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Workplace Learning & Collaboration With OA+


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A slide presentation that highlights features of our OA+ platform for small and medium size businesses (and non profits).

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Workplace Learning & Collaboration With OA+

  1. 1. Work Place Learning & Collaboration with Open Atrium TM
  2. 2. WebPeople Results Tools
  3. 3. My Roll is Helping You: Integrate social tech in and outside your business;Use social media to increase & deepen relationships with stakeholders; Adopt social strategies that attracts & retains outstanding Staff; Use social tech to share, collaborate & innovate;Demystify social media so you can apply it to everyday business challenges
  4. 4. Typical Business Challenges in a climate ofrapid change, complexity and connectivityIncrease Financial Sustainability & Positive Growth Increase Users, Supporters & Partners Attract & Retain Outstanding Staff Increase Capacity to Respond & Adapt Quickly Create & Follow a Communications Strategy that Builds Stakeholder Loyalty
  5. 5. The Elephant Looks Like ThisSocial Media and the Impact in how we learn in the workplace – Jane Hart C4LPT
  6. 6. Current Conditions in the Workplace The social learning revolution has only just begun. Corporations that understand the value of knowledge sharing, teamwork, informal learning and joint problem solving are investing heavily in collaboration technology and are reaping the early rewards.Jay Cross – Internet Time Alliance
  7. 7. Current Research The 3 A’s – Conceptual AgeKnowledge Workers - priorities Dysfunction in the Workplace
  8. 8. A customized Open Source Affordable Solution
  9. 9. United by Networked & Social Learning Harold Jarche 2011
  10. 10. OA+
  11. 11. Open Atrium Increasing Ability to: GrowPublic Relations Nurture RevenueCultureIncrease a Learning(HR) Members or Users Improve Staff Strengthen
  12. 12. Benefits
  13. 13. Open Atrium is a platform for: Partner Collaboration Intranet Group/Project Collaboration Value CreationPrivate Collaboration or Social Knowledge Management & Learning
  14. 14. Open Atrium Main Features Dashboard Notebook BlogFolder (repository) Case Tracker Calendar Shoutbox Discussion Contacts
  15. 15. Screen shot – blog post
  16. 16. Blog Post editor
  17. 17. Notebook
  18. 18. BookOutline, Attachments, Notifications, Save,
  19. 19. Calendar
  20. 20. Groups
  21. 21. Markham Convergence Centre
  22. 22. TestimonialsEmma – National Gaucher FoundationRosanne – Aurora United Church;Radha – Harm Reduction Coalition of York Region
  23. 23. Brent MacKinnonbrent@socialmediatools.ca 905.751.6075