Ceres ts pb and adventure camp out the real final


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Ceres ts pb and adventure camp out the real final

  1. 1. 2nd Annual CERES Top Shot & Paintball Adventure Campout Weekend When? Labor Day, Sat 8/31(Paintball) and Sun 9/1 (Top Shot) Where? Repass Family Farm (On the Hill) You are Invited!
  2. 2. What to Expect A rootin’ tootin’ Top Shot shootin, Jan’s food pootin’, swimin’ and a tubin, red neck hootin good ole time!! Oh yeah & FREE FOOD all WEEKEND long Don’t worry Gals & Guys. Jan’s got Ya covered. Portapotty, outdoor shower, and laundry available at the Jan-o-Mat
  3. 3. DAY 1 - Saturday The Fun Gets Started…
  4. 4. “Capture the Flag”- rules, tips, and safety Day 1, Saturday August, 31st
  5. 5. General Safety Rules • Wear Masks at All Times If your mask comes off leave the field immediately until you have it safely back on • Treat Markers Like a Real Gun • No Blind Firing • Allow Surrenders • Always Use Barrel Plugs or Sleeves when not in play • Use Common Sense • No Close Range Shooting • Refs Ruling is GOD • Have FUN!!
  6. 6. Don’t Be That Guy!
  7. 7. Capture the Flag Rules What’s the Point?A team wins by eliminating all the players of the opposing team or by touching the opposing team’s flag How do we Start? Two teams of 4 players each assemble at the home base flag location. Team 1 calls out “Team 1 READY!!” , Team 2 calls out “Team 2 READY!!” and in response Ref calls out “GAME ON!!” and play is started How Long is Play? 20 minutes or until the flag is captured and/or all team members are OUT What is OUT? You are HIT and an obvious paint mark is found on the body. When HIT, yell “HIT!!” and leave the field of play immediately
  8. 8. Where the Food is Where? Where the Game is 7 Shady Grove Road,Ceres,VA
  9. 9. Paintball Field Field will contain obstacles such as Plastic Barriers Small Tents & Tasty Cow Chips Team 1 Team 2
  10. 10. What to Bring? What Should I Bring? Protective clothing Jerseys, pants, cleats, gloves, neck guards, head wraps, elbow pads, knee pads, are all part of the paintball outfit; Loose fitting clothes with padded coverage of key areas (like neck and batteries) and boots are good for a beginner What do We Have Already? We have some paintball items that you can use: masks, paint ball markers, and CO2 tanks. If you want anything more specific, please bring it with you.
  11. 11. Awards!! Team Awards: (1st & 2nd Place) Individual Awards: Most Awesomest Kill Shot Most Valuable Team Player Stunning Leadership
  12. 12. DAY 2 - Sunday It Get’s Even Better… What do you think Bill?