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High in the Sky (Reading Comprehension)


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Published in: Sports
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High in the Sky (Reading Comprehension)

  1. 1. High in the SkyBy Beth Beutler1 Ive discovered Im afraid of heights. At least, Im afraid ofopen heights. I always thought I liked tall buildings, but now Iget a little nervous.2 My dad, however, loves tall buildings. He says they lookpowerful. He travels to a lot of cities, and he takes us with himwhenever he can. Weve been to Atlanta, Chicago, SanFrancisco, Seattle, and New York in just the last two years.3 The first time we visit any city, we try to go downtown. Weusually try to go to the top of the highest building. I rememberone time when we were in Atlanta; we decided to have lunchat the top of the Westin Peachtree. There was a revolving restaurant up there, namedthe "Sun Dial."4 We paid for access to a fast elevator that went to the top without stopping. Dad wasvery excited. I was nervous, but I didnt want to show it.5 We stepped onto the elevator, and I took a big breath.6 "Are you okay?" Dad asked.7 "Sure, Ill be all right." (Im not sure I believed it!)8 Before I knew it, I was zooming like a rocket straight up. The city below got smallerand smaller. At first, I closed my eyes, but my curiosity got the best of me. I peeked atthe sky above. It actually was pretty neat.9 When the elevator stopped, we stepped out to a restaurant. I noticed the floor slowlymoving, and our waiter seated us by a window.10 "Here," my dad said. "You take the seat by the window."11 I gulped. "Sure, Dad." (I dont think Im going to like this!)12 While we waited for our food, I looked out the window. We were not moving veryfast, so I actually started to relax. The view of the city changed little by little. Our foodarrived, and as we ate each course, we were treated to interesting changes out thewindow. This was actually rather exciting! At one point, we could see other buildings.Then, we saw the Braves Stadium and places where the 1996 Olympic events tookplace. I barely tasted my food because I was so fascinated.13 Before I knew it, our dessert had arrived. "Already?" I thought. I ate my sundae asslow as I could (it was melting faster than I ate it). I wanted to take in as much of theview as I could. So much for being scared! I guess tall buildings are pretty neat, after all.
  2. 2. Name _____________________________ Date ___________________ High in the Sky1. The writer says s/he is afraid of 2. The dad likes tall buildings because _______. they look: Imposing Impressive Powerful Massive3. Whenever they travel to a city, the 4. What city was the family in during this family tries to go to the top of story? __________________.5. They visited a special type of 6. While they were eating, the floor slowly restaurant. What was it? turned so they enjoyed a different view throughout the meal. True False7. The writer felt which emotions during 8. Which of the following sites did the this event? writer not mention? Nervousness Atlanta Braves Stadium Excitement The Underground Fascination City buildings All of the above. Sites where Olympic events were None of the above. held
  3. 3. Attitude1 What is an attitude? It is how someone acts. It ishow someone thinks. Some people have goodattitudes. They are happy. They focus on goodthings. Some people have bad attitudes. They areusually not happy. They focus on the bad things thathappen. Your attitude is a part of you.2 Scott Hamilton believes in having a good attitude.Scott was born on August 28, 1958. He was adoptedwhen he was six weeks old. He grew up in Ohio. Scott has anolder sister. He has a younger brother.3 When Scott was two years old, he became sick. He was notgrowing. Doctors did many tests. They were not sure what waswrong with him. His parents were told that he might not live verylong. They took him to a hospital for children. He began a newdiet. He started to exercise. He started feeling better. He was wellenough to watch his sister ice skate.4 Scott wanted to try figure skating. He was very good. He wasfast. He was not afraid. The more he skated, the better he felt. Hestarted to grow again. Doctors say he got better because ofexercise. When Scott was thirteen, he moved away from home.He started training with a coach. His mother always encouragedhim to be the best person he could be. Scott needed money totrain. His mother went back to school. She became a collegeprofessor. At the same time, she was not well. She had cancer.She knew how important training with a coach was to Scott. Shebelieved in him.5 In 1980, Scott placed third in the national championships. Heearned a place on the U.S. Olympic team. Scott was chosen to
  4. 4. carry the U.S. flag during the opening of the Olympics. He placedfifth in his event. Scott kept training. He won manychampionships. In 1984, he won a gold medal in the Olympics.After that, he became a professional figure skater.6 Scott toured with the Ice Capades. It was an ice show. Scottand others performed for people. He skated with the show for twoyears. He then started his own show. It was called Stars on Ice.He stayed with the show for fifteen years. In 2001, Scott retiredfrom the tour.7 Since retiring, he has worked as a reporter on TV. Hecommented about skating competitions. He was also the host ofhis own show. It was called Skating with Celebrities.8 Scott has earned many honors. He won severalchampionships. He is a part of the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame.One honor is extra special. He started CARES. CARES is a groupthat helps people with cancer. Scott had cancer. He wanted to dosomething to help others. The group raises money for research.Over a million dollars has been raised. They help support cancerpatients.9 Today, Scott lives in Tennessee. He is married. He has twosons. Scott believes, "The only disability in life is a bad attitude."In 2009 he wrote a book. It is called The Great Eight. It tells howScott dealt with lifes ups and downs. It tells how to be happy.
  5. 5. Name _____________________________ Date ___________________ Attitude1. Scott Hamilton was born on 2. What happened when Scott was August 28, 1958. two years old? False True3. Doctors say that ______ and 4. What sport is Scott Hamilton ______ helped Scott get better. known for doing? An operation and medicine Football Pizza and soda Basketball Vitamins and playing Hockey Diet and exercise Figure skating5. How did Scotts mother show that 6. During the 1980 Olympics, Scott she believed in him? carried the ______ during the opening ceremony. U.S. coin U.S. medal U.S. bird U.S. flag7. Scott won an Olympic gold medal 8. What did Scott do after becoming in 1984. a professional ice skater? False True9. Why did Scott start the CARES 10. What is a disability? foundation?
  6. 6. Go Catfish1 Fishing is an all-American pastime. I am notfeeding you a line when I tell you that August isNational Catfish Month! So hold onto are some fun facts about catfish.2 Catfish are the most widely harvested fish inMississippi. Humphreys County, Mississippi, is thecatfish capital of the world. Catfish is the state fishof Missouri. However, no matter how much you like them, it is illegal tolasso a catfish in Tennessee. Youve got to pull them in on a line or netthem.3 Some Thai fisherman had quite a shock when they netted a giantcatfish as big as a grizzly bear in 2005. Their catfish weighed 646 pounds!The giant fish was eaten in their remote village. The Mekong River inThailand has more species of giant fish than any river on earth. One of themen who caught the fish said, "Its amazing to think that giants like this stillswim in some of the worlds rivers."4 So how would you know if you caught a catfish? Catfish are long,skinny fish with barbels on their chins that look like cats whiskers. Theyhave more than 25,000 taste buds. Catfish do not have scales. They areusually a slate gray color with a bluish tint on their tummies. They are alsocovered with tiny, black specks.5 Catfish spawn in late spring. These lowly fish have figured out equalrights because the male catfish makes the nest. The female lays the bigblob of sticky eggs, but the male guards them. The dad is in charge untilthe fish larvae are an inch long. Catfish have a long life. Some live for 14years!6 Catfish are sneaky bottom feeders. They eat at night. Young ones eatinsects and algae. Adults eat fish, insects, crayfish, and clams. To catchone, the best baits to use are soft crab bits, squid, and pieces of fish. It issurprising that such a quiet fish has its own month-long holiday!7 National Catfish Month even has its own legend. One day on a river far,
  7. 7. far away, a little catfish longed for adventure. He was teased about hisdream. One day, he saw a tiny man on the bank of the river. It was theCatfish Gnome! He granted the little fish his wish. The catfish could travelanywhere during the sacred month of August!8 So, relax and go fishing! Celebrate National Catfish Month because, asMark Twain once said, "The catfish is a plenty good fish for anyone!"
  8. 8. Name _____________________________ Date ___________________ Go Catfish1. Which holiday celebrates catfish? 2. Which state has the catfish as its Fish Fry Monday state fish? National Catfish Month Mississippi Catfish Day Montana National Bottom Feeders Maine Week Missouri3. What is absolutely not allowed by 4. How much did the worlds largest the catfish lovers of Tennessee? catfish weigh? Lassoing a catfish 646 lbs. Shooting a catfish 106 lbs Eating a catfish 146 lbs. Harpooning a catfish 56 lbs.5. Where was the huge catfish 6. What might be the easiest way to caught? identify a catfish? Taiwan By its color Missouri By its meow England By its fur Thailand By its whiskers7. What is another name for a 8. Who said the quote about catfish catfishs whiskers? at the end of the story? Nose hair Mark Twain Barbels Richard Nixon A beard Charles Dickens Prickles Prince Charles
  9. 9. Camping Trip Cancelled1 John and Jeremy stared out the windowas the rain pelted the glass. Their long facesshowed their disappointment with theweather.2 "Why did it have to rain this weekend?"asked John despondently.3 "I dont know," Jeremy replied sadly. "I wish it was sunny!"4 Mom crept up behind the two boys and grabbed at their sides,tickling them.5 John and Jeremy jumped from their seats and startedlaughing.6 "Thats better," said Mom.7 Shortly, the sad looks returned to the boys faces.8 "I know youre disappointed," Mom said, trying to consolethem. "Well go camping another time."9 "But school starts soon," said John. "It will be a long waitfor another time to come."10 Mom gave the boys a look of compassion. "Speaking ofschool, we have a few more things to get at the store. Why dontyou get your raincoats on and come with me?"11 John and Jeremy glanced at each other and shrugged theirshoulders.12 "Itll be better than just sitting here, I guess," said John.13 "O.K., then lets go!" said Mom.
  10. 10. 14 The boys grabbed their raincoats out of the coat closet. Asthey headed out the kitchen door to the garage, they found Dadunloading the camping gear from the van.15 "Sorry about the rain, guys," said Dad. "I guess well have tocamp another time."16 Dad glanced at Mom and winked.17 "Its O.K.," said Jeremy. "You cant help the rain."18 "Were going to the store to get a few things for school," saidMom. "We wont be gone long."19 "O.K.," said Dad, turning back to his task.20 The downpour continued as Mom and the boys did theirerrands. Shopping didnt help to change their mood. By the timethey arrived at home, the boys were more sullen than ever.21 As they drove into the driveway, Jeremy noticed smokecoming from the chimney. "Dads got a fire going."22 John looked up at the smoke through the car window. "I cantbelieve its August!" he said with a long face. "August should behot and sunny, not cold enough for a fire."23 Mom pulled the car into the garage, shut off the car, andturned to the boys. A compassionate smile crossed her face."Come on," she said. "Lets get these things in the house and putthem away. Maybe we can play a game together tonight."24 A slight smile crossed the boys faces. "Sure, Mom." Theyclimbed out of the car, grabbed a couple of bags, and headed intothe house.25 "Donald!" Mom called to Dad as she came into the house."Were home."26 "Im in the living room," called Dad.27 "Well be right in," said Mom.
  11. 11. 28 Mom emptied the bags and John and Jeremy helped to putthe items away. When they finished, the boys slowly walked to theliving room. As they entered, their eyes lit up with excitement.29 "Cool!" said John.30 "This is awesome!" said Jeremy.31 Mom stood behind them with her hands on their shoulders."Well, its not camping outside, but its the next best thing!"32 Dad climbed out of the tent he had set up in the living room. Afire was blazing in the fireplace and the camp chairs were set upin front of the fire. Dad held up a bag of marshmallows and somelong sticks.33 "How about an ancient Egyptian treat?34 Jeremy looked confused. "Those are just marshmallows," hesaid.35 "Yes, but they were originally created in Egypt using sap fromthe mallow plant," said Dad.36 "How did you know that?" asked Jeremy.37 "It comes from teaching history," said John. "Dad knowseverything!"38 "Well, Ive never heard of a mallow plant," said Jeremy. "Isthat how they make marshmallows today?"39 Mom walked over and picked up a marshmallow and stick."No. Today they use gelatin, corn syrup, corn starch, sugar, andwater. We can even make them at home."40 "That sounds messy, but fun!" said Jeremy.41 The boys each grabbed a stick and a marshmallow, sat downin front of the fire, and began to toast them.42 Jeremy turned to John. "Camping in the living room!"
  12. 12. 43 "And toasting an ancient Egyptian treat!" said John. "This isgreat!"44 Dad sat down next to the boys. "Hand me a marshmallow!"
  13. 13. Name _____________________________ Date ___________________ Camping Trip Cancelled1. Why did the camping trip get 2. John and Jeremy put on raincoats cancelled? before they left to go shopping Because it was snowing with Mom. Because it was raining False Because they had to go True back-to-school shopping Because the boys were sick3. What did the boys see when they 4. Today, marshmallows are made returned home from shopping? from the sap from the mallow Nothing, it was raining too plant. hard False Smoke coming from the True chimney Dad putting away the camping gear Sunshine peering through the clouds5. The boys made the 6. Marshmallows were a treat in marshmallows that they were which ancient society? toasting. Egypt False Ethiopia True England Europe7. Why did the boys think it would 8. When the boys left to go shopping be a long wait before they could with Mom, what was Dad doing? go camping? Setting up a tent in the living Because they were going to room camp in the living room Taking the camping gear out Because school was of the van starting soon Drying off the camping gear Because they had to go Putting the camping gear up shopping in the attic Because it was going to rain for many days
  14. 14. Marshmallows and Moonlight1 With a shimmering lake in the background reflecting the risingmoon, Susan sat in front of a crackling campfire. She sighed deeply,settling into the outdoor lounge chair she had gotten for her birthday.2 Susan loved camping, especially when her family camped by alake. There was something extremely relaxing about being outdoors,breathing fresh air, and not having a heavy schedule for theweekend. Adding a campfire to the mix made it just about perfect.3 Susans mom stepped out of the RV (recreational vehicle) with abag of plump, white marshmallows.4 "Do you want to toast some marshmallows?" she asked Susan.5 Susan looked up from her quiet spot. "Sure, that sounds good."6 "Would you please get out the toasting sticks, then?" Mom asked as she walkedover to the little table by the fire.7 Susan got up and went to the storage compartment of their RV. She pulled out thestorage drawer and lifted off the uninflated pool float that was sitting on top of othersupplies. Toward the bottom of the drawer were long metal sticks that were used forcooking hotdogs and toasting marshmallows over a fire.8 Susan carried the metal cooking sticks over to the chair and reached down to pullout some marshmallows. She carefully speared two on a stick for her and two more ona stick for her mother.9 "Thanks, dear," her mom said.10 For the next several minutes, Susan and her mom carefully roasted theirmarshmallows. They both had their own roasting style. Mom liked her marshmallowslightly browned, so she kept them higher above the heat of the fire than Susan did.Slowly and consistently she turned the marshmallows, reminding Susan of the timesthey would cook chicken on a rotisserie. (A rotisserie is a cooking device that keepsfood, especially meat, constantly turning over the heat source, allowing for evencooking.) After a few minutes, Mom had marshmallows that were lightly cooked andsoft.11 Susan, on the other hand, was more aggressive with her toasting. She liked to firstburn the marshmallows, and then peel off the burnt "skins" and eat them. It did not takelong for them to burn after she thrust them into the fire, so she actually had to be quickabout taking them out. After eating the burnt section, she then returned the stick to thefire, this time holding it higher above the heat, like her mom. She finish this "stage two"
  15. 15. of cooking by slowly turned them over the heat, browning the insides into a soft, chewytreat not unlike taffy. Then shed pull them away from the fire, blow on them to cool themoff, pull them off with her fingers, and plop the gooey mess into her mouth.12 Susan and her mom laughed as they ate the sweet treats, because it wasimpossible not to get marshmallow all over their lips and fingers. They could barely talkbecause their mouths got all sticky.13 After four marshmallows each, Mom said, "Ive sure had enough. I can only eat somany sweets at one time."14 "Me, too," Susan said. "Ill go get us some wet wipes."15 They placed the ends of the metal cooking sticks into the fire so any excessmarshmallow could burn off. In the meantime, they washed their hands with the wetwipes and then settled in to enjoy the quiet crackling of a beautiful campfire by a lakekissed by moonlight.
  16. 16. Name _____________________________ Date ___________________ Marshmallows and Moonlight1. Where were Susan and her mother? 2. What type of camper did they have?3. True or false. Susan found the cooking 4. Which of the following best defines a sticks underneath the camper. rotisserie? False A rotating stick True A type of spice A cooking device that allows meat to turn evenly over a heat source Another term for cooking chicken5. How many marshmallows did Susan 6. Which of the following words least and her mother eat, combined? describes marshmallows? Six Sweet Four Gooey Eight Nutritious Ten White7. How would you describe Susans mood 8. At approximately what time of day did in the story? the story take place, and how do you know this?