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Emergency Community Resources


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Emergency Community Resources

  1. 1. ByBrenda Huls
  2. 2. Terri Flip, 42 years oldSpeak and understands EnglishDOB 9-17-1969
  3. 3.  Globe Clinic -1501 Broadband lane Sioux Falls SD (605) 977-0909 Medical Assisted on Case Brenda Huls
  4. 4.  Lives in Sioux Falls SD Lifelong addiction to alcohol No regular employment Past physical and emotional abuse from ex-husband, however there is no violence at this time Live in a shelter  Shelter is being closed due to financial budget cuts
  5. 5.  Shelter closer will leave Terri homeless No computer, phone , or car access to find resources on her own Terri, as asked for assists with the process
  6. 6.  St. Francis House  1301 East Austin St. Sioux Falls SD (605) 334-3879
  7. 7.  Nonprofit corporation Room for 34 men, 5 women in the main house, one family duplex which can provide homes for 2 family which is always full. Program coordinator saysThat there is a space openfor Terri, as it is based on first come first serve
  8. 8.  Terri is contacted though current shelter with the detail about the St. Francis House She starts the program immediately Offers assists in finding employment 3 stages of different programs to complete Meals are taken care free of charge as long as the guidelines are followed
  9. 9.  This program Terri will need to look for a job Must have proper ID or social security card Must take a daily breathalyzer Help around the house with small chores Attend a meeting at the house every Wednesday. Check in every night between 6 and 10 p.m.
  10. 10.  3 months stage Find and keep regular employment Place 50% of paychecks in a savings account Attend two meeting within the house on self- improvement Complete assign chores If Terri saves her money she can stay in this stage for 2 weeks longer
  11. 11.  Terri must complete all other stage first Attend 5 meetings per work Work as much as possible Place money into the account, as a safety net once she is on her own Responsible for chores and projects around the house Set an example for the other guest in the house
  12. 12.  Department of Social Service, (DSS)  Though the St. Francs house Terri was assigned a caseworker named Cindy who will help her keep her life on the right track. (605)667-5444  DSS will also be able to assisted  Terri with any other help  that she may need along  the journey of life.
  13. 13.  Fire department number at 2820 South Minnesota Avenue, (605) 367-7271 Non-emergency police number (605)367-7000 for the area.
  14. 14. Nursing NotesNAME: _Flip, Terri _________________DOB: _9-17-1969______________Date8-19-11 Pt. stated that the shelter she currently lives in is closing and she has no1423 where to live. Pt. as no access to find help on her own via computer or Phone. Contact was made with St. Francis house for help they can and are going to help pt. out. Pt. states understanding of what she needs to do and Advise to contact office with any other future questions.
  15. 15.  Volunteer are need  Spend time at the house  Purchase an item that is needed  Full list of item can be found at  St. Francis house is always in need of food for evening meals or snacks.  Money is always welcome also as the house would not be open without it.