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Social Media for Improved Performance & Collaboration


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An overview of social media program integration, changing face of workplace culture and collaboration platform for increasing outcomes.

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Social Media for Improved Performance & Collaboration

  1. 1. Brent MacKinnon Community y25 years in non profit sector Child & Youth Worker10 years social media consulting Community of Practice – youth poverty Youth Community Research Mapping; Community Development; School to Community; Employment Training; Treatment Counseling; Multi-partner Youth Centre; Youth Worker Training & Education; Street Work & Service Coordination; Harm Reduction; Youth Mental Health; Youth Justice; Boards of Directors & Coalitions Krasman Centre; AIDS Committee of York Region; Aurora Community Tennis Club; Harm Reduction Coalition of York Region; Talking About Addiction & Mental Illness;
  2. 2. Coaching & Consulting; Social Media Program Integration; Wordpress Coaching;New Media (video, audio, storytelling etc.) Website Assessment & Implementation;
  3. 3. I Aspire to Help You Integrate Deepen relationships;Attract & retain outstanding staff; Share, collaborate & innovate; Demystify
  4. 4. Presentation Goals Increase knowledge of how social media can addcapacity to the organization & improve performance; Identify Possible Starting Points; Experience “hands on” social media tools;
  5. 5. Social Media Revolution 2011
  6. 6. Social media are just the external face ofthe web. The real issue is how to work in a hyper-connected economy & live in a hyper-connected society. Harold Jarche – Life in Perpetual Beta
  7. 7. First Rule: The tools are the tools. The tools are not the thing.
  8. 8. Your organization doesn’t plug into Social Media. Social Media plugs into your organization.
  9. 9. The Elephant Also Looks Like ThisSocial Media and the Impact in how we learn in the workplace – Jane Hart C4LPT
  10. 10. Current Conditions in the Workplace The social learning revolution has only just begun. Corporations that understand the value of knowledge sharing, teamwork, informal learning and joint problem solving are investing heavily in collaboration technology and are reaping the early rewards.Jay Cross – Internet Time Alliance
  11. 11. Current Research The 3 A’s – Conceptual AgeKnowledge Workers - priorities Dysfunction in the Workplace
  12. 12. Work Performance Challenges for Nonprofits(that social learning practices & media could address)
  13. 13. Work Performance Challenges for Nonprofits(that social learning practices & media could address)
  14. 14. Work has Changed
  15. 15. ROI for social media in business ispretty obvious: reducing wasted timeThe largest stated benefit of organizations usingsocial media is increasing speed of access toknowledge (McKinsey 2010).Simple tools like Doodle can make scheduling abreeze. Social networks like Twitter or LinkedInlet you find the right people faster.
  16. 16. Second largest search engine in the world, only to Google  Millions of people are content publishers now. Facebook has over 500 MILLION users Twitter now has over 100 MILLION registered users. 55,000,000 tweets per day. 37% of users tweet from their phones. Don’t forget…All talking to each other all day long.
  17. 17. Brand Management: Momentum Drivers Awareness Do enough people know about us? Do enough people think about us? Context Do people think of us in the right way? Value Do people understand our value? What we offer? Relevance Do people appreciate our value to them? CatalystsDo people have a reason to think about us? To engage with us? To buy into us?
  18. 18. Ways in which Social Media can help an association: Outcomes Net New Members, Increased Frequency of Donations and Volunteerism, Increased yield (average $ value per donation), added exposure Member Support Immediate feedback and response, positive impact in public forum, cost reduction, Increased interactions, more varied interactions, portable resources (mobile) Human ResourcesMore effective recruiting, online monitoring of employee behavior (risk management) Public Relations Online Reputation Management, improved brand image via Social Web, Clarification of purpose & value, Direct communication with public Member Loyalty Increased interactions, better quality of interactions, deeper relationship with cause,Increased trust in organization, increased mindshare of cause, greater values alignment
  19. 19. Organizations need to raise money and/or get results. Talk needs to impact behavior.
  20. 20. Leveraging Social Communications Social media is there to drive,amplify and reinforce all of these things: Awareness Context Value Relevance Interactions Transactions
  21. 21. Give me a good reason why I should assign resources to this thing.The dragon wants to know how this will help the org.
  22. 22. I’m a Social Media guru. Only measureBehold my army of followers. followers, fans, visitors,My personal brand is golden. downloads, click-throughs, mentions and web stats. That’s Social Media measurement, baby! Dig it. And please, no more of this.
  23. 23. Personal Knowledge ManagementPersonal KnowledgeManagement (PKM) is away to make sense ofinformation and experience.It is a way to deal with ever-increasing digitalinformation and requires anopen attitude tolearning and finding newthings (I Seek).PKM prepares the mind to beopen to new ideas(enhanced serendipity).
  24. 24. “Social media is technology used to engagethree or more people.Social learning is participating with othersto make sense of new ideas. What’s new is how powerfully they worktogether.” - Marcia Conner, The New Social Learning
  25. 25. Interest in social collaboration tools are fuelled by 3 factors: The desire to capture and re-use knowledge; The need to maintain human connections across a disparate workforce; The pressure to modernize systems to meet new workforce demands.
  26. 26. Tipping Point Approaching 10% + Creators Spreading Ideas
  27. 27. Power of Social Media is Getting Things DoneSocial learning is the lubricant ofnetworked, collaborative work.Therefore we need to redesign workstructures that foster self-organized(social) groups for learning andworking. Harold Jarche: Internet Time Alliance
  28. 28. United by Networked & Social Learning Harold Jarche 2011
  29. 29. Collaboration
  30. 30. Open Atrium is a platform for: Partner Collaboration Intranet Group/Project Collaboration Value CreationPrivate Collaboration or Social Knowledge Management & Learning
  31. 31. Open Atrium Main FeaturesDashboard Notebook Blog Folder Case Tracker Calendar(repository) Shoutbox Discussion Contacts
  32. 32. Collaboration Platform – Public or Private A Few Examples: (private)• Social Artistry – A Virtual Knowledge Cafe• Harm Reduction Coalition – Planning & Collaboration• Gaucher Foundation Digital Story – Project Planning• Markham Convergence Centre – Partnerships, Planning & Innovation• Benchmark Study Tour – National Youth Service
  33. 33. WebPeople Results Tools Brent MacKinnon 905.751.6075
  34. 34. AccreditationHarold Jarche – Life in Perpetual BetaJane Hart – Centre for Workplace Learning & PerformanceOlivier Blanchard - Social Media R.O.I.