africa  and  other  projects  are  calling  -­‐  gives  my  life  deeper   meaning,  appreciation  and  ignites  incredible  energy,  adds  purpose   and  fulfillment  and  connects  a  lot  more  to  the  true  nature  within   all  of  us    
  11. 11.   Suggests  that  our  true  nature  is  love  and  that   kindness  and  connection  are  key     That  we  are  born  to  help  each  other  along  the   way,  to  serve  one  another,  to  be  kind,  to   experience,  that  we  are  all  the  same  family     I  fully  agree,  I  know  we  are  here  to  feel  alive,  to   experience  life,  to  inspire,  to  create  our  own   paths,  to  share  what  we  know  with  those  who   need  it  and  then  lead  the  way!    
  12. 12. “Success  is  not  about  how  much  money   you  make,  its  about  the  difference   you  make  in  other  peoples  lives”    ~  Michelle  Obama    
  13. 13.   Wiggle,  shake  your  body  out…     Rotate  your  hands  in  a  circle  motion,  move   fast…     Jump  up  and  down,  energies  your  body…     Place  your  hand  on  your  heart…       Close  your  eyes    
  14. 14.   Feel  your  heart  pounding  against  your  chest,  be  thankful   for  it,  all  that  it  does,  attracts  and  connects  you  to  –  really   feel  it     Bring  to  mind  the  memories  that  you  are  truly  grateful  for,   your  first  born,  a  marriage,  your  first  pet     Now  see  these  pictures  in  your  mind,  feel  them  flow   through,  turn  the  emotions  up,  go  back  as  far  as  you  can   and  be  grateful       Smile  like  a  Cheshire  cat  and  picture  in  your  mind  where   will  be  in  3-­‐5  years.  How  will  your  business  look,  your   health,  your  happiness,  see  yourself  
  15. 15. “If  you  work  for  it,  stretch  yourself,  look  within   and  come  from  your  true  passion,  your  destiny   will  pull  you  towards  your  purpose  ”     ~  Common  Sense  Proverb    
  16. 16.   You  inspire  through  emotions  and  see  the  best  in  others,  can  sense   their  potential  and  see  their  vision  (even  if  they  can’t)       Resonate  with  your  tribe,  you  are  on  the  same  wave  length  and   you  have  awareness  (now  you  have  awareness  you  have  a  choice)     Encourage  others  to  step  outside  of  the  box  and  face  theirs   challenges,  use  enthusiasm  and  have  fun!       Support  and  care,  connect  and  communicate  with  your  audience       Always  think:     1.  Who  do  I  lead?     2.  How  do  I  lead?    
  17. 17. Up  Next…   Marketing  101  And  The   Power  Of  Social  Media!    
  18. 18.   Therapist?     Practitioner?     Coach?     Consultant?     Brand?        Author?       Change  Agent?       Visionary?       Small  Business  Owner?       Leader?    
  19. 19. Money  is  the  root  of  all  evil!   Money  doesn’t  make  you  happy!     I  should  give  everything  away!     Marketing  Is  sleazy!     People  are  only  after  the  money!    
  20. 20. 1.  You  Worry  About  Money  –  the  little  voice  in  the  back  of  your  head  doesn't  stop   2.  You  Feel  Overwhelmed  &  Tired    –  feel  like  giving  up,  starting  again,  or  worse   3.  You’re  Stressed  -­‐  not  sure  where  the  money  is  going  to  come  from,  cant  pay   the  bills   4.  You  Procrastinate  –  keep  putting  off  the  one  thing  that  will  make  a  HUGE   difference  in  your  business  so  scrap  by   5.  You  give  it  away  For  Free,  think  you’re  not  worth  it  ,(this  doesn't  help  you  or   your  client  value  the  process)   6.  You  Don’t  Know  What  To  Charge  -­‐  your  services,  business  ideas  fizzle  out     7.  No  list  -­‐  no  attendees  ,  clients  no  money!            
  21. 21.   Talk  to  your  followers  and  your  clients,  connect,  inspire  and  discover   what  they  really  want  (then  connect  to  their  needs  and  offer  it  to  them)       All  your  marketing  material  must  be  talking  to  their  fears,  frustrations,   wants,  needs  &  desires,  this  is  how  you  lead  and  inspire     When  you  connect  to  what  they  want,  give  them  what  they  need,  always   go  deeper  to  ignite  transformation,  you  are  a  catalyst  for  deep  change   (CRI  Drop  In  Centre)     You  have  the  solutions  to  help  them  solve  their  problems,  what  benefits   do  your  offer,  how  much  is  that  worth  to  a  person?  (Paul)       Who  is  your  client  avatar,  enter  the  conversation  they  are  having  inside   their  head,  talk  to  them  not  at  them!       People  need  to  know  you,  like  you  and  trust  you  before  they  work  with   you!      
  22. 22.   Google  has  changed  its  algorithm  and  wants  your  website  to  add   value  to  peoples  lives  (Penguin  2.o)       The  Penguin  was  put  in  place  to  stop  people  cheating,  adding  too   many  SEO  back  links       Add  value  and  you  will  be  rewarded,  this  is  authentic  marking  and   pioneering  leadership!     Collect  emails,  build  a  tribe  of  followers  and  add  value  to  their  lives         Think  blog,  think  video,  think  creative  and  simple       “The  Digital  Revolution”  is  only  going  to  get  BIGGER!    
  23. 23.   10  week  webinar  program  –  how  to  write  your  book,   shoot  your  videos  with  confidence,  write  your  blogs,   be  a  leader,  eliminate  your  fears  of  public  speaking,   remove  limiting  beliefs  and  so  much  more     Extra  FREE  webinars  –  we  gave  away  crazy  bonuses   and  invited  expert  guests  to  join  us       A  full  lifetime  membership  -­‐  with  downloads,  Ning   community  for  everyone  to  connect  (created  a  mini   tribe)         Valued  at  £347  
  24. 24. “I  gained  so  much  from  Brett  and  Sasha’s  inspiring  10  week  Authentic   Messenger  program.  It  was  Value  for  Money  and  so  much  more.    They  were   more  than  generous  with  their  information  and  time,  providing  tutorial   webinars,  but  not  just  one  a  week,  often  about  3  a  week.  Sometimes  I   couldn’t  keep  up,  but  Bret  rapidly  set  up  a  website  where  we  could   download  and  listen  to  the  recordings  again.     There  were  also  some  inspiring  and  relevant  talks  by  other  masters,  speaking   on  subjects  related  to  this  training.  I  looked  forward  to  listening  to  the   webinars  every  week  and  found  the  contact  with  other  members  of  the   group  via  a  social  network  site  to  be  invaluable.    It  was  so  exciting  to   overcome  blocks  which  had  prevented  me  from  moving  forwards  with  my   true  passions  and  desires  for  years.     Bret  and  Sasha  were  enthusiastic,  humorous  and  authentic  all  the  way   through  and  continued  supporting  and  assisting  us  during  the  step-­‐by-­‐step   training  –  they  certainly  know  how  to  walk  their  talk!    Many  thanks  to  you   both.    I  look  forward  to  further  work  with  you”  ~  Nicky  Minter  
  25. 25.   Generated  $10k  in  sales  before  we  made  it!         Now  it  is  built  we  will  re-­‐market  it  over  and  over   again  and  sell  it  from  our  websites  and  free   webinars         Feedback  was  overwhelming  and  very  humbling   to  be  part  of  peoples  change  and  to  watch  them   step  it  up  and  change  other  peoples  lives  too!       The  ripple  effect,  the  legacey!    
  26. 26.   Second  product  launch  generated  around  £150     7  step  Video  course  teaching  people  how  to   remove  their  blocks  and  find  their  purpose  in  life     Plus  a  full  meditation  program,  bonuses,  over  15   hours  of  rich  content!       The  one  client  who  made  me  an  offer  and   smashed  it!  (received  and  email  from  her  mum   thanking  me)      
  27. 27.   Keep  your  website  clean  &  fresh     Always  add  value  and  content  to  help  with   the  needs  of  your  clients       Collect  emails  then  connect  more  (Aweber)     Offer  a  product  when  they  know  like  and  trust   you  
  28. 28.   More  than  1  billion  unique  users  visit  YouTube  each  month     Over  4  billion  hours  of  video  are  watched  each  month  on  YouTube     72  hours  of  video  are  uploaded  to  YouTube  every  minute     YouTube  is  localized  in  53  countries  and  across  61  languages     In  2011,  YouTube  had  more  than  1  trillion  views,  or  around  140   views  for  every  person  on  Earth     Millions  of  subscriptions  happen  each  day     You  Tube  is  now  owned  by  Google,  the  BIGGEST  search  engine!     Think  video  for  your  website,  home  page,  blog,  e-­‐courses!    
  29. 29.   Structure  your  videos  –  whether  its  to  teach  a   technique  or  to  get  people  back  to  visit  your  site   always  remember  -­‐  (MIA)  (CTA)     Statically  create  a  video  plan  before  you  even   begin  filming!  (3/6/12  months  ahead)       Be  YOU  be  real  be  authentic,  fear  is  normal,  it   will  fade  away!!     Spend  time  looking  at  keyword  research  (google   adwrods  is  FREE  and  is  so  simple  to  use!)  
  30. 30.   In  releasing    their  2013  stats  and  financial  FB   announced  their  most  recent  user  total  has   climbed  to  1.1trillion!       Daily  active  FB  users  685  million!     FB  page  50  million!       FB  mobile  users  751  million!     Average  time  spent  on  FB  20  minutes  ???     Total  revenue  for  2012  $5.09  Billion!       Weekly  local  business  views  645  million       Comments  on  local  business  pages  13  million!  
  31. 31.   Once  you  know  how  to,  you  can  influence    your  clients  and   audience  into  taking  positive  action       You  can  use  simple  strategies  to  market  your  services,  make  a   difference  and  make  more  money       Have  a  plan!  (Mindful  Mondays,  Inspiring  Tuesday)     Post  between  3-­‐5  times  a  day  (Hootsuit  SIMPLES!)     Make  every  post  count,  call  to  action  and  direction  (ask  people  to   act/like)       Think  out  side  of  the  box  (Restaurant  300%  ROI  !)       Be  creative,  use  pictures  and  videos  to  promote  your  service!    
  32. 32.   Win  Before  you  Begin  (think  strategy)  where   are  you  leading  people  to?       Talk  to  your  audience  (imagine  FB  as  a  FREE   networking  event  on  line)       Use  “Boost  Posts”  it  is  really  simple   (remember  not  to  have  too  much  text   advertising  in  pictures)    
  33. 33.   Are  you  finally  ready  to  make  it  happen?  –  Do  you   want  to  learn  the  step  by  step  strategies  that  I  have   used  in  6  WEEKS?       Discover  how  to  leaver  your  mark  on  the  world,  truly   get  your  message  out  there  and  create  a  clear  plan  in   one  Interactive    “Build  Your  Tribe  Bootcamp”     Finally  take  your  leadership  and  marketing  skills  to   the  next  level,  get  support  and  eliminate  your   procrastination  to  achieve  your  goals!    
  34. 34.   How  to  remove  your  fears  and  your  limiting   beliefs  so  you  can  focus  and  step  it  up  to  live   your  purpose  and  leave  your  legacy!       Finally  make  the  difference  you  dream  of,  and   create  the  change  and  business  you  know  you   were  born  to  make…     Master  2  of  the  the  BIGGEST  and  FREE   platforms  available  to  you  right  now!  (facebook   &  YouTube  have  only  just  got  started!)    
  35. 35.   Imagine  taking  away  the  overwhelm  of  marketing  your   message  and  building  your  business  online?  –  this  is  what   I’ll  teach  you  and  much  more     How  would  having  more  clients  effect  your  business,  your   personal  life,  your  purpose?  Discover  how  to  kick  start  the   process  and  never  look  back  wondering  what  if!       What  will  freedom,  time  off  and  more  passion  give  you,   how  will  it  change  your  life  knowing  you  re  making  a   HUGE  difference  in  the  world?    -­‐  we  will  cover  how  you  can   take  action  straight  away  and  see  the  results  you  think   about  24/7  
  36. 36.   Facebook  Marketing  made  simple!!!     Discover  the  techniques  that  will  boost  your  message   (including  the  proven  ones  I  use)  and  the  etiquette  of   social  media!       How  to  create  the  ultimate  Facebook  plan,  statically   proven  to  promote  your  business  and  sales,  reach  a   wider  audience  and  make  you  money!       Understand  the  importance  of  engagement,   connection,  promoting  your  posts  and  paid  adverts!   Valued  at  £99  
  37. 37.   Create  an  irresistible  and  authentic    “YouTube  Channel”   designed  to  spread  your  business  and  message  across  the   world     Get  your  business  in  front  of  potential  clients,  add  value  to   peoples  lives,  and  drive  traffic  to  your  website,  product   and  services     Structure  your  videos  to  teach  valuable  life  transforming   tips,  sell  your  products  or  offer  our  information  (instead  of   wishing  or  hoping  it  will  work)  trigger  people  into  taking   action  and  making  a  change!         Valued  at  £99    
  38. 38.   The  complete  “Authentic  Messenger  Program”  that   propelled  other  change  agents  to  step  I  up  and   produce  results!       Full  access  to  the  life  time  membership,  Ning   community  and  expert  advice  from  other  leaders  in   the  field       Hours  of  webinars  and  cutting  edge  strategies  to   boost  your  message  and  get  yourself  out  there!       All  Mp3s,  MP4s,  and  handouts  –  Can  even  download   and  listen  to  them  on  your  iphone!  Valued  at  £347  
  39. 39.   “Passion  Purpose  &  Power”  that  will  keep  you  on   track,  help  you  stay  focused,  eliminate  your   fears  and  your  procrastination!       Over  15  hours  of  videos,  webinars  and  Mp3  to   keep  you  focused  and  on  track!  Plus  bonus   meditation  to  improve  your  transformation!       Full  video  course    Mp3,  Mp4s  and  all  the   homework  downloads  (hours  of  content)    Valued   at  £197    
  40. 40. Just  let  me  know  within   30  days  if  its  not  for   you  and    I’ll  give  you   a  full  refund  –  Plus   you  can  keep  all  the   bonus!    
  41. 41. 1.  6  week  Marketing  Course  £197   2.  Authentic  Messenger  Program  £347   3.  Facebook  Crash  Course  £99   4.  NEW  YouTube  Course  £99   5.  Passion  Purpose  &  Power  £197       Total  Value  £939  
  42. 42.   How  to  finally  break  free  from  your  gremlins     How  to  overcome  your  challenges  of  failure     How  to  create  the  ultimate  mindset  for  your  business   and  success     How  to  market  your  message  and  structure  your   vision     How  to  create  life  changing  content  that  makes  a   massive  difference       How  master  facebook  and  build  a  tribe  of  follows     How  to  create  your  own  TV  show  for  your  legacy!       And  much  much  more!    
  43. 43.   Instead  of  charging  thousands  like  I  have  paid,  or  charging  through  the   roof  like  others  I  want  to  help  you  as  much  as  I  can  –  I  do  this  for  the   bigger  picture  and  for  authentic  transformation!     The  first  20  people  only!       Tonight  your  investment  is  only  £99       After  tonight  the  program  will  be  £297       You  can  split  the  payment  into  two  lots  of    £50!            if  it  helps  you  get  your  message  out  there  and  succeed  in  business!         The  promise  of  this  program,  is  the  10  times  the  value  of  the  price   you  pay!    
  44. 44. Time  To  Network  And     Thanks  For  Connecting!