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3 Specific Actions You Can Use to Improve Your App


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Three actionable items that app developers, designers and product people can use to improve their mobile apps. Presented at the 2015 NJ Mobile Developers Kickoff in Hoboken, NJ.

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3 Specific Actions You Can Use to Improve Your App

  1. 1. 3 Specific Actions You Can Use to Improve Your App 2015 NJ Mobile Developers Kickoff February 19, 2015
  2. 2. 1. Make A Good First Impression 2. Use Analysis Tools 3. Make It Habit Forming
  3. 3. A. First Open Introduction B. Account Creation C. First Time Help D. Asking For Permissions 1. Make A Good First Impression
  4. 4. ● Are you just pushing marketing messages? Don’t include an introduction. ● Are you just listing features? Don’t include an introduction. ● IN GENERAL: is it absolutely necessary to include an app introduction? If not, don’t include one. 1A. First Open Introduction
  5. 5. ● Don’t require account creation if you don’t need to - ask for an email address for your mailing list if that is all you want ● Let the user use certain app features before creating an account if possible ● If up front account creation is required, explain the reason and the benefits ● Offer social sign in (Facebook / Twitter) but don’t require it ● Don’t ask for too many details 1B. Account Creation
  6. 6. ● Empty lists? Populate with helpful information instead. ● Need to explain UI gestures? You might want to provide guidance. ● Need to explain how the menus work or other basic navigation and features? Maybe your app UI needs an overhaul or it is too complex in general. 1C. First Time Help
  7. 7. ● Ask for permissions as they are needed, not all at once ● Provide context and the reason for needing permissions ● Ask only for permissions that are needed 1D. Asking For Permissions
  8. 8. The Right Way to Ask Users for iOS Permissions: ios-permissions-96fa4eb54f2c Making a Great First Impression With Strong Onboarding Design: 1. Further Information
  9. 9. A. App Usage Tools B. Crash Reporting Tools C. Other Tools 2. Use Analysis Tools
  10. 10. 2A. App Usage Tools Tool Price iOS Android Flurry Analytics Free X X Universal (Google) Analytics Free X X Mixpanel Freemium X X Parse Analytics Free X X
  11. 11. 2B. Crash Reporting Tools Tool Price iOS Android Crashlytics Free X X Flurry Analytics Free X X HockeyApp Starts at $10/month X X Crittercism Freemium X X
  12. 12. 2C. Other Tools ● A/B Testing (Splitforce, Vessel, Hercules) ● Sales & Downloads (App Annie, appfigures, MOPAPP) ● App Store Optimization (MobileDevHQ, apptweak) ● Push Notifications (Parse, Urban Airship, PushWoosh)
  13. 13. List Of App Developer Tools: 2. Further Information
  14. 14. A. Make Actions Easy B. Variable Rewards C.Investment 3. Make It Habit Forming
  15. 15. ● The easier it is to get started, the more likely your users are to stay ● Decreasing barriers to entry over time: Homepage Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Yo 3A. Make Actions Easy
  16. 16. ● Users are motivated more for the anticipation of the reward rather than the reward itself ● Example: Facebook news feed, eBay auctions 3B. Variable Rewards
  17. 17. ● Users perceived value of a product increases as their investment in that product increases ● Example: portfolio of Instagram pictures 3C. Investment
  18. 18. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal: Products-ebook/dp/B00LMGLXTS 3. Further Information
  19. 19. Thanks! @brettdidonato