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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  2. 2. What is it?  It is bone cancer.  It is the most common in young people since they are developing rapidly.  It mostly happens in the biggest bones and the ones that develop the fastest.  The average age of diagnosis is 15 and the majority of people who get it are males.  The next most common age is 60.
  3. 3. Causes  There is no known cause for the disease  A hereditary gene has been linked to an increased risk.  Just like any other form of cancer it is formed by an uncontrolled division of cells in the body.
  4. 4. Data/Statistics  Each year there are 800 new cases of osteosarcoma      in the US. ½ of these new cases are in children and teens. Average age: 10 to 30 Only 10% of new cases are in people over 60. Osteosarcoma makes up 3% of childhood cases. The five year survival rate for patients with early detection is 60%-80%.
  5. 5. Data/Statistics (cont)  If the patient has mestaste tumors when they are     diagnosed the survival rates drop down to 15-30% People under 40 have more success in getting cured New cases: 3,010 (2013) Deaths: 1,440(2013) It is the most common in African Americans
  6. 6. Treatments  Surgery  If the tumor is not near any vital organs then the procedure is more safe and faster.  Chemotherapy  Chemotherapy does not help every single patient so maybe the patient might have to get multiple procedures done.  Radiation therapy
  7. 7. Prevention  Ways to help prevent it could be:  Maintaining a healthy weight  No smoking  There is no known cause for osteosarcoma so there are no concrete ways to prevent the disease.  Most of the risk factors are hereditary.
  8. 8. Pictures
  9. 9. Videos/Podcast links  Osteosarcoma  Life Story  power/episodes/2008/osteosarcoma-treatmentpodcast.html
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