The Bad Dream (Reading Comprehension)


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The Bad Dream (Reading Comprehension)

  1. 1. The Bad Dream1 "Brush your teeth before you go to bed!" Tallies mom yelled from upstairs.2 "Yeah, OK." Tallie barely looked up from her video game. She was at the end of the 4thquarter, and the score was tied on her Madden NFL. She knew her team could win this time.3 "Tallie, are you paying attention to me?"4 "Yeah, sure, Mom." Tallies fingers were flying on the controls. Woo hoo —Im going toWIN! she thought. The players from her team started celebrating on the field. This was it — shehad finally won!5 Tallie glanced at the clock. Uh-oh. Mom is going to be so mad that Im not in bed. Tallierushed to her room and quickly got into bed.6 The next thing she knew her mom was standing at the door. Mom had a strange look on herface. Sheesh, whats up with her, wondered Tallie.7 "Tallie, I told you if you didnt brush your teeth, this would happen."8 Tallie wondered where Mom had found those weird looking pajamas. They were almost likethe scrubs you see on doctors. Mom was pulling her up out of bed and leading her down thehall. Tallie couldnt figure out why Mom was acting so strange. She was muttering all kinds ofthings about too much candy and pop at bedtime. Lately, Tallie had been sneaking candy barsinto her room after suppertime and hiding the wrappers in her garbage. How could Mom havefound them?9 Now Mom was leading her into the kitchen. She was pulling the ice cream containers fromthe freezer. Why was she doing this? Tallie quickly grabbed a spoon from the counter andstarted eating the Rocky Road ice cream as fast as she could. No sense letting it all go towaste.10 "Ive told you time and time again how important your smile is. Once you ruin yourpermanent teeth, thats it. Theyre the only ones you have. Now youre going to have to get falseteeth — just like my grandpa." Mom started crying. It was going to wake up the whole house!Tallie had to do something. Why is Mom talking about false teeth? Mine are perfectly— she is really acting weird. Tallie tried to pull away from Moms grip on her arm, but it wasstronger than Tallie remembered. Sheesh —has she been working out?11 "Remember when I told you that too much coffee and tea will stain your teeth? Well, justtake a look at what youve done to yourself!" Mom held a mirror up in front of Tallie.12 "Oh, my gosh! What is going on? Thats not me in the mirror! Thats an old lady!"
  2. 2. 13 "Now you just listen here, Missy. I wanted to help you take care of your smile, but no...youhad to have all those sweets, and you never once went to the dentist in high school. You saidyou were too busy."14 This was just too much. What was she talking about? High school? I havent even finished7th grade! Mom has lost her mind. And what is up with that mirror? Thats the strangestthing. Tallie took the mirror from her moms hand. She looked into it again closely. Staring backat her were her eyes — but that was all she recognized. When she opened her mouth to gasp,she noticed that the teeth were stained a dark, streaked color. Well, what teeth there were.There was only one or two of the front teeth left, and as she moved her tongue inside hermouth, she felt several more holes where teeth were missing.15 "Mom! What is going on? What has happened to me? Why are my teeth so gross?" Talliecouldnt stand any more. She fell to the floor and started to truly cry. She felt her momscomforting touch on her shoulder. The touch grew more firm and started to shake her shoulder.16 "Tallie, honey, wake up. You dont even have your pajamas on. Did you brush your teeth?"17 "Oh, Mom! No, I didnt, and Im so sorry! I swear Ill always brush my teeth, I wont eat anymore candy before bedtime, and Ill always go for my checkups!"18 "What are you talking about? You must have been dreaming. You look a little wild-eyed,"Mom said with a smile.19 "A dream. Oh. Yeah. Thats what it was. A very, very bad dream. But you know what? Ittaught me to think about taking care of my smile."20 "You have a beautiful smile, Tallie. I hope you mean that. Id hate to have you grow upwithout those pretty teeth."21 Whew, thought Tallie. Im so glad theyre all still there! And she gave them all an extrabrushing just to be safe.
  3. 3. The Bad Dream1. What was Tallie doing just before she 2. Why was Tallie afraid her mom would went to bed? be mad? Playing a video game She had stayed up too late. Brushing her teeth She hadnt brushed her teeth. Eating ice cream She hadnt cleaned her plate at dinner.3. What was the first thing that Tallie 4. Why did her mom start crying in the noticed during her bad dream? dream? Her mom had strange looking Because Tallie was going to have pajamas on. false teeth The ice cream was being thrown Because Tallie teased her out. Because Tallie hid candy in her She had missing teeth. room5. What did Tallie see in the mirror? 6. Tallie was dreaming when her team An old woman won the video game. Her great-grandpa True Her mom False7. When Tallie woke up she was missing 8. What did Tallie do last in the story? a front tooth. She brushed her teeth. True She kissed her mom. False She ate breakfast.
  4. 4. The Bad DreamYou are playing outside, when, whoosh, a strange-looking spaceship lands in thestreet. As you stare at it, a hatch pops open and out comes... Write a story aboutwhat happens
  5. 5. Mixed ReviewWrite the difference.1. 2. 3. 7 2 2 6 0 2 1 2 0 - - - 3 0 7 6 4 4Write a division fact for each picture.4.5.Write the amount of money in decimal form.6. 7. ____________________ ____________________
  6. 6. Name _____________________________ Date ___________________ (Answer ID # 0372681) Language ArtsCircle the correct word to complete each sentence.1. Superman wears a cape to help (he, him) fly.2. We put the saddle on our horse and took (he, him) for a ride through the pasture.3. We have to keep our dog on a special diet so (he, him) will not get sick again.4. John thinks (he, him) is mighty and strong.5. I told Will yes, I would go with (he, him).Use each of the following adverbs once to complete eachsentence: often, pretty, widely.6. I do not know if we can get tickets to the play because the theatre is ____ full.7. Ethan ____ sings in the shower.8. Timothys eyes opened ____ when he saw the snake.