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Team BC - Social Media and the P-Word


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Policy. What’s the point? In this interactive session, Carrie and Brent will take the social media discussion one step further than Social Media 101. Those attending will walk away with a better understanding of ways to manage social media, factors to consider when implementing a social media policy and how to evaluate the effectiveness of it all.

This session is about you and how to determine what type of policy works for you and your institution. Come prepared to discuss how you’re currently using social media to further your institution's goals.

Team BC -

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Team BC - Social Media and the P-Word

  1. 1. Social Media and the P word   TEAM BC // follow US :   A properly crafted policy 1. Won’t paint you into a corner 2. Help to create leverage 3. Works for you! Risks of being in social media 1. Letting people talk about your institution 2. Be honest about potential negative issues 3. Exposing skeletons in the closet Benefits of being in social media 1. Others tell it better 2. The message is real 3. Fun and engaging Policy vs guidelines • Policy - rigid, authoritative, unwavering, push, “set in stone” • Guideline - didactic, fungible, suggestive, framework, nudge, pull Policy cons 1. elite group may not be willing to relinquish control over fear of negative comments 2. Typically go through upper management - not easy to change Policy Pros 1. easier to enforce campus wide 2. compelled to play by the rules Guideline cons 1. may not be seen as legitimate 2. May be ignored
  2. 2. Social Media and the P word   TEAM BC // follow US :   Guideline pros 1. allows more freedom to monitor and adjust 2. reiterate existing university wide guidelines and incorporate social media in to them Basic elements to a policy Introduction to Social Media that answers: • What is Social Media? • Why is this important to Your institution? • Why this is important to You as an employee? Role of a manager - know what’s involved Define official social media: • Presence • Usage • Management Best practices Ways to frame a policy 1. Brand considerations 2. Legal considerations Practical considerations 1. who owns the facebook page or twitter account? 2. who has access? 3. Who manages? 4. Who updates guidelines/policy? A completed policy should 1. Tell you how to communicate 2. Tell you how to respond to internal issues
  3. 3. Social Media and the P word   TEAM BC // follow US :   bibliography Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment 037.pdf Arkansas Tech University - Social Media Guidelines df Chris Syme!/cksyme DePaul - Brand Resources Fifteen University Social Media Policies n-university-social-media-policies/ How We Tell Our Story: Communication Standards for the University of Oregon (PDF) Seattle University - Social Media Policy SHSU - proposed Social Media Policy and Procedures Manual universe/pdf/50_08_SHSU_PolicyManual_R04.pdf SHSU Students Protest Social Media Policy With Signs, Slogans, and 'Censored Free Speech Wall'
  4. 4. Social Media and the P word   TEAM BC // follow US :   Social Media Rules of the Road: Policy vs. Guideline media-rules-of-the-road-policy-vs-guideline/ Southwest Airlines Social Media Guidelines elines2010_final.pdf SUNY Oswego - InsideTimsHead hours-in-photos-at-suny-oswego-lets-see-what- develops/ SUNY Oswego - 24 Hours in Photos: Friday, Dec. 2 Tufts University - Social Media Best Practices and Guidelines University of Central Arkansas - Social Media Guidelines guidelines/social-media-guidelines/ University of Oregon - Social Media Best Practices University’s Proposed Social-Media Policy Draws Cries of Censorship social-media-policy-draws-cries-of-censorship/33898