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Microsoft%20 Brochure


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Microsoft%20 Brochure

  2. 2. BYU DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Scholarships By donating to the Microsoft Scholarship fund, you can leave a permanent legacy at BYU which will bless students for generations. THE CHALLENGE ous computer science stu- afford. Increasingly, it is dents is a result of the need becoming difficult for stu- Students pursuing a degree to have a close and continual dents to maintain the rigors in Computer Science at exposure to technology and of their discipline and sup- BYU face challenges unique theory. port themselves and their to their major that often families by working at a seem overwhelming. The rapidly growing body of job outside of that disci- knowledge in the field, cou- pline. One substantial, yet un- pled with the highly competi- avoidable, obstacle for seri- tive nature of the discipline, A scholarship or mentor- require students to foster ship allows students to earn strong mentoring relation- money to live while work- ships with professors and be ing in a research lab or involved in study and lab with a project directly re- work, usually for many hours lated to their education. each day. Consequently, off- For many students, this is campus jobs become luxuries their best chance to excel that students cannot often while at BYU.
  3. 3. women of faith. With the As scholarships become right tools, these students available to students, the will become a credit to BYU Department of Com- Brigham Young University puter Science will attract and a blessing to the world. more gifted young men and THE OPPORTUNITY Scholarships for mentored “I am both hopeful students help offset the and expectant that monetary cost of working from this University on-campus in a substantive, highly beneficial mentored there will rise brilliant research project rather than stars...who can lift working off-campus in a and inspire others code shop. around the globe.” A student in Computer Sci- President Spencer W. ence at BYU who receives a Kimball, 1975 full-tuition scholarship— approximately $3,600 per year at the present—will have the opportunity to compete on an even basis with students who have the capacity to pay their own tuition and fees. With a scholarship, a student will be able to study, spend time in labs and still have time to participate in mentored re- search opportunities.
  4. 4. BYU students have proven themselves to BEST be capable ofare winning with the best. competing BECOMING THE Our students competitions, receiving awards, going to acclaimed The Oak Ridge Institute for Master’s and PhD programs—and continuing Science and Education and to contribute to the world. the U.S Department of Homeland Security awarded Michael Clark, a senior in Undergraduate student computer science, a full- Moriah McClanahan tuition scholarship and worked with Dr. Tom $46,000 stipend to research Sederberg on One-Page Ge- the ways in which security nealogy. In 2005, she was breaches in one of only five undergradu- the everyday ate students in the nation to Morgan Quigley user’s com- receive the prestigious puter system Morgan Quigley, a 2005 Google Anita Borg Memo- can affect graduate in Computer Sci- rial Scholarship. The homeland ence from BYU, received a scholarship, one of the most security. National Defense Science well-recognized awards for Michael Clark and Engineering Graduate women in science and tech- Fellowship—one of 170 nology, is aimed at encour- awards from a field of 3,700 aging women in computing In June 2006, BYU students applicants. The fellowship and technology to become took 2nd place in in the covers tuition and fees for role models and leaders. Fourth Annual Student Un- three years of graduate manned Aerial Vehicle work , with a yearly stipend Competition. of $31,000. Their plane was equipped Quigley is pursuing gradu- with a video camera, GPS, ate work at Stanford Univer- and the ability to fly to des- sity and will use the money ignated areas, identify and towards his research in ae- locate targets on the ground, rial and ground-based mo- and then return to its start- Moriah McClanahan working in bile robots—an area of in- ing point. It beat out entries the One-Page Genealogy lab terest to the U.S. military. with Dr. Tom Sederberg from MIT, the University of California, San Diego State, and Virginia Tech. “[The] combination of the secular and the spiritual comprises the only valid path for man to traverse on his journey to true wisdom and salvation, and it is the only reason for the per- petuation and development of Brigham Young University.” -President Ernest L. Wilkinson 2006 BYU UAV Team
  5. 5. THE DIFFERENCE ONE SCHOLARSHIP MAKES “I LOVE working at the data mining lab! This It's almost a given these days that as a college opportunity has been the largest contributor to student, you have to have a job. Any job. my education – I have never learned so much When comparing options between working at in such a short period of time as I have work- McDonald's or working with a professor in the ing here...and I could think of no better mentor department doing research, the latter offers than Dr. Christophe Giraud-Carrier, who many more benefits. Many traditional college meets with us individually every week. jobs do nothing more than pay the bills. When the department offers grants, tuition benefits, and paid research assistantships, we can make “The funds provided to the data mining lab to ends meet while furthering our academic give me this opportunity are VERY appreci- goals--the real reason we came to college. We ated. This job allows me to support my preg- gain valuable experience in our field that we nant wife and be a full-time student. It has also simply wouldn't be able to fit into our sched- helped me learn skills that I know will help me ules were we on the clock elsewhere. This al- for the rest of my life. I am humbled by, and lows for a much richer university experience. thankful, for this wonderful program!” -Steve Hulet, undergraduate mentored student, -Steven Ivie, undergraduate mentored student, BYU Computer Science Department BYU Computer Science Department HOW THE SCHOLARSHIP WORKS Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of personal worthiness, academic achievement, and ability within the discipline. Recipients are selected from a pool of undergraduates who have already begun mentored research, ensuring that scholar- ships support students with demonstrated potential. To balance the immediate needs of students with the importance of creating a long- standing scholarship fund, BYU will put part of your money towards supporting cur- rent students and use the rest to create a permanent endowment that will provide a legacy for generations of students to come.
  6. 6. BYU DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Scholarships THE PROPOSAL We invite you to make a permanent invest- ment in the gifted and dedicated students at BYU by helping to create an endowed schol- arship. You can donate to the fund by con- tacting Brent Hall with LDS Philanthropies at (801) 422-4501 or You can also sign up at microsoftBYU. Your generosity will be cou- pled with that of Microsoft, which joins with its employees in matching donations, whether cash or gifts in kind. Again, thank you for your willingness to give back to the BYU community. We are ex- cited for you to experience the joy of bless- ing young people and the countless others they will touch throughout their lives. Your gift will leave a legacy for generations of computer science students to come. ENTER TO LEARN Go Forth toServe