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Brenda Hopkins Miranda - General Information


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Brenda Hopkins Miranda - General Information

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Brenda Hopkins Miranda - General Information

  1. 1. Brenda Hopkins General Info
  2. 2. 2 Discography: As leader 12 SIMPLE (2012) Zona Boricua Records Selected #9 Best album of 2012 by Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular Simple in some ways is the perfect title for this album in the sense that Miranda’s pianistic approach is soft, unfettered and somewhat easy to grasp. But, on the other hand, her compositions can be unpredictable, uncommonly passionate and quite sophisticated. ~ Jazz Inside Magazine A superb production, Simple portrays Hopkins Miranda as an adventuresome pianist, and embodies the old adage that still waters run deep. ~ All About Jazz RECUERDOS DE GRANADA (2009) Zona Boricua Records Selected #16 Best album of 2009 by Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular Every once in a while one comes across a CD of such quality and beauty that restores your faith in music. Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s Memoirs from Granada is that kind of CD. A music jewel from beginning to end, in Memoirs from Granada, Brenda captivates the listener with an exquisite fusion of Jazz, music from Spain and of course, music from her country, Puerto Rico. ~ Jazz Times If in one year there is an average of 3 to 4 jazz albums made in Puerto Rico or by Puerto Ricans, this year there are at least two of them - ‘Esta plena’, by Miguel Zenón and ‘Recuerdos de Granada’, by Brenda Hopkins – are amongst the best of the year. ~ El Nuevo Día BOHEMIA (1999) BHM Music This CD (Bohemia) is a superb mix of European romanticism, Spanish passion and Third World heat. Miranda mixes rhythms together with the intensity of a mad scientist and comes up with something quite unlike any other ethnic Jazz mixture out there. This is highly recommended. ~ Cadence Magazine BORICUA ON BOARD (1998) BHM Music She is an exceptional rhythmic inventor. The varied worlds she conjures up - some jagged, others even more broken and interrupted - are at the heart of her improvisations. And she is good at it, putting the notes in the right places. ~ Northeast Performer
  3. 3. 3 Discography: as guest artist 1 Puya P'a ti en vivo live in Puerto Rico DVD (Ahorake Corp., 2010) En lo que Vol. 1 (En lo que música, 2009) En lo que el hacha va y viene, Yeva (Ahorake/Rum&Humble 2007) Seres , Seres de Plasticina (2003) Union, Puya (MCA 2001) There the Eye Goes Not, Michael Bullock Quartet (Tautology 2001) The Already and the Not Yet, James Falzone Septet (2000) After the Storm, Lonnie Elfbaum Solo Piano Compositions (Elf Music 1999) Music on film Yo Misma fui mi ruta (2002) Written and directed by Karen A. Rossi La Mecedora (2007) Written and directed by María Bird Picó sponsored by the Puerto Rico Film Commission and Procuradoría de la Mujer Pianist
  4. 4. 4 2 Performances As leader Festival Patrimonio Flamenco, Granada Spain XXVII Festival Internacional de Jazz de Granada I Intercultural Festival “Entreculturas”, Motril, Spain Mayagüez Internacional Jazz Fest, Puerto Rico Inter Metro Jazz Festival, Puerto Rico Boriquén Jazz Fest, Puerto Rico Chivas Regal Jazz Festival, Puerto Rico Un Alma en Piano, University of Puerto Rico Theatre Global Connections Concert at Jordan Hall, Boston New England Conservatory Improvisation Festival, Boston Art and Experimental Music Festival “Giratorio”, Puerto Rico Jazz Nights at Marriot Hotel, Puerto Rico As guest artist Bernie Williams Christian Nieves Humberto Ramírez Bob Moses George Russel Oskar Cartaya William Cepeda Anthony Carrillo Cachete Maldonado Paoli Mejías Endel Dueño Juancito Torres Polito Huertas Oscar Stagnaro Charlie Sepúlveda Aquiles Báez Henry Cole Peter Row Masashi Harada Aquiles Baez 3 Dan Ben Lior Israel Paz Ricardo Pons Aldemar Valentín Efraín Martínez Héctor Matos Samuel Morales Furito Ríos Eggie Castrillo Puya Yeva Tambores Calientes Luis Enrique Juliá Toto Fabris Rachel Maduri Okkyung Lee Jorrit Dijkstra O’ Brazil Ricardo Montaner Gilberto Santa Rosa Pandora Lucecita Benítez Glenn Monroig Ednita Nazario Yolandita Monge Roy Brown Luis Ángel Marco Antonio Muñiz Lourdes Robles Zorayda Santiago Chucho Avellanet Proyecto M Roberto Figueroa Tambó Tropical Los Pleneros del Coco and many others With influences that go from jazz to afro-Puerto Rican and Caribbean rhythms, passing by flamenco and bluegrass among others, Hopkins Miranda promises a show in which categories are unnecessary. ~ El Nuevo Día
  5. 5. 5 Invited to perform for the Dalai Lama during his first visit to Puerto Rico. Chosen to be the opening act for Jerry González and Jorge Pardo at La Telonera in Spain Keyboard player for #1 TV show in Puerto Rico, “Marcano el Show”. Performances with guest artists Tito Puente, Sheila E., Néstor Torres, Dave Valentín, Charlie Sepúlveda, El Gran Combo, Franco de Vita and others. Interviewed for a documentary for Spanish TV channel Canal Sur. Chosen artist of the week by: Jazz N’ Bossa and VID90 Jazz. Pianist and composer for the flamenco show in Granada, Spain, “Raíz y Duende” for a year and a half, which was part of the Festival Patrimonio Flamenco 2008, organized by the Granada City Council. The first woman musician to perform on the TV show “En Clave de Jazz TV” in a special edition dedicated to Puerto Rico’s jazz pianists. Included on the “En Clave de Jazz” radio program’s list of “most important Puerto Rican pianists”. Performed at the first encounter of Puerto Rican women in jazz “E-Jazz”. Performed as guest artist with the Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Ángel Barrios” Big Band. Guest artist for the show Pasión, Romance y Embrujo joining Spanish cantaor Israel Paz and singer Ana del Rocío. Performed in Spain with international artists Dan Ben Lior, Toto Fabris, Rachel Maduri and others. Education Universidad de Granada, Spain Doctoral studies in Musicology and Creativity (2007-09) New England Conservatory Contemporary Improvisation Master Degree (2000) Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico Classical Piano Performance Magna Cum Laude Bachelor Degree (1991) Berklee College of Music Jazz Piano Performance studies Music Scholarship (1996) Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Literature studies (1985) Highlights
  6. 6. Brenda Hopkins PO Box 362905 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-2905