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The Art & Magic of SEO


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Published in: Technology
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The Art & Magic of SEO

  1. 1. seo is the art of bringing your website or webpage and making sure it is found first out of all this noise but comparing it to magic…..that’s a bit of a stretch….
  2. 2. magic is the manipulation and/or use of suggestion combined with an understanding of what the perspective of the viewer is to achieve a desired result, usually by techniques described in various conceptual systems
  3. 3. search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines through manipulation of data and presentation combined with an understanding of what the keywords of a user are to achieve a desired result, via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.
  4. 4. internet marketing is the use of online strategies and techniques to support an organization's or businesses goals.
  5. 5. How many pages added to the internet everyday?
  6. 6. 7.3 million unique new pages
  7. 7. nearly 1000 pages added each second
  8. 8. How many posts, tweets or searches are preformed in a day?
  9. 9. updates / posts Facebook: 700 status updatesper second twitter: 600 tweets per second buzz: 55 posts per second (stat taken at 2 days old) searches google: 34,000 searches per second yahoo: 3,200 searches per second bing: 927 searches per second
  10. 10. the magic happens when you focus on more than just seo, when you focus beyond keywords the secret is the combining of research, marketing, graphic design, optimization science, and programming
  11. 11. step one: answer two questions
  12. 12. who is my user? what do I want them to do?
  13. 13. who is our user? what do they look & act like? male/female mac/pc user age area browser device
  14. 14. where do I want them to click?
  15. 15. to answer this question you will need to understand the real purpose of the website.
  16. 16. what is the overall purpose (or goal) of the website? monetized.....sell a product gather Data....personal information, mailing list influence/educate.....promote an idea, to educate or raise awareness supportive building, redirect, rebuttal or counter a campaign
  17. 17. step two: reconnaissance
  18. 18. what does the competition landscape look like? what is their Alexa ranking? number of inbound links ? number of .edu and .gov links? how old is their domain? what is their budget on PPC? how well is their website designed? how well is it programmed? how well is it optimized? is there any consistency in themes such as color or design? what are the collective averages of the pages? where do you think you could improve?
  19. 19. keyword selection what keywords does our candidate type? how competitive are those keywords? how frequently are those keywords typed in per month? what are the variations of the keywords or search phrase? where is the unguarded gate? helpful tip: your keyword strategy is a build out theme or topic keywords, but only use 3 – 5 per page. you optimize a page, not a website.
  20. 20. what pages are needed? home about us product detail shopping cart what is the purpose of each webpage? home about product info collect data (i.e personal info) sell what keywords will you be using on each page?
  21. 21. optimization conversion is the science and art of creating an experience for a website visitor with the goal and understanding of how to convert that user into a customer or another metric
  22. 22. when you look at the BIG picture there's more to it then getting a top position in the SERPs
  23. 23. profitable websites and profitable careers are made by those who understand how to combine all of the above
  24. 24. A plan is essential
  25. 25. really good and effective internet marketing is a culmination of not only SEO efforts, but putting into practice basic marketing principles, executing a well planned strategy while combining good design and clean code.
  26. 26. The essential elements of seo can categorized into two areas:
  28. 28. Keyword(s) in page title PRIMARY ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION REQUIREMENTS Keyword(s) in headline <h1> keyword </h1> Keyword(s) bold, underline, italicized anchor text <a href=“”>keyword</a> Friendly URLs xml site map Image alt & title tags include keywords canonical tag well written meta description (this is a marketing optimization tip, not seo) avoid duplicate content avoid flash limit java script smallest possible file sizes
  30. 30. Back links……… way Reciprocated links…..both ways Two types of links concerning SEO Back links have much more value
  31. 31. How can you gain links? <waste of time> ask for or exchange links……</waste of time>
  32. 32. Anchor based text link are good, but need to watch averages of competitors Link Bait • Video • Games • Articles • Software or Apps What is the best way to gain links? Create link bait………
  33. 33. Do not design or build for yourself.
  34. 34. It is important to watch for signals. Understand and anticipate where the market is moving.
  35. 35. A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. Wayne Gretzky
  36. 36. prepare, plan, execute, analyze……rinse and repeat
  37. 37. yes no do you want to profit from your knowledge?