Powerpoint fasd overview 2014


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A brief overview of F.A.S.D. for prospective adoptive parents.

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Powerpoint fasd overview 2014

  1. 1. F.A.S.D. An Overview BRENDA MCCREIGHT PH.D. WORKSHOPS 2014
  2. 2. F.A.S.D. brain Neglect & Abuse brain
  3. 3. Challenges….  adhd  speech/language  information processing  patterning  sequencing  learning deficits  short/no impulse control  inability to relate behaviour to consequences  no sense of connection to societal rules
  4. 4. ….and a few more….  inconsistent knowledge base  poor personal boundaries  confusion under pressure  difficulty grasping abstract concepts  poor short term memory  can’t generalize inability to manage anger poor judgment appear to be stubborn
  5. 5. Parent factors…things to consider if you want to adopt a child with fasd… What is your experience with failure & frustration How do you manage chronic frustration and disappointment? What is your history of commitment?  Are you prepared to be actively parenting forever? Possibly raising grandchildren?  What do you need from a child academically? Socially?  Do you believe in supports? Can you access supports? What about the extended family? Grandparents?
  6. 6. And some more…. Can you give examples of experiences that were unexpectedly life changing? How did you manage life changing experiences?  Can you live with uncertainty? Unpredictability?  Do you need quick success?  Do you need your children to make you look capable as parents? Can you be, or learn to be, life long advocates for your children? Can you create joy in the face of stress and other negative feelings? Can you build in fun despite lack of predictability?
  7. 7. Home based strategies… Keep to a routine when possible Prepare for transitions ie getting in and out of the car or bathtub, waking up, going to sleep, settling for dinner, change in television program, leaving for school, vacations…..  Keep complex carbohydrates and proteins around for regular snacks  Break all tasks down to one step at a time  Don’t do homework assigned from school unless it is a special group assignment  Create some fun in every day Lots of cuddling and hugging – even in the “hands off” years of adolescence
  8. 8. A few more… Use individual sports such as swimming – lots of exercise!!  Learn to distinguish between flexibility and chaos Re- teach everything  Use lots of picture prompts around the house Get and use respite Invest in the long term success Get the child re-assessed every four years  Take care of yourselves – breathing, exercise, support
  9. 9. Thank you for sharing this time with me You can check out other services and products at these sites: http://www.lifespanmediation.org http://www.theadoptioncounselor.com http://www.hazardousparenting.com The Hazardous Parenting facebook site Udemy.com (search under Brenda McCreight) Slideshare.com (search under Brenda McCreight) Amazon.com (search under Brenda McCreight) brendamccreight@gmail.com Brenda provides counselling and parent coaching worldwide via skype, telephone, and email – please contact her by email if you would like to book an appointment