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Orsyp Introduction


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A quick introduction to us, ORSYP, through who we are, and what we do.

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Orsyp Introduction

  1. 1. Enterprise Workload Automation Who we are and what we do. Brendan SAPIENCE – Account Manager APAC0
  2. 2. What you might be experiencing in I.T. Operations When an issue occurs, our Troubleshooting takes too end users alert us before long and costs too much our IT department I would like to automate my entire data centre but ourWe need to simplify our current Job Scheduler is toobatch management across expensivevarious platforms We need to enforce a service level agreement butWe need central control over all We want to reduce the have no reporting tools toCrontabs and WinATS to ease number of operators do somaintenance and standardization A lack of automation and harmonization means hidden costs everywhere 1
  3. 3. What your Challenges really mean… Complex I.T. Environments Manual Intervention Lack of Visibility No performance analytics • Pockets of automation • No integrated view of • Inability to holistically • Labor intensive work interdependencies measure SLAs • No coordination • Lack of centralization • Inefficient resource • Human Error • No Forecast utilization • No Logging • No impact assessment • No reporting Workload Automation is not just a “nice to have”2
  4. 4. Dedicated set of solutions to address these challenges UniJob Dollar Universe•Centralized Monitoring •Enterprise Job Scheduling•1 Click Import of Crontabs and •Integration with Business Apps WinATs •Synchronization of Workflows•Automatic Reporting Control Operations Plan & Automate IMPROVE Manage Cost & Risk Optimize Resources Sysload •Real Time Performance Monitoring •Capacity Management & Planning •Resource Management3
  5. 5. Workload Automation Solution: What do we do? 8pm: Night Batch Starts, Business Apps go Offline Data Protector 8:30pm: Backup of all Databases 11pm: run 500 SAP Jobs, Max of 100 parallel Runs 3am: SQL Jobs start afterSAP, alert if delayed to 4am 5am: Server Maintenance 8am: Generate SLA and via Crontabs and WinATs Performance Reports 6:30am: all Business 7am: end of Batch Night Applications come online Consolidate, monitor, plan and automate easily with ORSYP Solutions4
  6. 6. ORSYP – What analysts say Top 5 among more than 50 vendors on the Market (Gartner 2009) Reliable and easy-to-use products at a competitive price (Gartner 2012) Full compliance for Workload Automation technical features (Forrester 2011) Cost Efficient Products with a real ability to Deliver and Support5
  7. 7. Working with ORSYP Presales, Service, Support and Sales Assistance  Our presales team can perform Demos, Presentations and P.O.C. in Cantonese, Mandarin, French, English etc.  Our local staff has many years of experience dealing with our products and our customers, support is available locally in many languages. Brochures and White Papers  ORSYP Institute White Papers are published bi-annually  Available at:  Marketing and technical documents about the product and integrations  Available at: Community, Knowledge Sharing and social media  ORSYP User forum ( gathers 2000+ users!  Gain access to our Simple Workload Automation Platform (SWAP) for no cost: • Connect to our Scheduling Platform • Use our products without installing anything (Web Based) • Create your jobs, migrate Crontabs, run, monitor and create reports without impacting your business • Take a tour, it only takes a few minutes! Contact ORSYP today and gain instant access to our S.W.A.P. Demo Environment6
  8. 8. If you would like to know more, Please contact our staff directly: Contact Information for ORSYP APAC  Brendan SAPIENCE, Account Manager   +852 2575 5999 Contact Information for ORSYP Singapore  Jean-Yves ROBERT, Account Manager   +65 6521 30487