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Using the flipped classroom approach


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Presentation for academics on the flipped classroom approach. It includes information about benefits and challenges, and practical implementation tips.

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Using the flipped classroom approach

  1. 1. Using the flipped classroom approach Brenda Cecilia Padilla Rodriguez October 2015
  2. 2. Interaction Equivalency Theorem Learner- content Learner- learner Learner- teacher Using the flipped classroom approach 2 Deep, meaningful learning can be supported as long as one of three types of interaction is present at a high level. (Anderson, 2003)
  3. 3. Flipped Classroom 3 Image courtesy of AJC | Flickr Using the flipped classroom approach
  4. 4. Outside the Classroom Learners access curriculum content via video lectures (usually), podcasts, e-books and online communities. Using the flipped classroom approach 4 Learner- content
  5. 5. Inside the Classroom Instead of using class time to deliver information, teachers can use the session to: • explain particularly challenging concepts • engage in active, project-based learning • focus on interacting with students Using the flipped classroom approach 5 Learner- learner Learner- teacher
  6. 6. Your Classes Using the flipped classroom approach 6 • In small groups, discuss: Reasons to flip your classes Concerns about flipping your classes
  7. 7. Benefits • Higher involvement in the learning process • Openness to collaborative learning and innovative teaching methods • Increase in student class attendance • More time available to work with scientific equipment in the classroom • Efficient use of time (eg, watching lectures whilst commuting) • Better grades Using the flipped classroom approach 7 (Herreid & Schiller, 2013; Sharples et al., 2014; Strayer, 2012)
  8. 8. Challenges • Resistance to accept the approach • Independent work challenging for some students • Learners unprepared to participate in class • Fear of student non-attendance • High time investment needed to find suitable materials • Copyright issues • Not the best option for certain courses (eg, intro to statistics) Using the flipped classroom approach 8 (Herreid & Schiller, 2013; Johnson et al., 2015; Karnad, 2013; Strayer, 2012; Williams et al., 2013)
  9. 9. Before You Start • Manage potential risks (eg, access, digital literacy). • Explain the flipped classroom approach to students. Using the flipped classroom approach 9 A flipped classroom is not about making students watch videos. It is about optimising the face-to-face time available in class.
  10. 10. Practical Tips • Find interesting videos at: o Kahn Academy o SchoolTube o TeacherTube • Create and edit your own videos using Screencast-o-matic or EdPuzzle. • Add brief formative assessments within videos, or ask for students to complete brief tasks out of class. • Track the use of out-of-class learning materials. Using the flipped classroom approach 10
  11. 11. Practical Tips • Let students know that their out-of-class learning is being monitored. • Make a quick recap of the out-of-class learning and answer questions at the beginning of the face-to- face session. o This can also help unprepared students. • Start with simple exercises and gradually increase their difficulty. Using the flipped classroom approach 11
  12. 12. Your Next Steps • Think about the following: Using the flipped classroom approach 12 How would you apply flipped learning in your context? • How will you foster interactions in your classes? What sort of activities would you prepare?
  13. 13. Interested in Learning More? Using the flipped classroom approach 13 Free Course: Teaching with the Flipped Classroom Screen captures from the course "Teaching with the Flipped Classroom" by the University of Utah is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
  14. 14. Thank you! Twitter: @BrendaPadilla I thank Cinthia Reyes for her tips to flip a class.