Know what you get with your certified pre owned bmw car.


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Know what you get with your certified pre owned bmw car.

  1. 1. Chapman BMW on CamelbackKnow What You GetWith Your CertifiedPre-Owned BMWKnow More about certified pre-owned BMWsBrett Michael Williams5/16/2012
  2. 2. BMW cars are reckoned for their design, performance plus style. The prestigious cars really are a desire of lots of car lovers however its high cost acts as a deterrent for budget buyers. However, because of BMW dealers in Phoenix you can get used BMW cars at a fraction of the cost of the original. Certified Pre-Owned BMW program Because of a good need for used BMW cars on the market, the German carmaker has took the onus onto itself to offer used BMW cars with a reassurance and quality certification. It initiated Certified Pre-Owned BMW program to help people purchase used cars with convenience and peace of mind. Although certified used BMW cars a little more expensive than the uncertified BMW cars that your dealer may be providing, yet in lieu of thesmall price you receive excellent benefits and also a manufacturer backed warranty that gives you peaceof mind of quality as well as performance.
  3. 3. Here are a few some factors which makes purchasing certified pre-owned BMW a smart choice.BMW Certification Procedure BMW follows a stringent process for certifying pre- owned cars. It has well-defined procedures and even a team of trained technicians to carry out the process and furthermore extensively check the performance and so safety of the car. A car that does not fulfill any of the parameters does not qualify for the certification. In fact, BMW does not accept late year model for certification procedure. A pre-owned car with more than 60,000 miles on the odometer isnt even eligible to a certification. Some of the certification inspection factors include:Car background and servicing - This accounts for vehicle maintenance history, body repair history,checks VIN and interrogates any modifications made in the car.Wheel assembly - Wheels are necessary for the performance of the car hence wheel, tire and moreoverbrake check up is done thoroughly. Body finish - Exteriors along with the interiors of the BMW cars is made to impress. Even a pre-ownedBMW must exude sophistication so everything starting from doors, windows, mirrors, bumpers, coresupport, fenders, roof, sunroof to windshield, keys, floor mats, cup holders and glove box are thoroughlyinspected for damage. Mechanical - All mechanized functions of the car such as door handles and even locks, head and foglights, suspension components, steering, alarm, seatbelts, airbags, belts, fluid levels and fluid leaks,battery voltage are carefully analyzed before a car is awarded certification. Apart from, a stationary plusrolling review of the car is taken closely examine the efficiency of the car minutely.
  4. 4. Warranty BMW presents a thorough CPO automobile warranty. The warranty is valid for approximately 6 years or 100,000 miles, providing buyers a peace of mind not possible when you purchase a used BMW from a private seller.BMW Roadside HelpCertified used BMWcars furthermore comewith a 24-hour, 365-dayBMW RoadsideAssistance facility. Theservice gives you travelprotections and alsoconsists of featuressuch as emergency towing, lock-out services, call for assistance, personalized trip routing, BMWemergency Valet service as well as many others.
  5. 5. Finance and Special OffersYou get attractive financeoptions with CPO BMW cars.You get new car terms plusfinance prices with BMWcertified cars which means youenjoy low interest rates pluslonger term loans as in the caseof new cars. Besides, BMW alsooffers you fantastic paymentchoices with certified vehicles.And so, certified used BMW carsprovide you with a number of advantages and reassurance not possible with un-certified car sold byprivate sellers. Contact your trusted BMW dealers in Phoenix to learn more about some great benefitsof BMW Certified Pre-Owned Program.
  6. 6. Chapman BMW on Camelback830 E. Camelback Road | Phoenix, Arizona 85014Sales: (602) 308-4269 | Service: (602) 308-4990 | Parts: (602) - click here for driving directions