Bp Gets There


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Bp Gets There

  1. 1. To Lead Fuel Innovation Passion To Serve Builder Brenda Makes Organizations Stronger
  2. 2. Brenda’s Mission Senior Management position where over 10 years of Organization Development, Sales and Customer Service experience will add fuel, passion and innovation to a company.
  3. 3. The Teams Brenda Serves • Bibby Financial Services, Inc. – Executive Leadership – Organizational Development and Operations Management • Millennium Custom Foods, Inc. – Startup, Food Manufacturing, Turnaround Experience • Kraft Foods, Inc. – CRIC: Customer Service Team – Sales: Category Brand Management – Systems Development Project Management
  4. 4. Brenda’s Star Events • Interim CEO – OB Management , Provide the best service and tools for success of the team, catalyst to change in the Southeast market, Deal Closer, Enabler of the big and small ideas. Public Speaking Engagements. The person who puts the team first. • Project Management – Champion of Workflow Change Management, HRIS System Implementation, End User Champion to Supply Chain Utilization Project. Increased Operational cost savings, Improved efficiencies and improved customer service to clients • Team Building & Motivation – Build highly productive team environment. Motivate sales teams to sell successfully by promoting consultative selling strategy.
  5. 5. Degrees/Certifications Brenda Desired • DePaul, PHR Certification – HRIC Compliant • Columbia University – Excellence in Leadership • University of Phoenix, MBA (on campus) • Illinois State University, B.S. (on campus) • Stevenson High School, College Prep. ****************************** • High School Student Teaching Experieince • Junior Achievement Participant • National Association of Professional Women Award • YMCA Volunteer – Computer Based Training for Women’s Shelter (AZ and Chicago)
  6. 6. Referrals from Those who Brenda Supports – Functional Knowledge • “Brenda demonstrates a high degree of expertise and her leadership abilities are of the utmost value. She is also extremely organized and exhibits the most productive ways to achieve all tasks at hand. Brenda's great qualities include: Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness, Pride and Attention to Detail, Dedication and Goal Orientation, Analytical and Strategic Thinking Skills, Efficiency, Organization, and Time Management Skills. Brenda is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. It is an honor for me to recommend and endorse her.” April 3, 2009 Corey Keas , Sales and Marketing Manager , Bibby Financial Services reported to Brenda at Bibby Financial Services • “Brenda does excellent work with regard to individual and team development and is the first person I call for assistance in these areas. She is highly task-oriented and will always get the "job" done.” June 30, 2008 Melissa Baines , EVP of Operations , Bibby Financial Services (Midwest), Inc. worked directly with Brenda at BFS
  7. 7. Referrals from Those who Brenda Supports – Leadership • “Brenda Perkovich is an outstanding leader and one of the indispensable 'go to' people within our company. In terms of training and development, Brenda has had a direct influence on my career. Myself and three others were hired shortly after college graduation to begin an intensive Graduate Trainee Program, which Brenda managed. As this was the pilot program, she developed the training procedures, mentored, and taught our group. The program equipped us with the tools to grow and a solid knowledge of the industry. As a result, all four Graduate Trainees discovered career paths within Bibby Financial that suited our skill sets and preferences. Brenda continues to positively influence the development of her colleagues, and the company as a whole, through the creation of innovative processes, new training techniques, and problem solving.” October 15, 2008 – Stacy Gaylord , Marketing Coordinator , Bibby Financial Services (Holdings), Inc worked indirectly for Brenda at Bibby Financial Services
  8. 8. Referrals from Those who Brenda Supports – Mentoring • “Brenda is an outstanding executive and mentor to many at work. She takes an active role with her staff in providing training and the resources needed in order to achieve individual goals. She is a leader, and an asset to any organization.” December 23, 2008 – Brian Albach , Vice President, Sales and Marketing , Bibby Financial Services (Midwest) worked indirectly for Brenda at Bibby Financial Services
  9. 9. Referrals from Those who Brenda Supported – Husband and Business Partner • “Ms. Perkovich took the initiative to establish new process and procedures for Rick Letizia , President & CEO , Millennium Custom Foods, Inc. Managed Brenda at Millennium Custom Foods, Inc.
  10. 10. Fuel the Heart of an Organization Promote Innovation Harness Passion Get Results Brenda, She Gets There