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Film catalogue

  1. 1. Small scale research- A2 Film Studies Brett Egan.Film Catalogue-Books 1. Masters of Cinema, David Lynch– by Thierry Jausse. This book attempts to delve into David Lynch’s mind and suggests topics that he seems to cover in a range of his films. I am using this book to study David Lynch’s early life and themes such as what his films are based on and where he takes inspiration from. 2. Movie Makers Masterclass ‘Private lessons from the world’s foremost directors’- Laurent Tirard.A book that looks at David Lynch’s styles and possible inspiration from other directors such as Federico Fellini. The book also looks at Lynch’s obsessive use of sound and the powerful atmosphere it creates in his films. 3. Fifty Contemporary Filmmakers- Yvonne Tasker. This book covers some pages on David Lynch and his directing styles. I will use this book to look at his styles and attempt to find any information or opinion on ideas he employs into his film narrative. 4. The Cinema of David Lynch ‘American Dreams, Nightmare Visions’- Erica Sheen and Annette Davison. This is a book underlining David Lynch’s themes which are highlighted over his whole filmography. This book will help me greatly in my presentation script as I can write about his use of opposing the ‘American dream’ and intertextual references to film noir which has led to him being labelled as having a ‘neo-noir’ style.Newspaper 5. Film Review on ‘Mulholland Drive’ by Philip French from the Observer newspaper-Philip French deconstructs my focus film ‘Mulholland Drive’ and interprets each scene from his critical perspective..I am using this source to see how an outside source apart from just David Lynch can decipher the conceptual meanings and metaphors in his films.Philip French also focuses on Lynch stereotyping women through their hair colours; something which I will look to bring up.Internet 6. IMDb- The Internet Movie Database gives users information on a movies award success, cast, budget, box office stats and more as well as having bio’s on top directors, editors actors and producers. I am using the internet movie database to retrieve information from David Lynch’s
  2. 2. early life and some famous quotes of his that may explain his inspirations. 7. Wikipedia- - Complete David Lynch biography and filmography. I am using the complete biography file from Wikipedia to analyse David Lynch’s directing styles and find out which other fellow directors influenced his work and who he may have influenced. The file also touches on him being a surrealist and having his dreams and visions that brought him ‘Eraserhead’- which is another of my related films. 8. YouTube- – David Lynch press conference ‘Ideas are like fish’. This press conference shows David Lynch’s abstract theories and complex opinion and view on subject matter; something which is directly mirrored in his films. 9. YouTube- – The opening clip of Federico Fellini’s ‘8½’. I’m using this clip as it says in a number of my sources that Fellini’s abstract, dream-like plots inspired Lynch and this shows how they are similar in their use of surrealistic implicature.Films 10. Film: Mulholland Drive- This is a related film of David Lynch I will be using in comparison with the others to look at Lynch’s style of directing. I will be analysing it to find any unusual and abstract techniques that is typical of David Lynch’s style. In particular I will look for a theme that David Lynch tends to explore such as the distorted American dream and it’s self- destruction. 11. Film: Blue Velvet- This is one of my related films. I will be analysing David Lynch’s themes and abstract techniques such as the elements of ‘Film Noir’ and Dorothy Vallens mirroring the ‘Femme Fatale’. 12. Film: Lost Highway- This is my focus film I have chosen to study for my research on David Lynch and I will be watching for his themes and see if there is any patterns with the narrative logic and themes behind them. I will look at another theme which has been addressed by my book sources that Lynch’s characters are distorted and tend to be on the verge of mental madness. 13. Film: Eraserhead- I chose to add Eraserhead to my related films to get more of a wider choice of his films. Also there’s a different theme to this film and I can use it as it’s one of his earliest works so I can maybe see how his ideas have been influenced from an early stage in his career. I will analyse in particular the idea of the setting being in a different world and how the use of sound can create a bubble of surrealism.
  3. 3. Film Extras and Documentaries. 14. DVD extras of behind the scenes with David Lynch and the cast from ‘Lost Highway’- This is a DVD extra that came with my focus film ‘Lost Highway’and features interviews with the cast and behind the scenes with David Lynch.This could be useful to my research as we get the casts opinions on David Lynch’s styles as they’ve worked with him.Magazines 15. Sight and Sound film magazine- Mark Figgis interviews David Lynch about his newest film Inland Empire. However I think this will be useful to my research because he explains some of his themes, techniques and abstract theories behind his directing influence. 16. Media Magazine- exemplar of David Lynch small scale research case study-This is a model example of a small scale research project that also focuses partly on David Lynch. Thiswill help me plan out my layout and structure my presentation script also. Also it may be useful to note what has been said of David Lynch’s recurring themes (if any).Podcasts- 17. KCRW radio station interview with David Lynch (February 1997)- A live interview between Chris Doridas and David Lynch talking about complex issues about narrative and relationship between characters and Lynch himself. This will help me as I can raise another point that Lynch chooses his main characters based on his own naïve personality, especially in his younger days. Unused Items. 18. Film review on ‘Mulholland Drive’ by Jane Douglas of the BBC- A review from the BBC website on my focus film ‘Mulholland Drive’. I am using another review of my focus film to show a variation of opinions on a David Lynch film. 19. article that attempts to take a descent into the themes behind Lost Highway and its distorted characters and twisted narrative. 20. The Short Films of David Lynch (2002)-A Documentary on David Lynch’s first short stories and how they helped form the reputation he has today of being a surrealist. It features various short interview sequences questioning Lynch on his motifs and ideas as well as showing footage of key scenes from his short films. This will help me because I can see if he used ideas
  4. 4. or certain elements from early stages in his career and note if his style has changed at allsince then.