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Beacon presentation final 2016

A graphic demonstration of the benefits of Beacon technology for brands, at events or conferences as well as retail outlets and shopping malls.

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Beacon presentation final 2016

  2. 2. WHAT ARE BEACONS? A beacon, powered by a small battery, emits a BLE signal that can be received and interpreted by an app installed on a smartphone. When a customer comes within range of a beacon (up to 50 meters) their mobile device automatically receives and interprets the signal, whether or not the targeted app is installed on their phone. The user will be able to receive: -Unique ID number for video, audio, PDF or image -URL link to landing page of campaign or product -Telemetrics based on sensors API Plugin to work with your existing app Configured with your own branded app
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF BEACONS Create interactive campaigns Engage with customers in-store Gather heat maps of consumer movement Attract new customers as they walk by your store Automatically welcome customers as they enter Connect with your customer at vital points of the purchase process Provide relevant product info on demand Navigate venue with interactive map Integrate with your existing mobile app to broadcast URL’s, video, images or audio files
  5. 5. Beacons deliver contextual experiences that drive usage, increases dwell time, retention, and new ad revenue. It delivers timely, actionable content to users when they're in-store, driving daily active usage and loyalty. Mobile users = Big spenders Google says in-store smartphone users spend 25-50%more than non-users.
  6. 6. Deliver valuable content to shoppers in- store and save them time, money and increase conversions. • Contextual messages and promotions • Loyalty or impulse driven offers • Shopping Lists Reminders, Recipes and More Earn incremental revenues from selling beacon ad space in-store. 19x Beacons can increase interactions with advertised products by
  7. 7. Get rich insights into shopper behaviour: • Visits by region or store •Heat mapping •Other valuable information and analytics through opt-in Facebook registration
  8. 8. Indoor Navigation • No Cellular signal required • Routes via Bluetooth Beacons • Multi level routing • High accuracy
  10. 10. 30%of shoppers who received a “push-ad” from an in-store beacon used that offer to buy something Reach millions of shoppers in-store when it matters most. Deliver full page interactive engagements in-store, while consumers use their favourite shopping apps.
  11. 11. 30%of shoppers who received a “push-ad” from an in-store beacon used that offer to buy something As the fastest growing marketing trend in history, the benefits of beacon-enabled apps has become imperative to implement a successful Mobile Marketing Strategy. Automatically link with existing loyalty program and deliver full page interactive engagements in-store, while consumers interact with their favourite shopping brands.
  13. 13. Watch Video of Beacons for Conferences Wouldn’t you just love to engage with the right customer, at the right time? Get to view back-stage interviews or exclusive video content from your favourite artist performing on the night, then ten minutes before the performance, you get reminded to get yourself another drink and hit the dance floor.
  14. 14. Why TraDigital?
  15. 15. Go-To-Market Models • Standard TraDigital Application • White Label option – Get your own Branded app • API Plugin - Will work with your existing application • Video production & graphic design services • Landing page design & development
  16. 16. Industry Statistics
  17. 17. Percent of US Retail locations with Beacons (Top 100 retailers) With Beacons 2014 2015 2016 8% 92% 68% 32% 15% 85% Reference: Business Insider
  18. 18. Mobile commerce initiatives to improve the customer experience in stores Have today 28% 62%Use mobile marketing 16% 63%Correct real-time data from POS Identify customers walking in store 3% 72% Plan to in 5 years Reference: Business Insider
  19. 19. Pricing Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 5 Beacons R2650pm R3000 setup cost 12 Beacons R4000pm R6500 setup cost 25 Beacons R7900pm R12000 setup cost
  20. 20. CONTACT DETAILS Brent Jacobs 060 895 6714 Dominique Jacobs 141 6887 1840