Sheltered Intimacy


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Questioning how cellular devices have changed our day to day life

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Sheltered Intimacy

  1. 1. Sheltered IntimacyA look at the degradation ofconversationPhoto by: horstmannsfotos
  2. 2. Within our rapidly advancing society,The requirement for communication is essential
  3. 3. The U.N. telecom agency says thatwere about 6 billion cellularsubscriptions at the end of 2011- roughly one phone for every86 of 100 peoplePhoto by: woodleywonderworks
  4. 4. It is quite easy to see theapparent benefits of cellphones……but are they perhaps, detrimentalin some ways?Photo by: shutterbugamar
  5. 5. If you’ve ever pretended to be talking on your cellphone to avoid talking to, or acknowledgingsomeone nearby, you’re not alone.A new survey says 1 in 13 Americans have usedthis ploy.Photo by: martinic
  6. 6. Families sit together spending timetexting……focusing on their phones insteadof each otherPhoto by: Taber
  7. 7. Executives text during boardmeetings……paying attention only towhat interests themPhoto by: Joi
  8. 8. A sixteen year old who relies ontexting for almost everything said:“Someday, someday, but certainlynot now, I’d like to learn how tohave a conversation.”Photo by: SantioMB Photo
  9. 9. Are phones really helping us tocommunicate more effectively?Or do they isolate us from thisvery intent.Photo by: CamEvans
  10. 10. More than 40% of smart phone ownersentertain themselves with their phonewhen bored.For users 18 to 29, that’s 70%.Photo by: simplyalex
  11. 11. Our attention spans last only aslong as the speed of our internet……and anything less thaninstantaneous, is often ignored.Photo by: OHenze
  12. 12. Effective communication however,takestime &patienceto nurture and developPhoto by: Brian Auer
  13. 13. It can be difficult to be concernedabout the person in front of usWhen worrying about a “read”receipt seen by someone elsemiles awayPhoto by: enkie22
  14. 14. We think that constant connectionwill make us feel less lonely……but if we are unable to bealone, then aren’t we more likely tocontinually feel lonelyPhoto by: magnath
  15. 15. It is time that we recognize anescape from our technology inducedsolitude……and open doors for ourselves froman intimate and personal mannerPhoto by: zlady
  16. 16. This starts by taking severalsteps: Photo by: Paolo Magari
  17. 17. At home we can createphone-free spacesPhoto by: Alex
  18. 18. Within relationships, we can listento one another……putting aside our phonesduring time spent togetherPhoto by: iamarocker
  19. 19. Let us collectively pick up the piecesthat our phones have taken from usPhoto by: Bergmeier
  20. 20. And remove the shelter we havegrown so accustomed toPhoto by: Fernando Prieto
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  22. 22. Credits• All images are licensed under the CreativeCommons and sourced from Flickr