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Linking your business to the Spanish community.

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Conexion One Overview

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Linking you<br />to the<br />Spanish Language Community <br />
  3. 3. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Core Competency<br />Conexion One provides both Business Process and Contact Center Outsourcing Services towards the Spanish speaking population in the USA.<br />We manage and improve non-core functions - such as Customer Service, Sales, Collections and Procurement while enabling our clients to focus on their strategic agenda. <br />Conexion One provides a comprehensive solution portfolio that is flexible to support our clients business needs as well as assurance so that benefits are realized rapidly with the least amount of risk.<br />
  4. 4. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />The benefits of outsourcing with Conexion One<br />Financial ValueOutsourcing allows companies to reduce costs through labor arbitrage, process reengineering and leveraging best practices and economies of scale.    <br />Operational ValueThrough leverage of innovative processes, the latest technologies, and economies of scale, Conexion One drives change that results in greater efficiencies and standardization for our clients.<br />Strategic ValueOutsourcing allows for the re-distribution of time and resources to core business areas that directly impact shareholder value.<br />
  5. 5. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Delivery Methods<br />Inbound/Outbound VoiceLive agent, recorded message delivery, power-dialer, supervised transfers<br />Email/Chat<br />Inbound/Outbound message delivery, website, third party applications<br />SMSInbound/Outbound mobile telephone message delivery, proximity marketing<br />Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn monitoring, posting, competitive intelligence<br />
  6. 6. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />USA Operations <br /><ul><li>Headquartered in Houston Texas.
  7. 7. USA based program managers and support.
  8. 8. In-house software development.
  9. 9. Experts in the USA Hispanic marketplace.
  10. 10. Industry leader in Spanish language based services.
  11. 11. Microsoft Gold Certified developer.</li></li></ul><li>Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Mexico City Contact Center<br /><ul><li>3,100 agent seat capacity
  12. 12. 2-acre secure compound with on-site security
  13. 13. 50,000 SF building with earthquake protection
  14. 14. Full battery and 600 hour diesel generator backup
  15. 15. 5X redundant Telco carrier facilities
  16. 16. 3X redundant internet access
  17. 17. 24x7 on-site network operations center
  18. 18. High secure bio-metric access with full video security
  19. 19. Redundant virtual server(s) with off-site data storage
  20. 20. Class-5 carrier grade ACD with 3X redundancy
  21. 21. Disaster recovery mirror center located in Toluca MX
  22. 22. Mexico Government certified</li></li></ul><li>Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Conexion One Technology<br /><ul><li>Microsoft© Gold Certified Solution.
  23. 23. Designed to personalize customer specific needs.
  24. 24. Monitoring, screen recording, scripting and reporting.
  25. 25. Exclusive “look-ahead” program management.
  26. 26. Customer CRM integration.
  27. 27. Remote live call couching, monitoring and barge-in.
  28. 28. Skills based routing with inbound/outbound blending.
  29. 29. Predictive high capacity dialer with answer detection.
  30. 30. Outbound managed recorded message delivery.
  31. 31. Non-blocking inbound IVR.
  32. 32. Per-call/program caller ID morphing.</li></li></ul><li>Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Our team is your advantage<br />
  33. 33. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Agent Recruitment<br /><ul><li>Highest education rate in Latin America.
  34. 34. 20+ accredited universities to recruit from.
  35. 35. 50+ Technical colleges to recruit from.
  36. 36. Local employment seminars.
  37. 37. Advanced degree availability.
  38. 38. Certified bilingual English and Spanish.
  39. 39. Understanding of American Hispanic culture.</li></li></ul><li>Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Agent Selection Process<br />All Agent recruits must meet stringent standards in order to be classified as an Agent Candidate and be accepted into our Core-X Training<br />Aptitude test that is a version of the USA General Education Development “GED”<br />Personality assessment based on overall teaming, work habits and communication skills.<br />Background verification on past employment, legal, criminal and work status.<br />Verification of all attended high school, university and college.<br />
  40. 40. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Agent Candidate Training<br />Brand Team<br />Member<br />Brand<br />Assignment<br />Brand<br />Training<br />Language and Personality Skills<br />6<br />1<br />5<br />Brand and Program Selection <br />Agent Candidate<br />Orientation<br />Core<br />Training<br />We invest over 160 hours on each individual Agent candidate training before they are qualified and accepted into a specific program.<br />4<br />2<br />Call Center Simulator<br />ACD System<br />Process and Control<br />3<br />iKTK CRM System<br />Process and Control<br />
  41. 41. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Brand Team Member<br /><ul><li>6.2 year average employment term within our centers.
  42. 42. Our team ecosystem is open and supportive of each other.
  43. 43. Objectives will not be assumed by the team until the objectives are clearly understood by all members.
  44. 44. We promote and award mutual trust and support.
  45. 45. Awarded for exceeding results.
  46. 46. Extremely proud of their brand they work for.</li></li></ul><li>Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Four key factors in selecting a Spanish language<br />contact center solution<br />Dialect<br />Use a Spanish language dialect that is common toward your intended audience.<br />Match personalities to specific programs.<br />Have an understanding of telephone etiquette within the Hispanic marketplace. <br />Adhere to mannerisms that are customary within your customer set.<br />Personality<br />Etiquette<br />Mannerism<br />
  47. 47. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />English Language in the USA has over 15 diverse but subtle <br />Dialects, Personality, Etiquette and Mannerisms<br />Most people can recognize at least three<br />New York<br />Southern<br />Minnesota <br />
  48. 48. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />70% of Spanish language in the USA has one common form of Dialect, Personality, Etiquette and Mannerism.<br />Mexico Origin<br />
  49. 49. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />2009 survey into US Hispanic market measuring overall satisfaction with outsourced Spanish language contact centers<br />Call Center Location<br />Satisfaction Rate<br />A measurable rate of success is obtained by using the most common Spanish dialect spoken in the USA. <br />
  50. 50. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Global Outsourcing Report<br />Mexico Business Risk Summary<br />Mexico<br />Risk Dimensions<br />POLITICAL RISK: <br /><ul><li>Lower overall risk than other off-shoring destinations.
  51. 51. Very stable government.
  52. 52. Free market economy including close allies with USA.</li></ul>LEGAL RISK:<br /><ul><li>Adequate legal system and copyright and trademarks are aggressively enforced.
  53. 53. NAFTA regulations add trade stability and protection.</li></ul>CULTURAL RISK:<br /><ul><li>Mexico’s geographic proximity and similar time zones mean close commercial ties.</li></ul>IMIGRATION IMPACT:<br /><ul><li>Initial reports are confirming that the immigration impact for every one position placed in Mexico keeps two people from illegally immigrating to the USA.</li></li></ul><li>Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Global Outsourcing Report<br />Latin America Business Risk Summary<br />Medium Risk<br />
  54. 54. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />#1 Growth Opportunity this decade<br />Some 52% of US Hispanics report speaking primarily Spanish , while 43% say they speak mostly English.<br />Among Hispanics surveyed, a study found that regardless of language spoken, Hispanics overall take advantage of their bilingual abilities by using, accessing and enjoying media in both languages.<br />
  55. 55. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />USA Hispanic purchasing power<br /><ul><li>Hispanics are American’s fastest growing market segment.
  56. 56. It is recommended that in a business, it is always good to target the majority, and as time goes by, Hispanics are fast fitting that definition.
  57. 57. The U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has been estimated at a staggering $870 billion in 2008, and continues to grow.
  58. 58. By the end of 2015, it is estimated to reach as much as 1.3 trillion</li></li></ul><li>Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Companies that trust Conexion One <br />with their Spanish language customers<br />
  59. 59. Spanish Language Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions<br />Conexion One is interested in helping you<br /><ul><li>Reduce overall cost by 60%
  60. 60. Increase results by 80%
  61. 61. Small test and evaluation programs available.
  62. 62. Only pay for the hours used.
  63. 63. Process the calls from your location.
  64. 64. Service Level Agreements
  65. 65. Our technology seamlessly integrates with yours.
  66. 66. Gain more control.</li></ul>1-877-486-4239 <br /><br /><br />