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Lee Friedlander                                                                     Las Vegas (2002)This photo is taken in...
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Lee Friedlander analysis K.Brett


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A photo analysis of the work of another photographer.

Published in: Education
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Lee Friedlander analysis K.Brett

  1. 1. Lee Friedlander Las Vegas (2002)This photo is taken in a car stationery at traffic lights; a person on a journey; buildings alongthe road, a wing mirror is in view and we can see the reflection showing a bridge thephotographer has just passed.The dark interior of the car aside the brightness of day and vividness of the building createsa good contrast and balance between light and dark. The foreground interest is the inside ofthe car which also frames the buildings. We have two focal points firstly the buildings whichour eyes are instantly drawn to and the wing mirror which shows us a reflection. Theposition of the mirror demonstrates the rule of thirds as it is positioned along theintersecting lines. The leading lines of the bending traffic lights, lamppost and the bottom ofthe window frame all lead your eyes to the buildings.The perspective is interesting as it is taken within a car, and the meaning of this image is ajourney about moving forward while still looking back – which is demonstrated by thepassing reflection. The person is going somewhere in the city but not letting go of the past.I think this photo is visually stimulating and dynamic as it has a deeper meaning and morethan one focal point. The perspective is intriguing and you feel as if you are the personlooking out of the window and moving forward on a journey.