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Languagedirectory 001

  1. 1. Language Arts Grades K-12 Click here to jump directly to: Writing Websites K-12 Lesson Plans Sequence Events Sentence Structure Parts of Speech, Punctuation and Capitalization Grades 9 – 12 ideas Reading Websites Lesson Plans Story Elements Main Ideas and Details Word Pattern, Structure and Context Clues Adapted from: Durant Public School District MCT Internet Resource/Integrating Technology into the Curriculum Guide ( guide is provided to assist Rankin County School District teachers in quickly finding resources via the Internetthat can be used when planning lessons that address specific academic needs of students. Teachers must exercisejudgment in matching the materials to the curriculum framework for the grade level of their students. There aremany other resources available on the web for teacher access.
  2. 2. Writing K – 8 Lesson Plans Lesson Plan - Seven Elements of a Lesson Plan - (Writing Lesson Plan-Multiple Intelligences “Seven Ways ofHunter) Knowing” –Gardner ) Writing Lesson Plan- Instructional Scaffolding – Bruner; (Lesson Plan on Adding Variety through Short WritingLanger, and Applebee) Assignments) Lesson Plan- Teachers’ Roles) (Lesson Plan on Writing Assignments: Writing from Literature) Lesson Plan- Seating Arrangement) (Lesson Plan on “Writing to Learn: Journal-Writing Activities”) Lesson Plan- Sailing lessons) (Lesson Plan on Writing Free-writing: Exploring Everybody’s Favorite topic)(All About You Lesson Plan for Grade K-1) NCTE Beliefs about the Teaching of Writing NCTE Position statements(Creative Writing Lessons for Grade 4-7) For Kids - how to write a story(Lesson Plan on Writing Prompts: Political Cartoons) (tips for young writers)(Mystery Writing Lesson Plan) The Write Site(Lesson Plan on Completing Sentences for Grade 1-2) Student Activities, Games and Tools Topics for Grade 1-8) (Interaction Outline Graphic Organizer) m’s write a newspaper story project) (Fishbone Mapping Organizer) Report Rubric) (Compare and Contrast Organizer) Biography Rubric) (Problem/solution Organizer) Incident Rubric) (Venn Diagram Organizer) Rubric) (Spider Map Organizer) of Events Graphic Organizer) (Journal Writing Activities) Graphic Organizer) (The 6+1 Traits of Writing) Tree Graphic Organizer) (Writing Tricks! for Grade 3)
  3. 3. Sequence Events Lesson Plans (Lesson Plan on Sequencing for Grade K-1)(Lesson Plan on Sequencing Events for Grade K-2) (“Ben and Me” Lesson Plan on Sequencing for(“May I Take Your Order, Please?” (A Sequencing Grade 5)Events Lesson Plan for Grades 3-8) rdisciplinary/INT0202.htmlm (Focus on Sequencing Skills for Grade(Sample Lesson Plan on Sequencing Events for the K-8)Elementary) (Sequencing Lesson Plan for Kindergarten)(The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing LessonPlan for Grade 1) (Sequencing Lesson Plan for Grade 1) Plan on Sequencing) Student Activities, Games and Tools Games, Activities and Fun Page)’s the Order? Sequence Game)
  4. 4. Sentence Structure Lesson Plans Successful ParagraphsThe students will each write a five-sentence paragraph with varied sentence beginnings,correct spelling and punctuation, and appropriate margins. ) Plan for Grade 8) Student Activities, Games and Tools for fragments and run-on sentences distinguishing between clearly written sentences and sentences thatcontain errors in expression or construction.) Structure Games) Sentence Structure) Structure of Sentence), Punctuation, and Spelling) Sentence Structure Sterling Edition) of Sentence Construction) of Sentence and Their Punctuation) in Sentence Structure) Structure Exercise)
  5. 5. Parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization Lesson Plans (Lessons on Punctuation) (This lesson will teach nouns and verbs in an interesting and memorable way. The class will label human cut-outs with nouns naming bodyading36.htm parts and verbs naming actions that can be made(This lesson help students recognize the with those body parts.)importance of punctuation marks and what they areused for, so that their fluency and expression in oral will improve.) gActivity47.htm (Lesson on parts of speech) itionBoogie46.htm(This lesson will help students to recognize theimportance of punctuation and the various uses of (Lesson on prepositional phrase)punctuation marks within direct quotes.) memberIdea4.htm (Song about helping verbs)htm(Lesson on parts of speech using the computers) 0.htm (Review of Parts of Speech)dea35.htm (Lesson on Common and Proper Nouns) 12.htm (Review of Prepositions)(Lesson on Language Arts terms) rs38.htmchIdea24.htm (Parts of speech Charades) (Students not only have fun with this creative writing activity, but they also review several parts of speech!)a24.htm(Nouns and Pronoun Charades) (Parts of speech review) is a great activity to introduce your students to (Review of adjectives)nouns, especially compound nouns.) (Adjective lesson plan)ea46.htm (Song of preposition)
  6. 6. Parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization Student Activities, Games and Tools (Vocabulary game)(Interactive game using the parts of speech (grammargorilla) (Word recognition game for k-3) game using the parts of speech, great for (Alphabet game for k-3) site is great! Student are able to review parts of 04speech by using this activity, Must Try!) (Hangman game for k-8) el=7(Spelling game) (word games) Writing 9 – 12 a research you have to do a research projectEnglish II Subject Area TestMDE information site
  7. 7. Reading K-8 Lesson Arts Webquests hundreds of ideas, plus ready-to-print templates, for teaching reading and writing in grades K-2. Also hasmath connections., Rinehart and Winston Language Arts and Reading site: This site links students to a vast collection ofeducational online materials directly related to chapter content. NCES Kids Zone provides information to help you learn about schools; decide on a college; find a public library;engage in several games, quizzes and skill building about math, probability, graphing, and mathematicians; and tolearn many interesting facts about education. math and grammar skills review Learn to Read site; excellent for ELL students, too!http://www.manythings.orgInteresting Things for ESL Students - excellent site for general information, language Mifflin language practice for grades 6 - 8 Story Elements Lesson Plans Story Elements Using Story Map Comic Stripshttp:// folklore to teach story elements with various activities can visualize a character or event from a story or book and then personalize it through drawings. must be able to identify with the characters in a story to fully comprehend the story. DG0201.htmlStudents will use the elements of literature to complete a story wheel GRADES 2-3 the definition of a setting and its purpose in a story. the elements of plot: setting, rising action, climax, denouement/falling action. a character in a novel by identifying a least 3 character traits and providing proof of those traits in writing
  8. 8. the elements of fiction in a short story and to identify the speaker of each line using textual clues site contains a lesson plan using “The Tell Tale Heart” to teach story elements Grades 7-9 6-8, 912 Lesson includes reading a story, identifying elements of fiction, creating a project about survival,and making a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate student comprehension 6.pdfUse story maps to create story synopsis using the elements of the story passages that indicate setting, characters, problem (events), and solution in a story. use story cards to predict the outcome of a story Main Idea, Details, and Work Place Data provides worksheets for practice Main Idea, Details by themes) of songs and poems categorized by topic and poems suitable for Shared Reading in K-2 summaries) summaries) reviews for and by 10-15 year old readers) containing reviews, author info, book summaries) best books for teens from the last half of the 20th century - chosen at an ALA conference)
  9. 9. Word Patterns, Structure and Context Clues Lesson Plans Lesson Plans es/Identify word patterns and words from a Activities and lesson plans for 450+ book. Listedselected list of content words in the text of alphabetically by book title has a search engineGoodnight Moon. New book report formats and activitiesuage_Arts/Vocabular y/VOC0001.htmlSite contains new vocabulary words and practice for in a style different from any others they have mshrtstrynotes.htmtried (dictionary style). Site list the elements of literature in outline form with definitions way to practice meanings, context & oral reading vocabulary This site contains a variety of lesson and activities for Language Arts and Reading for,1607,7-155-10710_13476_1347 grades K-57-85319--,00.htmlUse context clues in realistic fiction rand=0&engagement=0 Reading lesson plan index4plan1.pdfThis site provides a unique context clue lesson plan graphics worksheets Contains a unit on fairy tales that uses the story elements and other language arts activitiesasp?LPID=13431Introductory lesson for context clues GRADE 1 ew.asp?articleID=54 Lesson on favorite authors allows students toLesson uses direct instruction and research and create presentations usingcooperative learning to foster new PowerPointvocabulary acquisition ding.aspxt.htm Students determine word meanings through contextSite provides a lesson on using context clues to with this worksheetdefine idiomatic expressions Activities and online worksheets for grammar, parts ofUse picture clues and context to aid comprehension speech and vocabulary Writing activities including biographies andThis lesson teaches students to use context clues in autobiographiesreading Student Activities, Games and Tools for language arts including primary grade level links to game sites for all subjects