50 Essential Websites For Every Writer


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50 Essential Websites For Every Writer

  1. 1. 50 essential websites for every writer!
  2. 2. 1. 150 Resources to Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively http://xrl.us/writepersuasively 2. 30+ Tools For The Amateur Writer http://xrl.us/thirtytoolforamateurwriters 3. 40 Useful Firefox Add-Ons for Librarians http://xrl.us/firefoxtoolsforlibrarians 4. 48 classic books to boost your learning experience http://xrl.us/boostlearning 5. 50 things that can improve your writing skills http://shurl.org/fiftytoolstoimproveyourwriting 6. 57 Tips for Writing Your Term Paper http://xrl.us/tipsforwritingtermpapers 7. A Guide to Writing Well http://xrl.us/guidetowritingwell 8. GRE Words http://xrl.us/grewords 9. Grammar Girl http://xrl.us/grammargirl 10. Great Headline templates http://xrl.us/greatheadlines 11. Great Words http://xrl.us/greatwords 12. How to Use English Punctuation Correctly http://xrl.us/punctuatecorrectly 13. How to Write More Clearly, Think More Clearly http://xrl.us/writeandthinkmoreclearly 14. How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method http://xrl.us/howtowriteanovel Presented by Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD) Page 2
  3. 3. 15. Ideas on how to write better http://xrl.us/ideastowritebetter 16. Knowing Poe: Home http://xrl.us/poescreepywebsite 17. Periodic table of visualization methods http://xrl.us/graphicorganizersgalore 18. Recommendation Letter for Graduate School – Professor http://xrl.us/recommendationletter 19. The 100 Tools Freelancers Can’t Live Without http://xrl.us/onehundredwritingtools 20. The Toolbox: 100-Plus In-Depth Resource Collections for Web Workers http://xrl.us/writingtoolbox 21. Tips on journal writing http://xrl.us/journalwriting 22. Ways to improve your writing http://xrl.us/improvewriting 23. When to write out the number vs just writing the number (nine vs. 9) http://xrl.us/whentowritenumbers 24. Writerisms and other Sins: A Writer's Shortcut to Stronger Writing http://xrl.us/writersins 25. Writing Links & Links for Writers http://xrl.us/linksforwriters 26. Action writing word list http://xrl.us/actionwordlist 27. Advice to writers http://xrl.us/advicetowriters 28. Conjunctions http://xrl.us/Conjunctions Presented by Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD) Page 3
  4. 4. 29. Creativity and how to get motivated to write http://xrl.us/motivatedtowrite 30. Cure writers block : inspiration http://xrl.us/motivatedtowrite 31. Descriptive words http://xrl.us/descriptivewords 32. Do you recognize the 10 mental blocks for writers? http://xrl.us/stopwriterblock 33. Find rhyme and alliteration http://xrl.us/alliterationmaker 34. flash charts http://xrl.us/flashcharts 35. Grammar and such http://xrl.us/allthingsgrammar 36. Grammar http://xrl.us/writeright 37. Grammar http://xrl.us/commonwritermistakes 38. Headlines http://xrl.us/commonwritermistakes 39. How to improve your writing http://xrl.us/waystoimproveyourwriting 40. How to begin a GREAT story http://xrl.us/howtobeginaGREATstory 41. How to write a dissertation http://xrl.us/howtowriteadissertation 42. How to write like Stephen King http://xrl.us/writelikestephenking 43. How to cite with APA citation http://xrl.us/APAcitationguide Presented by Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD) Page 4
  5. 5. 44. Conjunctions http://xrl.us/conjunction 45. Find words fast -- Fast like a ninja http://www.ninjawords.com/ 46. Synonym Finder http://www.synonym.com 47. Tools for reading, writing, thinking http://xrl.us/readthinkwrite 48. Transitional phrases http://xrl.us/transitionalphrases 49. Write like Hemmingway http://xrl.us/writelikehemmingway 50. Writing tips everyone must know http://xrl.us/wrtingtips http://www.brentdaigle.co.cc http://www.blogbrentdaigle.co.cc Presented by Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD) Page 5
  6. 6. Presented by Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD) Page 6