Bosnian Conflict Background for Film


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Bosnian Conflict Background for Film

  1. 1. BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE BOSNIAN CONFLICT Background Information for the film “No Man’s Land”
  2. 2. YUGOSLAVIA BREAKS UP • Yugoslavia – Created after World War I. Made up of many different ethnic and religious groups. • In Jan. 1989 the Communist Party gave up its power as it couldn’t deal with the plunging economy and surging nationalism. • May 1991 – Croatia and Slovenia declare independence from the Serbian dominated Yugoslavia
  3. 3. Yugoslavia 1990 Hungarian – 1.9% Montenegrin – 2.5% Yugoslav – 5.4% Macedonian – 5.9 % Albanian – 7.7% Slovene – 7.8% Muslims Bosnian – 8.9 % Croat- 19.7% Serbs – 36.3% Other – 3.9% Are any groups close to being the majority?
  4. 4. SERBIA WANTS REPATRIATE SERBIAN MINORITY IN BOSNIA • To stop Bosnia- Herzegovina from leaving, Serbia offers to redraw territorial boundaries. • Muslim president of Bosnia rejects offer, saying it doesn’t offer any real power to Muslim Bosnians. • Independence referendum is held. • Serbs boycott the vote, but 90% of those who vote favor independence. • March 1992 – Bosnia-Herzegovina is independent
  5. 5. ETHNIC GROUPS FIGHT FOR CONTROL OF BOSNIA • Bosnian Serbs who did not want to leave Yugoslavia rebel and armed struggle breaks out. • Major Groups: 40 % Bosnian Muslim, 30% Orthodox Christian Serbians, 18 % Catholic Croats • Serbs, though not the majority, had better equipment and were back by the country of Serbia. • Serbs eventually takes 2/3 of Bosnia and launch a reign of terror against Bosnians and Croats including expulsion, concentration camps, and genocide.
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL INTERVENTION • 1994 UN becomes involved, initially using airpower to support the Bosnians. UN also brought in peace keeping troops which participated when attacked by Serbs. • 1994 – US lifts arms embargo against Bosnia, allowing them greater access to weapons.
  7. 7. Former Yugoslavia Today
  8. 8. MINE USAGE • During this war numerous landmines, originating mostly from the former Yugoslavian People’s Army, were deployed to secure borders and to restrict enemy movement. • Some areas have been mined after the war; mostly to prevent the return of refugees . • Minefields can still be found across most parts of the country, since they were laid along conflict lines that often changed
  9. 9. • RECAP When was Yugoslavia created? • When did countries start to leave Yugoslavia? • How do Bosnian Serbs react to independence? • What is genocide? • What assistance did the UN offer?