Actc year round tennis vision


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Discussion document to use with possible partners and stakeholders.

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  • For PDF on Radiant Heating Technology go here can rent trailer and run admin, payed out of revenue;
  • meet their Mission/goals of increasing access for recreational & cultural assetsTown purchases for $2.00 the tent and ribs; The Board has a long term (20 years access) to the facilities; This would meet long term Board Mission goals and be applied activities such as graduation events; special occasions;
  • This is the vision; its a truss structure; not a bubble; radiant heating is 50% the cost of forced air heating in a typical bubbleThis is a working tennis club with the type of environment we want. Daytime no lights are needed;The hanging lights are metal hylide – we have fluorescent lighting specs at T12 tubes which take 50% less than metal hylide (case studies, literature etc)
  • Raised sides; if floods come you just raise the sides;Flood plain not a factor.Bubble will not work Trusses can hold racks of T12 fluorescent lighting; radiant heaters – bubbles can not; Summer time, a bubble comes down, you don’t get the additional 30 days we have with the tent – weather conditions; no side curtains;A tent is translucent and a bubble is opaque – greater energy costs and not as appealing as when playing within a natual light environment;
  • Model Examples:Newmarket theatre shared at Newmarket High School;St. Barts school with Catholic School Board partners with TownSchool use of community as opposed to community use of school
  • 35,000 total – from article in paper
  • Staffing; heat; lightingStaff $12 per hour x 12 hrs = 150 per day x 30 days = 4500 per month X 8 months = $36,000Hydro - $2400 per month X 8 months = $19,200 Trailer rental $800 per month X 8 months = $6,400
  • This shows the multi sport capabilities of this structure;Notice the Basketball boards on the trusses;Removable net posts on the courts allow for quick adaption to other activities;It’s rentable to other sports groups i.e. Lacrosse and b-ballers
  • This slide is about the heating but it illustrates the event function capabilities;An event could be supported by the parking space available at the YRDSBAdvantages of UFO Heaters - to Convective Heaters The heating systems we use in our homes are generally grouped into two categories: Convective (classical systems which transfer heat by usingair as a media) and Radiant (systems which transfer heat by radiation). Convective heaters transfer the heat on surfaces by the movement of heated air from one place to another. This means that they needto heat all the air in that space in order to be able to heat the environment. Therefore, depending on the volume of the environment, it takes approximately 40 minutes for us to feel warmin an average size room. We spend most of our money to warm up the air before we even begin feeling warm. With these systems, huge heat losses occur as the air moves up to the ceiling. The warm air also dilates and escapes through poorly insulated areas such as doors and windows. As the warm air reachesthe ceiling, walls, doors, windows, and floor, heat loss occurs, depending on the degree of insulation. It may be necessary to make serious insulation expenditures in order to reduce these losses.As Convective heaters warm up the air in the environment, they also drop the humidity of the environment. The decrease of the relative humidity, which must be between 40% and 60%, may causerespiratory discomfort. Therefore, asthma sufferers especially feel uncomfortable in environments heated with classical methods. UFO heaters are quite different from classical heating systems. UFOheaters heat our bodies just like the sun heats our world. We need a certain amount of calories in order to warm up our bodies. Convective heaters consume unnecessary energy to increase the environment temperature in order to provide us with these calories. UFO Infrared Heaters load the heat directly onto our body, clothes and the objects around us by the help of photons. Thus, without consuming energy to warm up the air, they provides us with the amount of calories we need. They do not heat the ceiling first, but rather, directly heat you and the objects around you. The surrounding objects which have been heated contribute to the heating of the air in the entire room. In addition to this, the aluminum bodies of UFO heaters act as convective heaters and are effective in warmingthe ambient air. These features make UFO heaters more economical and efficient compared to Convective ones.Compared to classical heating systems, UFO Infrared heaters transfer heat up to 80% more efficiently. Depending on many factors, such as the size of the room, degree of insulation, orseason etc. the efficiency rate may rise.
  • OTA & Tennis Canada – graduated play model; School Board and ACTC could fund soft nets in local communities if the Town is fighting us on this point.Aging demographicsEnvironmental advancements in equipment/fabric roof structuresWe live in seasons and lose play days due to weather – rain, heat, windFewer people can participate due to weather conditions;ACTC loses play days for our programs, league play, houseleague and instructions;ACTC has no access to book public courts that would protect play/players from inclement weather.extending ACTC and public playable days by 5.5 months (165 days). Instead of June 1 – Sept. 15 days we have March – November access to recreation space.Our community, ACTC members, Town, Partner’s come together in an innovative and environmentally sensitive planning initiative.
  • YRDSB can use the space for graduation events, concerts, shared school sports events etc.Larcrosse league or players can extend their play time in a space having a weather protected roof.Residents can use the space for tennis and other community activities organized by partners.ACTC can book courts for special events, rain out games, instruction time when our McMahon courts are fully booked.
  • This insulated opaque roof with a forced air heating system with an insulating pad; We are not interested in this approach; We don’t propose to do this because we are using new infr-red radiant heaters and letting the sunshine producing a natural atmosphere;The lamps are metal hylide which we would not use;
  • An example of raised sides which allows for the breeze to cool off players; and an natural environment is enhanced; No Air Conditioning is needed – saving money to all;
  • This slide shows the potential to put fencing around the outside of the outside trusses to prevent vandalism; This happened at the Hyland in Aurora; A bubble falls down when vandalized; a tent/truss just needs to be prepared;
  • A fabric roof structure protects players/events and as it is not a building (according to code requirments) accomodates flood plain requirements. Water would flow through the space as it does now.Common Misconceptions It is commonly believed that fabric structures cannot cope in heavy weather conditions - this is not true. A fabric structure can be designed for almost any condition - heavier fabrics and more 3-dimensional forms will cope with extreme wind and snow loads. Hatch Tensile Membrane Structures has built structures in typhoon and tornado zones.It also is commonly believed that fabric is stretchy or elastic in nature; again this is untrue. If the fabric were elastic it would balloon under wind loads and settle under snow. A typical structural external fabric has a tensile strength of 10 tonnes per linear metre and will creep no more than a few percent after 20 years of extreme conditions. The fabric is ‘alive’ and does ‘creep’, which we take into consideration during the engineering, but basically fabric needs to be thought about as being totally inert in the initial stages.HDPE - MeshPVC-coated (polyvinyl chloride) mesh is an exceptionally durable fabric membrane produced with polyester, fiberglass and other types of reinforcements.PVC-coated mesh is weaved during fabrication, resulting in increased tensile strength. This enhanced tensile material offers architects and building owners greater versatility during the design phase of project development, diminishing concerns about fabric compatibility and size.In addition, PVC-coated mesh can be stitched, welded or glued to form the membrane on Hatch Tensile Membrane Structures tensile structure systems. These systems can be used in a wide range of climates, making it a sound choice for a multitude of weather conditions. PVC-coated mesh also offers aesthetic features such as partial translucency, which allows natural daylighting, increased textural interest and wide color selection.Most recently, PVC-coated mesh has been designed for flat surface applications, l 
  • Calculation: From 90 days to 240 days or a 6 months increase in playable days. (4 month period there is 30 weather days or only 120-30= 90 days)Take off 5 rain days per month = 20 rain daysTake off 10 days for sun/heat = 10 sun daysEffective play days is now from May 15 to Sept. 15th is 120 days (4months) – 30 weather days = 90 days.Effective days under an enclosed structure is now March 1st to Dec.1st which is 240 effective play days. It is now less money by 6.5 % to play 267% more play days.Link to Town plan language
  • Use Vital Signs scale for measuring health and satisfaction.Economy – Environment - Community,
  • When a UFO Infrared Heater carries its energy directly to our body, it contributes to the activation of our metabolism byincreasing our blood circulation. It keeps the relative humidity of the air at a comfortable level. People with upper respiratorytract diseases and asthma especially feel uncomfortable in environments with Convective heaters. These inconveniencesare eliminated when they heat up with a UFO. Since UFO heaters do not consume the oxygen in the environment (unlike wood, coal, or gas heaters) they do not cause headachesor odors and do not burn any particles in the air. Therefore, there is no risk of intoxication. The installation and operation of UFOheaters costs are very low.Due to the fact that infrared heaters heat deeply, they are also used for physical therapy for sore musclesand joints.Energy costs have been increasing daily. UFO Infrared Heaters begin heating in as little as 30 seconds. Due to their high efficiencyin transferring heat, they will both decrease your energy consumption and contribute to saving the environment by usingenergy resources efficientlySince a UFO heats by Infrared light, they are not affected by wind or air flows. They provide you with the possibility to redirectand control the heat emitted. Not only will they keep you warm indoors, they will also keep you warm outdoors. You maycomfortably use them efficiently in places such as your patio, porch, terrace, garage, workshop, etc.
  • Actc year round tennis vision

    1. 1. Aurora Community Tennis Club<br />Overview of Proposal for Funders, Partners, Members<br />
    2. 2. Introduction<br />This is an information document , created to inform our ACTC members and potential supporters about ACTC’s plans for promoting tennis in Aurora.<br />As ACTC shares its plan and engages key stakeholders, a more detailed business plan will be created. <br />
    3. 3. Clarification:<br />ACTC is very satisfied with it’s facilities and programs at McMahon Park & will continues to initiate improvements for members & the public at McMahon Park; <br />ACTC has no intention to move it’s operations to another site;<br />With our Mission of promoting tennis as a life long sport for children, youth & adults, we are offering a vision & plan for expanding and increasing access to tennis & other recreation or cultural activities at Fleury Park; <br />
    4. 4. Our Plan <br /><ul><li>Engage strategic partners with complementary interest in bringing our vision to fruition;
    5. 5. Apply for a OTF capital grant to improve current assets;
    6. 6. Market winter club concept to potential partners;
    7. 7. Be innovative in our collaborative multi use model by: </li></ul>leveraging existing Town assets at Fleury Park; <br />ACTC can provide gate-keeper/admin staffing role (subcontract - Partner)<br />Utilize latest radiant heat technologies; <br />Keep costs low – maintain same (Town) public access model;<br />We use (lower cost) radiant heating when needed; <br />For winter program – fill gap caused by high demand; <br />Showcase our collaborative model across Canada<br />
    8. 8. ACTC Propose:<br /> That Entrepreneur purchase the tent/rib structure as a 20 year ownership investment - $700,000. <br />Seed money; Model shows money borrowed at 6% <br />Ownership; Model shows paid off in 20 years<br />
    9. 9. Our Proposed Partners<br /><ul><li>Town of Aurora;
    10. 10. York Region District School Board;
    11. 11. Aurora Seniors Centre & other social benefit groups;
    12. 12. Actively seeking partners from other outdoor league or casual sports players;
    13. 13. Partner/entreprenur to manage Winter Club;
    14. 14. Appropriate Government Donors i.e. OTF</li></li></ul><li>Translucent Roof – Tube Radiant Heaters<br />
    15. 15. Translucent Roof<br />
    16. 16. Financial Model :Town/Entreprenur  <br />Assumptions:<br /> 200 members, pay monthly fee of $50 plus court rental fee of $20/hour.<br /> Winter club runs from Sept 15 to May 15. 8 months.<br />
    17. 17. Revenue<br />Annual revenue from running Winter operation: <br />$218, 000<br />
    18. 18. Expenses:<br /> Operating expenses:.................................... ............................$61,600 *<br />Carrying cost of loan (6% of 700,000) ....................................$ 42,000<br />Rent payment to Town (to cover utilities cost) ......................$ 1,000<br />Management Fee (10% of 700,000) .......................................$ 70,000<br />Total. $174,600<br />Repayment on Principal of loan $43,400 (16 years)<br />Revenue 218,000 – Expenses 174,600 = $43,400<br />                                  <br />
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Radiant Heating – Savings & Benefits<br />
    21. 21. Considerations:<br />Our proposal complements Town’s Master Plan;<br />Proximity to YRDSB Board & schools; <br />ACTC Access to grants program i.e. Trillium Foundation; <br />Town will gain 30 equivalent play days; (includes 20 rain & 10 heat days);<br />Extend season from 4 months to 12 months:un-interupted play days;<br />Survey of tennis community supports year round tennis in Aurora;<br />Current assets exist at Fleury Park;<br />Opportunity for innovative collaborations and sharing recreation assets for all residents;<br />
    22. 22. The ACTC Goals<br />Increase playable days for ACTC members and other sports bodies (& general public) by installing an all weather fabric roof over the Fleury tennis courts. <br />Increase opportunities and access for ACTC members, partners and general public to play winter tennis (October 1 – April 31st.) <br />
    23. 23. Our Vision utilizes innovative strategies, collaborative partnerships, green technologies and leveraged Town assets. Join us in creating a multi use space that increases opportunities for children youth and adults to improve their civic engagement, health and recreation options. <br />
    24. 24. Who Benefits<br /><ul><li>ACTC programs have increased play days and options for booking courts;
    25. 25. Aurora public & ACTC residents have increased tennis play days & access to Fleury courts;
    26. 26. Town – partnering with ACTC, achieves outcomes for the Town Master Recreational Plan through an affordable and cost effective model;
    27. 27. Partner groups who will use space through the shared participation model (i.e. YRDSB activities)</li></li></ul><li>Insulated Opaque Roof<br />
    28. 28. Open Sided Walls<br />
    29. 29. Insulated Opaque Roof<br />
    30. 30. The Frame/Fabric Cover <br />Misconceptions:<br />Can be used in a wide range of climates, making it a sound choice for a multitude of weather;<br /> Cope with extreme wind and snow loads;<br /> A typical structural external fabric has a tensile strength of 10 tonnes per linear metre and will creep no more than a few percent after 20 years of extreme conditions. <br />
    31. 31. ACTC Proposal Vision<br /><ul><li>An outdoor, weather protected tennis & recreation space that serves as a venue for other sports or cultural activities operating year round.
    32. 32. Increase the participation, access and opportunities for ACTC members and the general public to use a weather protected multi-use recreation/event facility.</li></li></ul><li>The End<br />
    33. 33. Accomplishments<br /><ul><li>ACTC is an Incorporated non profit community organization;
    34. 34. ACTC has a successful record of fundraising through Government grant programs resulting in improvements to the ACTC tennis programs & McMahon Park.
    35. 35. ACTC is the official McMahon Park Steward – shared with Nokida Trail Association
    36. 36. We support student employment/career development through funding proposals with the Federal government student employment program;
    37. 37. ACTC has consistently provided affordable tennis programs in partnership with Town since 1937</li></li></ul><li>Accomplishments<br />Petitioned for increased security lighting to curb McMahon park vandalism;<br />Open access to our clubhouse for all park patrons (soccer teams, playground children);<br />Petitioned for park shelter – tennis viewing;<br />Installed soft cushioned courts (with Town);<br />Trillium Grant awarded for interior renovation of club house;<br />Petitioned to improve exterior finish of clubhouse;<br />Provided input into Town Master Recreation Plan;<br />Civic engagement role & initiatives i.e. LSA Committee, Aurora Street Sale Festival;<br />Full public access to our court assets i.e. soft rebound net<br />
    38. 38. Current Asset Worth at Fleury(these are only estimates for extended season and for discussion purposes only)<br />Cost of courts = $400,000<br />Cost of land = $400,000<br />Fleury Asset Worth - $800,000<br />Cost per play day is $800,000/90 days = $8,888<br />Renovate Asset cost is $800,000+$600,000/240 days = $6,250 or a 30% decrease – link to Town Plan re. Efficiencies<br />
    39. 39. The Value<br /> The value calculation includes: <br /><ul><li>Increased long term sustainability and well being of our community?
    40. 40. Increased access to local arts, recreation & culture;
    41. 41. Economic stimulation by attracting more residents and visitors into the downtown core;
    42. 42. Increased health and wellness of our residents and community by using environmental and energy efficient technologies</li></li></ul><li>Vital Signs Canada: Measuring the vitality of Canadian communities in critical areas:<br />Our proposal addresses several vital sign indicators.<br /><ul><li> Environment;
    43. 43. Health;
    44. 44. Safety;
    45. 45. Arts & Culture;
    46. 46. Belonging and Leadership</li></li></ul><li>Mission<br />ACTC provides affordable tennis programs to children, youth and families. <br />As a non profit community organization, supported by volunteer members, we aspire to contribute to the positive development of our Aurora community. <br />
    47. 47. Assumptions:<br />Increasing playable/recreation days under a fabric roof will benefit all users of Fleury Park;<br />A fabric roof will provide multi use access & opportunities for ACTC, potential partners & public;<br />There are partners that would participate in the ACTC initiative;<br />There is demand for an additional venue for winter tennis;<br />A business case can be made that would attract a vendor that would operate a winter tennis program;<br />There are grant programs available that can contribute to the project;<br />Our initiative complements and exceeds the vision put forward in the Town’s Leisure Recreation Plan;<br />