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China eCommerce Market Growth Trends 2013 - Review and Forecast


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eCommerce development in China is growing rapidly and the market is far from being saturated given the growing number of internet users, broadband coverage, smartphone coverage, and the rising of average disposable income. Affluent consumers in China, especially those from small cities, are looking for high quality products and brands. The expansion rate of offline shops is far behind the expectations of these consumers. For brands and retail merchants who want to enter China market, the best way to maximize contact with target consumers is to set up online shops. This way they can also standardize service levels and maintain brand image. Compared with US market structure, and in addition to the users’ increased need and maturity of new brands in the marketplaces, independent merchants will play an important role in the future of China’s market.

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China eCommerce Market Growth Trends 2013 - Review and Forecast

  1. 1. The Rise of Credit Card Usage The Growth of Affluent Class The bank card penetration rate reached 43.5% in 2012, demonstrating a huge grow potential which further facilitates online shopping†. By 2020, the affluent class in China will reach 280M, i.e. 20% of China’s total population** 43.5% GROWTH TREND OF ONLINE SHOPPERS IN CHINA Despite the fact that the growth rate of internet users has slowed down, the online shopping population is rapidly growing**. By 2013, the number of online shoppers in China will surpass the total population of U.S$, which will be 42.9% 322M 37.8% 35.1% 28.1% 24.5% 22.1% 24.8% 24202 19395 The coverage of real retail shops is limited in China. For the consumers from 3rd and 4th tier cities or rural areas who cannot access real retail shops, they will choose online shopping** 16051 10800 7400 4641 3357 2006.12 2007.12 2008.12 2009.12 2010.12 2011.12 2012.12 Internet Users (00,000) % of online shoppers NEW TREND OF THE ECOMMERCE MARKET IN CHINA Independent merchants in China numbered 10% in 2011, while there was 76% in US at the same period, indicating that there is a huge potential for independent merchants in China# CHINA Sharing on social media drives users’ passion in online shopping More than 10 times US As smartphone is getting popular, mobile shopping in China is expected to reach 17.8%∞ by 2016 15% 6-10 Times 17.8% 24% No. of purchases influenced by social media on users over the past 6 months# 90% 76% 10% 82.2% Independent Merchant eCommerce Platforms Comparison of eCommerce Platform and Independent Merchants between China and US in 2011 4-5 Times 1-3 Times 23% 55% Mobile Shopping percentage (%) PC-based Online Shopping percentage (%) Sources: *CNNIC, “2012 Online Shopping Market in China Research Report”, March 2013 #McKinsey Global Institute, China’s e-tail revolution: Online shopping as a catalyst for growth, March 2013 + CNNIC, “China Online Retail Market Data Analysis Report 2012”, February 2013 † The People’s Bank of China, General Overview of the Payment System in 2012, February 2013 ** BCG, “The World’s Next E-Commerce Superpower: Navigating China’s Unique Online-Shopping Ecosystem”, November 2011 *iResearch,“China Online Shopping Research Report 2012” $ U.S. Census Bureau: State and County Quick Facts To download the full report, please click here: About iClick iClick is the leading digital buy-side platform in Asia that integrates search, display, social media and mobile marketing capabilities to allow marketers to plan and manage their cross-channel campaign in one single destination. Harnessing the power of programmatic buy and ad technology, the proprietary platform XMO (“Cross-marketplace Optimization Platform) is designed to deliver maximum ROI and greatest efficiency to marketers. Visit and follow us at Sales enquiry: