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We write great content and auto-feed it to your website and out to your Facebook and Twitter. Friends and followers see your articles and click to read more. They are delivered to your Virable site where all ad space is yours to do with as you please.

Drive traffic to your brand, get more leads, drive more sales.

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Virablemain slides

  1. 1. if youre interested in a simple and affordable social media tool that generates tangible results over time, read on. ready. here we go... virable is a content-driven social media marketing platform. what does that mean?
  2. 2. it means we produce interesting content such as blogs and articles that people want to a matter of fact, we produce a minimum 90 articles per month.
  3. 3. we write these articles so busypeople like you dont have to. the article topics range from marketing tips, to social media and technology, to theeconomy, and lifestyle pieces on health and entertainment.all articles are fed into our main content hub. this is where the magic begins.
  4. 4. from our main hub we the very instant one of ourautomatically feed content to articles arrives on your your site. virable site it immediately forwards to your Facebook and Twitter.
  5. 5. at facebook andtwitter your friends the underlying goaland followers see of all marketing isyour virable to motivate peoplecontent. to pass the word along.if they seesomething that to turn oneinterests them person, intothey either click ten, into athe link to read the hundred, intoarticle and if they thousands.really like it – theyshare! that is the power of social media marketing.
  6. 6. social media virable goes tomarketing begins great effort towith great content. produce content that will enticevirable writes people back to yourcatchy titles for virable site wheresocially-relevant you can advertisearticles. anything you want – a product, aall facebook posts businessinclude a opportunity, anythinthumbnail image g...designed to catchpeoples eye.
  7. 7. on your virable site we have strategically placed ad sections where you can advertise anything you want – a website, a splash page, it all links to you.
  8. 8. if you dont have a facebook page or twitter account, dont worry –well set it up for you. its all part of the deal...what you get... •a virable site – •90 articles per month (minimum) •automated facebook connection •automated twitter connection •6 premium ad spaces •2 featured articles of your choice •(plus social media tutorial videos and more...)the entire setup is handled with a 1-on-1 setup call.the call alone will teach you more about social media than you alreadyknow.
  9. 9. $29.95 setup $9.95 a month use our content to engage more people,drive more traffic, and close more business. get virable now