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Breton companies at Arab Health 2018


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Breton companies at Arab Health 2018

  1. 1. France - Bretagne Pavilion ARAB HEALTH - Dubai 29 January>1 February 2018 Exhibitors list Za'abeel Hall 2
  3. 3. Floor Plan 3 FranceBretagnePavilion
  4. 4. Contact: Yassir BELHAJ Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D57 1137a av. des Champs Blancs 35 510 CESSON-SéVIGNé FRANCE @FARASHA_CARE « Speack the language of your body » FARASHA is a energetic and dynamic team composed of high qualified engineers, cardiologists, university researchers, dermatologists, physicians, international athletes, and other experts. We spent several years of R&D and developed science partnerships including European and American hospitals and athletics federations to design the next generation of medical and sport devices in order to prevent in real time cardiovascular diseases. Our products are highly reliable, accurate, user-friendly, and holistic as we take account of one’s psychological state beyond the mathematical data. FARASHA wants to go further with connected health. We want to allow everyone to understand deeply and in real time their body, surpass their limits by knowing them precisely, anticipate by watching their health, prevent cardiovascular diseases and share their data with loved ones and health professional sports monitoring. All in a secure way. 4 Farasha Labs - Blood pressure - Heart sound recording - Bpm - ECG - Sleep & Apnea - Temperature - Medicine tracking - Consultation reminder - Health book MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE SPORT - Built-in GPS - Waterproof/10m - Dehydration - Workout analysis - Workout design - Sport performances - Speed/Pace/Altitude - Bpm/Temperature MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE - Blood pressure MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE - Blood pressure MEDICAL & HEALTHCAREMEDICAL & HEALTHCARE - Health book SPORTSPORT - Workout analysis - Dehydration - Waterproof/10m - Built-in GPS - Workout analysis - Waterproof/10m asha - Sport performances - Bpm/Temperature - Speed/Pace/Altitude - Sport performances - Workout design - Bpm/Temperature - Speed/Pace/Altitude - Sport performances - Workout design MEDICAL - HEALTLTHCARE - SP FarashaORT
  5. 5. Contact: Céline QuéRON Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D65 2 av. du Professeur Léon Bernard 35 043 RENNES FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)6 38 95 85 26 @ID2SANTE ID2SANTÉ is a technology innovation centre operating in the Bretagne region (Western France). It is in close contact with academia and industry from the health sector and helps forge partnerships to develop innovative health projects. It is able to connect you with regional key players and experts in areas such as: • Medical technologies with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes (medical devices, computer assisted surgery, imaging, intraocular implants, orthopedic implants) • E-health, telemedicine, big data processing • New therapeutic solutions with biotech/pharmaceuticals • Prevention, nutrition and health. 5 ID2Santé Copyrights:ID2Santé-CHURennes
  6. 6. Contact: Guillaume BESSON Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D59 Rue Lucien Rosengart 22 190 PLéRIN FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)2 96 01 69 80 MEDISONIC is a French company that provides to gaz pipe line system installators a wide range of equipment for medical gaz application from various manufactors: • Medical vacuum system • Medical air production system • Medical oxygene production system • Pressure regulators • Medical valves • Second stage regulators • Terminal unit Afnor • DIN • BSI standard • Bed head units. We supply the medical cooper pipes and all accessories for manufacturing on site, engineering support for design. 6 MediSonic
  7. 7. Contact: Hélène BONNIEC Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D53 44c rue du Bray 35 510 CESSON-SéVIGNé FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)2 23 35 53 40 ORTHORIGINAL is a French company specialised in Orthopaedic Instruments, located in Brittany - France. The company - ISO 13485 certified - has been operating for 11 years. We develop our own instrument range manufactured in western Europe. Our current range encompasses specialised revision instruments: Femoral Stem Extractors, Acetabular Cup Extractors, Screw Extraction Sets, Nail Extractors and many other solutions. We also provide specialised primary instruments for Hips, Knees, Shoulders as well as Patient Positioning Equipment on the operating table. ORTHORIGINAL is also able to develop instruments and implants according to the need of your market. 7 Orthoriginal - Askorn Medical
  8. 8. Contact: Frédéric MITTRE Za'abeel Hall 2 Z2.E58 Zone Actipole - 2 rue St-Coulban 35 540 MINIAC-MORVAN FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 82 87 73 @Pharmaouest PHARMAOUEST INDUSTRIES is a French company specialized in Medical Devices in bedsores prevention and daily living aids. Based in France we are a family company of 200 employees. We are leader in our market for foam and air mattresses and cushions. Our Research department is very active and looks every year for new products. 8 Pharmaouest Industries
  9. 9. Contact: Marine CHAuVIN Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D61 6 boulevard de la Boutière 35 760 SAINT-GRéGOIRE FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)2 57 21 90 55 @CHPStGregoire Ranked best clinic in France for many years, SAINT- GREGOIRE PRIVATE HOSPITAL brings together medical and complementary paramedical teams within one structure in combination with the latest-generation equipment and facilities. A team of more than 235 doctors practices in almost 30 surgical and medical. Our consultation and hospitalisation establishment hosts a medical analysis laboratory, a medical imaging center (radiology, CT scanner, MRI), a nuclear medicine center (gamma cameras for scintigraphy, PET scans), a radiotherapy center (linear accelerators), a refractive surgery centre, a cryotherapy centre, a brachytherapy center, an institute devoted to musculoskeletal system. 9 Saint-Grégoire Private Hospital
  10. 10. Contact: Pierre NABAD Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D63 Zi de Kervilou 29 000 QuIMPER FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)2 98 90 14 84 For a better confort, SWEDI PRO® uses only top quality leather with anti-bacterial and anti-sweating properties. In the last 40 years, SWEDI PRO® has developed the largest range of shoes dedicated to the Health Professions and catering. The development and monitoring of SWEDI PRO® shoes is managed in our own production unit in Portugal. 10 Swedi Pro - Nabad
  11. 11. Contact: Elias OuSSALAH Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D69 8 square du Chêne Germain 35 510 CESSON-SéVIGNé FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 36 65 99 @TelecomSante TÉLÉCOM SANTÉ provides digital solutions to the healthcare industry, with the bold focus to offer high quality tools to improve patient services, to ease internal processes and to optimize the centers’ operations. All our solutions are tailored to answer and to adapt our customers’ requirements. We are determined to play a significant role in the improvement of the digital tools, to enhance patients comforts and to provide multiple benefits to healthcare providers. • Strong technical capabilities and know-how. • Awarded by several official healthcare institutions. • Market leader in the bedside terminal segment. 11 Télécom Santé
  12. 12. Contact: Cemil GöKSu Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D55 4 rue Jean Jaurès 35 000 RENNES FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)6 18 70 38 67 @therenva Since 2007, THERENVA has focused on improving endovascular treatments through efficient and user- friendly image guidance solutions. Our portfolio includes the leading case planning software EndoSize® and the 3D intraoperative navigation system EndoNaut®. The EndoSize software is used by vascular surgeons and cardiologists worldwide in clinical routine, and tailored to the needs of global implant device manufacturers ( The EndoNaut unique system (CE and FDA cleared) makes image fusion technology compatible with any mobile C-arm in standard operating rooms ( 12 Therenva
  13. 13. Za'abeel Hall 2 - Z2.D67 13 Bretagne Commerce International is a non-profit organization of private companies located in Western France. Entrusted by the Regional Government of Bretagne and the Regional Chamber of Commerce to internationalize the Breton economy, it assists Breton companies in their international development as well as foreign companies planning to invest in Bretagne. Through customized and collective activities, Bretagne Commerce International is committed to: E Raising awareness about international business opportunities E Supporting companies with administrative issues E Helping companies start and then consolidate their business. Bretagne Commerce International Contact: Patrick CADIOu Le Colbert 35 place du Colombier - CS 71238 35 012 RENNES cedex FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 25 04 04 @BCInter CreditphotoE.PainBDIMarqueBretagne
  14. 14. E From one of the founding countries of the European Union, you will be able to expand on a market of 510 million consumers with a high purchasing power. E Thanks to an outstandingly high level of initial education, you will benefit from a workforce which is able to adapt to the constant evolution of products and services easily. E Enjoying a high quality of life environment, you will find opportunities for innovation, R&D and competitiveness, which is the evidence of great scientific and technological skills. Why invest in Bretagne? • 28,000 km² • 3.25 million people (+23,000 inhab/year) • €83,4 billion GDP • 1st Agri-Food region in France • 1st Agricultural region in France • 1st Fishing region • 1st region for Shipbuilding and repair • 1st region in Marine Science & Technology • 1st region for filing of High Tech European patents in France • 2nd region for Digital R&D in France Land of excellence: Digital, Automotive, Marine, Agriculture and Agri-Food Developing sectors: Marine Renewable Energy, Green Vehicles, Eco-Activities, Biotech, Security & Defence Bretagne plays host to almost 490 foreign companies Bretagne economy: a snapshot Bretagne and its strong industrial dynamics
  15. 15. Focus on HEALTHCARE SECTOR • 2 university hospitals (10,000 jobs) • 198 public or private healthcare establishments • 4 universities • 20 “grandes écoles” (higher education institutions) • 9 technical centers • 7 high-tech parks • ID2Santé: the innovation & technology transfer center A rich network Expertise e Medical technologies for diagnostics & therapeutics e E-health e Biotech & Pharma e Prevention & Health nutrition Biotech in Bretagne e #1 French region in Marine biotechnology e #3 French region in Biotechnology e 250 players e 3 marine biology stations 25 research units dedicated to Health and 35 involved in Health research +600 researchers 215 companies employing 8,000 persons Bretagne, innovating for a more integrated management of Health & Wellbeing
  16. 16. B2B meetings - Workshops Networking - On-site visits 2-3-4 July 2018 FRANCE - Rennes SEIZE NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN WESTERN FRANCE & BEYOND BUSINESSWSEIZE NE BUSINESS & BEYOND WESTERN FR NITIES INTUOPPOR BUSINESSWSEIZE NE ANCEWESTERN FR NITIES IN BUSINESS FR ennesANCE - RFR 03-4 July 2-2 ennes 810 wetN B2B meetings - n-sitking - Oorw orWWorB2B meetings - e visitsn-sit kshopsor FR opendelint.www ennesANCE - RFR national.eropendelint ennes wetN comnational. n-sitking - Oorw e visitsn-sit