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Cj internet safty


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Cj internet safty

  1. 1. BY: CJ DORAN From Huntington internet saftey Are you safe on the internet Internet safety its better then chocolate.
  2. 2. Why do kids feel safe on the internet ? Kids rarely think about predators online who would try to harm them. think there a actual person is behind every computer. Some can be dangerous.
  3. 3. what sites are inappropriate? How to handle them? bad sites are: gambling, hate, killing, ask for personal info, bad sites, sites that ask for money. One way to take care of bad sites is to: leave the site and then tell someone best choice is a grown up.
  4. 4. how should you handle personal info online? Don’t give out personnel info on the computer. Info on the computer should not personnel. Try not to post a pick of you online. Use something else.
  5. 5. What is the biggest mistake kids make online? A huge mistake kids online make is to let strangers into their social group. Parents often don’t care what their kids are doing online, and most of the time those unsupervised kids get taken by predators.
  6. 6. What are Preedators trying to do online? An predator is some one who wants to kill or damage kids. Older predators are smarter and can sound like teens more easily
  7. 7. what is cyber bullying Instant messaging bad thing such as pictures of words trying to hurt other peoples feelings is cyber bullying. Its not just emails it could be texting or face book Twitter you name it, cyber bulling has to stop.
  8. 8. sexting Sexting is sending bad pictures or bad emails of you or some one else to other people. Sexting is illegal and shouldn’t be done..