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Performing Quality Assurance.Key


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Performing Quality Assurance.Key

  1. 1. Performing Quality Assurance Brett Dillon RESNET Conference 2010
  2. 2. Overview Software Field IBS Method
  3. 3. Provider Has QAD• Quality Assurance Designee –Field inspects 1% –Reviews 10% of software files
  4. 4. Provider is responsible to “Provide” • Must be within 5% of annual heating, cooling and water heating load MMBtu’s • QAD must pass a 2 hour test with 100 questions and score over 90% correctly
  5. 5. Quality Assurance• Ensures consistent results among all Raters• Maintains public trust in Ratings industry• Encourages Raters to perform at their best
  6. 6. QAD• Selects the homes for the QA rating• Does not need the Rater’s permission
  7. 7. Software Files • Reasonable? • Unusual?
  8. 8. Field• Rater • DWH?• Date • Ceiling R-value• Address • Lighting?• QAD • Clothes Dryer?• Orientation? • Oven/Range?• Bedrooms? • Blower Door?• Dimensions? • Duct Leakage?• HVAC? • Equipment?
  9. 9. Contact Brett Dillon www.ibsadvisorsllc.comDesign support by Backyard Studios