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Pay it forward - Movie

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Pay it forward

  1. 1. High School<br />“Pay it forward”<br />Teacher: Nora Alin Guzmán<br />3°C<br />Acapulco Guerrero Tuesday, 19th september 2011<br />
  2. 2. Characters<br />Trevor McKinney<br /> He was ready to listen to anyone. Fortunately, the right person came along to guide him. Mr. Simonet gave him an assignment to change the world. Trevor created a unique concept called ‘Pay it Forward’. It consists of doing a large favor for 3 different people, and like a pyramid, spreading the word to each of them to do favors for 3 other strangers. Many people can think about doing something like this, but Trevor actually does it. <br />Eugene Simonet,<br />Trevor’s Social Studies teacher, had great intentions for the world. He gave his class an assignment that involved changing the world for the better, but perhaps because of fear of doing it himself. In his relationship with Arlene, he showed great fear almost all of the time. This was due to his inability to let go of his past. It took drastic measures for Eugene Simonet to release his fear.<br />
  3. 3. Arlene McKinney <br />represented desperation. Most of her acts were done desperately, hoping for a better future. She worked 2 “informal” jobs, just to support Trevor and herself after her ex husband Ricky left her. When Ricky came back into her life, she took him back, because she was hoping for a return to normalcy. She preferred certainty in a bad relationship over uncertainty in a good relationship. Of course, this would change by the end of the movie<br />Chris Chandler was a very inquisitive reporter. He represented curiosity, because he was willing to drive a long distance, just to find out information about a story. A story that will not make him any money. Chris was a very proactive person, only needing his own approval to take a certain action. His curiosity drove him to commit a good deed.<br />
  4. 4. Jerry<br />It is the first to benefit with the chain. Trevor tries to help him get a job and to stop drugs. Originally Trevor succeeds, but after time, Jerry understands the value of life and begins to move the chain<br />Ricky <br />He is the alcoholic ex-husband of Arlene McKinney and also an alcoholic who has caused trauma to the fragile life of Trevor.<br />
  5. 5. The first favor Trevor did was to help a homeless man being united, simple, charitable, friendly with that brought him home, fed him and gave him all his savings to buy clothes and shoes, holding him confidence<br />The second person who helped was his mom who was an alcoholic and Trevor helped her out of this problem, recovered and fell in love Trevor Teacher<br />Men Favor : Trevor<br />The third person who helped was a guy who saw some kids were beating him and went to separate but it was there when one of the guys who were fighting killed him, his mother, his teacher friends all was very disconsolate and sad but they knew it was a good person and that he died doing what he wanted and a good cause.<br />
  6. 6. Time Line<br />At the beginning Trevor attends his first day of school, meeting their new teacher of Social Sciences. It has burned face which creates a visual impact on all students. After a talk made ​​the teacher about the world and its conflicts, proposes to conduct a project where we can improve it, the phrase is: Think of an idea to change the world and Put it in action!.<br />Then on the way back home, Trevor look closely, a group of destitute on the outskirts of the city. Find out what needs to pass these people and invites one of them to eat at home, launching the project, which will bring inconvenience to her mother<br />At the next class the child presented his draft to the teacher and their peers, and explains that involves making three big favors to three different people, after they made ​​the favor says you must "pay the next" and so begins "chain of favors. "<br />
  7. 7. Suddenly a journalist, receives a stranger the gift of a car because his was wrecked in an accident. Who will deliver the car, he says, "pay the next" distrust for the gift and begins to investigate from where the solidarity movement. <br />After his mother and the teacher begins to have feelings of affection for one another, but their personal conflicts, the teacher has the body burned and she is emotionally attached to the father of her child, when it appears again in his life preferred and reconciled with it, leaving the teacher Simonet<br />Almost to the last the journalist is investigating all those who entered the chain of favors, until the child creator of this project. We made ​​a newspaper, where the child gives his mind about "pay to the next" and explains the reasons for making a better world<br />Finally Trevor out of class and meets with the group of children, attacking his friend again, and decides to stand with him and helps him by opposing these beaten and stabbed, falling wounded and dies. It was so important to the work done, that people from different cities come to your home to honor his memory and to highlight their love of neighbor<br />
  8. 8. My comment and what I am going to do<br />I sincerely believe that this is an excellent movie. From the reality of the world shows up the slightest hope that we can no longer change it. Often the films do not show us the truth, but we show a small portion of what life really is.<br />In my opinion I think the best thing you can give to someone are not material things although are the spiritual things like a big smile or a big hug, or a lesson life that will serve as much or the rest of his life, and when you give something don’t do that for receive something in return but give it with your heart to help other people because you never know if that person really needs help or support, and never complain about the lifestyle we lead because if we compare with others will be a waste of time because there will always be bigger than us, but also smaller than yourself. Change yourself first to change the world<br />