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How to promote your homebased business


Published on asks several home based businesses how they get the best marketing accomplished.

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How to promote your homebased business

  1. 1.   YOU'RE READING THE SPARKPLUG CEO BLOG How Do You Promote Your Homebased Business? by Lyz Cano Freeman — Leave a Comment New Asian Consumers Strategic Platform to Understand New Asian Consumers. Find Out More! Introducing Spark Bits Weekly where I ask a panel of homeprenuers a blazing question about running and growing their business from home. Today’s Q is: “At this stage in your home-based business, what is working for you in terms of promotion and getting more exposure for your business?” Stephanie L. Watson from Barry Publishing says: 1) Promote to My Current Clients The clients I already have want to be included in sales, or specials. It’s hard to be a current client and then see a better deal come along that you can’t take part in. I have an ongoing special this entire year that only current clients get. They are able to double their contracted current orders any time they want to, and they get 10 percent off. They really love this and over half of my clients take advantage of this every single month. 2) Blog Often I still fail at this sometimes due to all the writing I do for everyone else. But, when I do it consistently, and by that I mean at least 20 blog posts a month, I always attract new clients. Always. I tell people they should be their own best client. When I take my own advice, it works. 
  2. 2. 3) Get Out of My Own Way I tend to make excuses for myself. I’m “scared” of interviews online. I’m “scared” to see my own name in print on my own articles. I’m “scared” of being criticized. But, you know what, you have to get out of your own way if you really want to succeed – and this is the year that I will really accomplish that. Brenda Trott from Done4UMedia Marketing says: At this point, I’ve gotten my “biggest bang” from public speaking. Even smaller networking groups have given me a lot of credibility. There is something magical about being in front of a group teaching them something. You are automatically the expert and everyone wants to work with you. It was much easier to get in as a speaker once they knew about the book I’d written. Jessica Lee from Psychic Readings Guide says: I’ve really been focusing on building a solid foundation. So for me, driving traffic to my website and interacting on my Facebook page have been key. I find that the more people get a chance to connect with me, the more they get a sense of who I am. This gives them the trust they need to take that next step and reach out to me. This year, I also plan to reach out and try some guest blogging. Courtney Chowning from says: What works best for me is to consistently email my list! I have a pretty responsive list and with almost every email send I get a great click through rate and personal response. I do some social media promotions as well but they don’t come close to what I get by sending out an email once a week. Tracy Roberts from Moms In A Blog says: Guest posting & cross promotion has been working well for me and my clients. I’ve been reaching out to other bloggers and community leaders with creative ideas for cross promotions.
  3. 3. For example, we’ve started sharing “Sites of Note” where we curate a post or two from a site we admire and then feature them in our weekly newsletter. We promote it to our lists and on social media and the Sites of Note share us with their audiences too. We get fresh content and new connections. Our Sites of Note gets exposure and the followers of both sites get to learn about new people, places and things. Win/Win/Win. Karin Magar, an Independent Presenter from Younique Products says: In relation to direct sales, I would say that Facebook is playing a huge role in getting more exposure for my business. I am utilizing Facebook’s “group” settings to create online virtual parties for my direct sales business. By having a Facebook friend as a hostess for the virtual party, they can invite their “friends” to the party, which creates a much broader reach for new customers in my target market. I do have to post frequently to keep the party going. But, posting on Facebook has never been more fun! Reba Collins from PLR One Stop says: My business is brand new and really just opened its virtual doors on January 1st. So far the thing that has brought the most exposure to PLR One Stop is forum posting. And that’s not so much having my web address in my signature; it was more the announcement about what I’m doing and what I’m about. Second place would be Facebook ads, however, this month I have two interviews scheduled and I think that will be the biggest draw yet. Next on my list is guest blogging but since I’m also holding down a demanding full time job, having the time to get everything done is hard. So I’m just doing the most I can with the time I have. Joyce Reid from Gift Retailers Connection says:
  4. 4. I operate several businesses so answers would be different for each one. For my ecommerce gift site, I only use organic SEO and a niche specific directory that sends people looking for gifts to local businesses. It’s old enough and ranked well enough that that approach is effective. But for my site for gift and gift basket business owners, I rely more on email. I send out a once-a-month newsletter as well as weekly updates to remind people to visit the free forum. The forum itself was established to promote the digital magazine, which is available, only by a paid subscription. Samantha Angel from Advancing Steps says: The thing that works best for me is building relationships with other people in home based businesses. Over the course of building these relationships I have been provided with a lot of word of mouth referrals, which to me is the highest compliment. My Insights As an emerging home-based entrepreneur, I found great value in the answers provided by this panel of home-based business owners. Promoting and bringing “traffic” to a business is not a one-size-fitsall. There are dozens of ways to gain more exposure for your business but you have to find what sings to your market and keep track of what actually works. For someone starting out, it can be daunting and sometimes quite paralyzing to swim in the sea of “expertise” I come across when attempting to learn promotion strategies. It’s refreshing to be reminded that I just have to find the few things that work for my business, develop a system to implement it and stick with it; otherwise, trying it ALL will wear me thin and halt my progress. So what’s working for your business right now? Tell us about it in the comments below. 1 About Lyz Cano Freeman
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